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Chapter 11
Grand Openings and Tardiness

Bella Swan

"…And this is where your party will be seated." Mrs. McCarty gestured to the large round table situated directly beside the entrance to the main kitchen.

It was a roomy, dark mahogany table for eight, decorated with fancy purple and green cloth napkins wrapped in gold cuffs. Just looking at it made my mouth water; I had tasted the McCarty's food and absolutely could not wait until more made its way into my belly.

"We're sharing a table with Carlisle's radio team, right?" I asked her.

"You're darn tootin'!" Emmett McCarty boomed as he burst out of the kitchen doors. "I happen to personally know the gentlemen Carlisle is bringing along and they are a pair of charmers, let me tell you." He nudged my arm and winked.

"Emmie, we had a meeting about professionalism this morning didn't we? A chef at the newest restaurant in Seattle does not use the phrase darn tootin'." His mother scolded.

"Yeah, yeah, but I thought I had a few more hours to gallivant around like a fool before the big opening." He teased. She just rolled her eyes and dismissed herself, noticing her husband struggling with an armful of menus near the front.

"Em, sweetie, finish the tour with Isabella while I help you poor Poppa!" She called as she rushed over.

"Righty-O, Momma-roony!" He chuckled and led me back to the kitchen. "This is the kitchen. This is where the food is made." He shrugged and waved his arms, showcasing the room.

"Ah, is that what it's for?" I teased. "Actually, your mother showed me everything I needed for now. The rest of the review relies on tonight."

"Well, in that case, you tell the waiter to let me know when your order is placed and I'll be sure to work some of my extra special magic just for your dish."

"That's all I ask, Emmett." I laughed and started to head into the main dining room.

"So, you're coming with a whole boat-load of fancy magazine people?" He questioned as he followed me.

"You're darn tootin'!" I smirked, "It's a good thing too, now that I hear Carlisle is forcing us to share our evening with his employees."

"Hey now, I wasn't lying when I called those guys charmers. You and your lady friends better watch your backs; one of them is my neighbor and the other is my roommate, so I've seen these fellas in action. One wink and they'll have you weak at the knees."

"Oh, I see! Thanks for the heads up, my girls and I will be ready for the flirtation attack." I made a show of winking at Emmett as I began to exit the building.

"Ah, shit. If these girls are half as smooth as you, my boys don't stand a chance!" He called across the dining room.

"And your boys are half as sweet as you, neither do we!" I yelled back and left without waiting for a response.

As the door closed behind me I could hear his mother chastise Emmett for his unprofessional swearing and his excuse being that I started it.

Edward Masen

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggg! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggg! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggg!

"Lo? Whozis?" I mumbled into the receiver.

"Is your ass still in bed, too?! GET UP, LAZY BONES, IT'S GRAND OPENING DAY!" Emmett screamed on the other end.

I glanced at the clock on my night stand, 1:38 PM, I didn't have to be at the restaurant until 5:30 tonight. I don't know what the rush was.

"Emmett, it's your grand opening day and while I'm very excited for you I am also very tired. AND just so you know I am not still in bed, I have been napping because I go to work at five freakin' a.m.!"

"Sheesh, crabby pants, please do continue your slumber because I don't want you all cranky when you meet Bella and her supposedly hot friends tonight."

Well, damn. Now he's got my attention. "Bella and her hot friends? That a girl band or something?" I joked.

I heard a loud huff come from Emmett, "No. Bella is the woman writing the review, reason enough to be on your best behavior tonight, and she's coming with Esme and two other magazine ladies. Also, remember that you're sitting at the same table so I'm really counting on you guys to impress; I've already talked you and Jazz up anyway so bring your a-game."

"Wait a second, talked us up? Are we there to support you or get auctioned off to the highest bidder?!"

"Essentially both. I just thought that if they had good company to compliment the already delicious food the review would be that much better. Also, you remember Blondie works there too. The closer we get to people that work at the magazine, the closer I get to blondie."

I groaned and let my head fall back, "You're still hung up on that chick?"

"Yes. See you at 5:30." Then the line went dead.

I knew I had no room judging Emmett when I was still hung up on my own brunette chick, but at least I wasn't trying to creepily get close to anyone she might have contact with to find her.

Not that I wouldn't if I had the chance, but whadderya gonna do about it?

I remembered Emmett insinuating that Jasper was asleep when he called him before getting a hold of me, so I shuffled through the halls and knocked on their door. Jasper greeted me with a lazy nod and made room for me to come in.

We had all been so exhausted these past few weeks, I wonder if it as something in the water…

Jazz and I ended up falling back asleep watching some documentary on some crazy conspiracy theory about how the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson and didn't even think we'd need to set an alarm.

