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Author's Note: This was written for an ABC drabble challenge on my LiveJournal. These two are just too adorable to pass up the opportunity to write them doing something long awaited. Enjoy!


August 20, 2010

"C-Can I kiss you?" she whispered, the feel of his forehead pressing against hers making her want to test the many new feelings she felt.

He jerked away from her in surprise, eyes wide. "You want to... kiss me?" He thought he was jumping the gun a bit by even thinking of kissing her in the past, and here she was, instigating the situation.

She nodded, a shy smile on her face. She was almost positive that her cheeks were the brightest red in existence, but he told her to be more open with what she wanted, so here she was. "I've never... before... with anyone. Nothing more than on the cheek, and that was to Papa."

Without even a second passing, he responded, "Me neither." The look of shock on her face made him pout. "You don't believe me?"

"No, no. I believe you. I trust you," she said, her reassuring smile easing his nerves. She was shaking. Out of nervousness or excitement, she wasn't sure. She was sure, however, that this was right and that she shouldn't second-guess this sensation as being anything other than what it was. Being with Kazehaya was so painfully right.

He nodded, scooting closer to her on the grassy hill they were currently relaxing on. He was closer than before, if possible, and edging closer. She could smell him, the grass, and the blossoming flowers nearby. The warm breeze rustled his bangs, her long hair—they danced with the wind. Her eyes slid shut when all she could see were his eyes. He did the same, not before taking in her appearance, this moment, to be etched into his memory forever.

"Sawako," he murmured softly, the words only to be taken away by the inhale of her breath.

Centimeter by centimeter, they came closer to one another, and finally touched lips gently. She wanted to open her eyes, to see him while he was doing this with her. They remained shut when his hand came up to cup her cheek.

She felt him smile against her lips.