a / n; written for Mystii's FreeVerse competition over on the HPFC forum. My prompt was together again and my pairing was FredAngelina. This was insanely fun to write, and I'm fairly pleased with it, considering I've never attempted freeverse fanfiction or FredAngelina. Plus, it was nice break from the comp (which has apparently eaten my spare time). The title is stolen from a quote by A. S. Byatt. The whole quote fits the piece really well, and I would highly encourage reading it, if you want to see where my inspiration came from.

and; regardless of what ff says, the poem itself is only 258 words. :)

-i love you-

&& sometimes, you still wake up
with his voice in your ears
and his laugh
r e f r a c t i n g
off the vacant thoughts
and empty s p a c e s in your life.

half – life

like a radioactive isotope
(and you don't pretend to grasp
the things your
muggle father understands)
you've reached the point of
h a l f – w h o l e n e s s.

-and ever and always, ang-


&& it's an awful thought,
exposed jawbones and sunken eyes
that don't
l a u g h, or
w I n k, or
l i v e.

&& it isn't fred
it isn't.
because you loved him
and he loved you,
and feelings like that aren't supposed to
e n d .

but they did.

-marry me, ang-

that's what saying yes means
because, you're not so sure.
because you still see him
at the edges
and on the
p e r I p h e r y
of your vision
and when you look at george with
half–lidded eyes.


everything in fractions
and pieces and bits,
and sometimes fred is the part that's missing,
and sometimes you are.

&& sometimes, you still wake up
with his voice in your ears
and it's like you're
t o g e t h e r
but not really.

-and ever and always, ang-

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