I woke up to Jasper violently shaking me. I snapped my head over to the clock, it was 5:25 PM. We were going to be late. Emmett was going to murder us.

Bella Swan

Esme was gracious enough to let us leave work an hour early so we had time to get ready for the grand opening of Santoreggia tonight. With my hair perfectly styled and outfit picked out with care, I headed over to the restaurant early for a quick run through of my piece thus far with Esme. The girls promised to see me in a bit and excitedly made my way over to my new favorite eatery.

Lines had already begun to form at the entrance, but I snuck around to the side door I was informed of earlier by Mrs. McCarty so I could slip in without hassle. I felt pretty badass as I passed the mob of people crowding around the hostess' podium and took my seat next to Esme.

We went over my notes and interviews for the article and she was very impressed with the detail of my work. (I didn't reveal that I had devoted so much time to this project because of my new lack of a sleep schedule.)

As the air quickly became filled with chatter and the delicious aroma of Italian food, Emmett stuck his head out of the kitchen for a quick hello before the rush began.

"Your table looks a little empty Miss Swan." He raised an eyebrow as he eyed the untouched place settings.

"My girls are on their way. There was a slight shoe emergency, so they're running a little late." I snickered. They were on their way out to door when Rosalie's heel broke. Typical Rose, being the cause of their tardiness. "What about your buddies, I'm very much anticipating their charming attendance." I tried raising one of my own eyebrows. I probably looked like a fool; I could never quite get that trick down.

He seemed a little irritated, "They're on their way as well." It seemed as though he tried to smile, but it was a forced one. After making a little more small talk with myself, Carlisle, and Esme he retreated back to the kitchen where he was needed.

We were brought appetizers and I was beginning to worry about Alice and Rosalie when I got a text letting me know it was hell trying to find a parking spot and they were on their way in now. It was great timing too because I noticed Emmett found a moment away from the kitchen again and was rounding the dining area, making sure everything was going smoothly.

Of course he had nothing to worry about; everything was going off without a hitch.

Just then I spotted the girls weaving around the many tables and chairs as well as a couple of guys rapidly getting closer to our table as well. I turned my head in their direction and that's when I saw him.

Edward Masen

Jasper and I all but literally flew off the couch and rushed to make ourselves presentable, and then we rushed to the car, rushed out of the parking lot, rushed down the street, rushed into the parking lot of the restaurant, rushed like a bitch to find the worst parking spot in the lot, rushed in through the side door since the front was so crowded, and practically sprinted to our table.

…And that's when I saw her.

Alice Brandon

I was so annoyed with Rosalie. We were leaving the apartment ten whole minutes early and her damn heel pops off. I mean, honestly?! Can the girl subconsciously not stand to let us arrive anywhere on time?

I just about struck her over the head with a frying pan when she couldn't just grab another pair of heels. When we finally made it to Santoreggia I was on the verge of a tantrum because it was like a mosh pit at a metal concert. Everyone and their dog were trying to get in this place. We finally squeezed through the crowd and spotted Bella at a table towards the back. I pulled Rosalie behind me as I made a last ditch effort to arrive in a timely manner.

Then I saw him.

Jasper Whitlock

The only thing I kept picturing as Edward was pushing 30 miles over the speed limit was not how we were going to talk our way out of a ticket, but the many tortures Emmett would inflict on us for being late. Those thoughts alone propelled me forward at superhero speeds towards our table in the back. I briefly caught the stink-eye from Emmett when I noticed him strolling around the dining room, greeting customers. That look alone had me consumed with mental images of my body in a black bag.

Then I saw her.

Rosalie Hale

Yeah, okay, so I made us late. You would think that by now it wouldn't surprise Alice as much as it does. It wasn't like I purposefully broke my heel; that was my favorite pair! I wasn't even aware of how mad she was until her hold on my arm began the match the strength of fucking King Kong.

We were just about to our table with Esme, Carlisle, and Bella where I would finally be freed from her death grip.

…But the pain wasn't even on my mind anymore because I saw him.

Emmett McCarty

Those guys were dead meat.

"We'll be there on time,"

"I'm just taking a nap,"

"We're big boys, stop worrying about us Em."

Yeah, the next nap either of them takes is gonna be a reeeaaaallll long one.

I was livid to say the least, but luckily Bella's friends were running late too. I took a few deep breaths before entering the main room to visit with some of the patrons and hopefully calm my nerves. They all paid me great compliments and I was relieved my cooking wasn't a total bust. I finally saw the two jackasses slip through the side door and stared them down as they sheepishly walked toward their table.

…But my anger immediately subsided because I saw her.

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