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Chapter One: The Two Worlds, Part One

"Oh god, Vannia! A voodoo shop, really?"

Rachell Jennings crossed her arms over her ample chest, straightened brunette hair blowing in the Louisiana breeze. Her hazel eyes narrowed as she glared at her best friend.

"Of course, Rachell. Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo is the most famous voodoo shop on Bourbon Street! If we bring back something from it, maybe our history teachers will give us extra credit." Vannia Torres explained, a smile crossing over her tanned face, black hair falling over her shoulders and brown eye focused solely on Rachell. She stuffed her hands in her black jacket.

The brunette sighed. "And I thought your weirdness stopped at school." she complained, following her with long strides into the small shop. "I guess I was mistaken."

"You're the one that had a nose bleed once you saw those two Asian boys make out." the shorter teen laughed.

"Shut up!" Rachell blushed. "God, I hate school trips."

"So you're hear on a school trip?" a voice asked from behind a beaded curtain, it's source appearing to be a petite and beautiful young woman. "I knew your accents weren't from around here."

"Oh, yes, we're from Texas." Vannia told her, smiling politely. "I'm Vannia, and this is Rachell."

The woman looked at the two teens, then cracked a wild smile. "Odd things are soon to follow you two."

The friends blinked, then exchanged glances. "Uh…"

"It's simply fortune telling of a sort. You two have such… strong auras… Like if you two aren't really normal at all." the woman clicked her tongue. "Well, interesting."

"What is it?"

"I see a young man- in his teens- with blonde hair and an older man with black hair." she explained. "This magic they can perform is amazing… but it's caused so much death.

"They work for a military that wants to recruit you two for this 'magic'. But these immortal monsters will do anything to stop you two. Your loyalties and friendship will soon be tested…"

Rachell and Vannia stared in confusion. "You can really tell all us all this?"

"More or less. It's very blurry."

"As interesting as this is, we really have to go." Rachell said. "The teachers expect us back before dark."

They exited the voodoo shop and the brunette sighed. "Yay. Some voodoo priestess told us we're 'magic' and 'not normal'."

"Least of our problems, Rach." Vannia sighed. "Did you happen to listen closely at what she was really saying?" she asked. Rachell shook her head.

"Not really."

"A teen blonde, older black haired man, a military and 'monsters' with 'magic'?" the shorter teen turned. "Doesn't that sound awfully familiar?"

"Not particularly…"


Vannia hit Rachell upside her head. "What the hell?"

"Think about it! 'Magic', 'immortal monsters' and blonde teenagers in the military!" Vannia yelled.

The brunette's eyes widened. "Oh my-" she gasped at a stalking shadow behind her friend. "Vannia, watch out!" she yelled, pushing her friend and getting a bat on the side of her head, falling to the ground unconscious.

"Rachell!" Vannia yelled, stopping as the shadowy figure grinned down at her with a flash of purple.

"Nighty night." it sing-songed, before Vannia fell to the concrete, unconscious as well. "And the 'two birds with one stone' phrase never had been meant so literally."

"Oh god, my head…"

Rachell groaned, reaching up and holding the side of her head, opening her hazel eyes slowly, to the wide, open, blue sky.

"'Behold! The Lord hath descended from his heavenly throne to save thee from all thy sins.'"

"Oh great." Rachell complained. "Religious broadcasts…"

"'For I am thy Father… I am the emissary of the Sun God, Leto…'"

Rachell shot up, eyes wide. "Leto!" she looked around to realize she was in a dark alley, the ending revealing busy town people chatting and smiling, nearly everyone of them dark skinned. It took her a second to realize it, but when she did, her heart nearly stopped.

"I'm in… Liore."

The brunette stood slowly, brushing dirt from her blue jeans and tank top, looking around. Vannia was no where in sight.

"Oh crap." Rachell groaned. "I've lost her."

"Lost who, sweetheart."

Her skin prickled, and she turned to see a drunken man smiling manveolently.

"My friend." she spat, glaring.

The man laughed. "I'll keep you company." he said, walking toward Rachell.

The brunette dodged his clumsy embrace with graceful elegance, eyes still narrowed. "I'll pass."

"Come on, I'll pay you."

Rachell's nerves snapped, and she did a roundhouse kick to the face. "Do I look like a frickin' whore, you creep?" she yelled. "You better keep your nasty hands to yourself!"

The man glared at Rachell, looking so sober. "You little-" he lunged again.

Rachell, earning all the grave of a cat, dodged and sent a punch to his stomach, tripping him and flipping him. He landed with a thud on the ground.

She took a breath, gasping when she realized what she had just done. "I can't fight…." she told herself. "What in the world?"


She looked up to see Vannia waving to her. "Ah! Vannia!"

"I've found someone who'll help us! C'mon!" the other teen yelled, and Rachell set off to run after her friend.

The brunette threw her arms around Vannia. "OHMYGOD! I've thought I'd lost you!" she cried happily.

The shorter teen pried the tomboy off her. "Okay? Rachell, this is Rose. She said she can find us somewhere to stay the night." Vannia said, but her eyes said; 'She can take us straight to Ed and Al.'

"Oh! Nice to meet you Rose! I'm Rachell!" the brunette introduced. "So what's this town called? Vannia and I were just traveling and stopped in the nearest town."

"Oh it's name is Liore." Rose said, smiling. "It's a small desert town, and it's a surprise you even found it." the woman told her. "But we get along fine, now that Father Cornello is here."

"Father Cornello?" the teens asked.

"He's the founder of the Church of Leto in the center of the town. He came her a few years ago and showed us the way of God. On top of that…" Rose turned to them. "He can work miracles."

"Miracles, huh?" Rachell looked to Vannia, who smirked.

"Yeah!" Rose exclaimed, then laughed as they came up on a small shop. "Good day, sir. My, you're busy today."

The shopkeeper looked over with a smile. "Oh, hello Rose, who are your friends?"

"This is Rachell and Vannia. They're a couple of travelers who need a place to board."

"Oh, so, you're going to the temple as well?" the keeper asked.

"Uh-huh. With some offerings." Rose took out a few bills. She turned to a blonde boy and a suit of armor they had just noticed where there. "Oh some new faces."

The shopkeeper was busy putting away jars and such in a paper bag. "They're alchemists. They say they're looking for something."

"Alchemists, huh?" Rachell asked, smirking at the two. "What's a couple of alchemists doing here?"

The blonde narrowed his gold eyes. "Trying to find something. Aren't you nosy?"

"It's not that I'm nosy, but you two look familiar…" Rachell sassed.

"Of course." the teen smirked. "I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, and this is my younger brother, Alphonse."

"I'm Vannia and this is Rachell." Vannia introduced. "We're from a little south."

"South, huh?"

Rose took the bag from the shop clerk, then turned to Ed and Al. "I hope you find what you're looking for. May Leto bless you!" she turned to walk off with a smile.

"Rose's become so happy lately." someone said.

"Uh-huh, and it's all thanks to the Father."

Ed and Rachell looked at them. "Huh?"

"Not only does that girl have no family, but she lost her boyfriend last year in an accident… It was so hard to see her so sad. We felt really bad for her."

"That's when she was saved by Father Cornello! He taught her about the Sun God Leto!"

"Preach on! He raises the dead, and the souls of his faithful live forever. Cornello's miracles prove it! You should see him yourself! It's defiantly the power of God!"

"Raise the dead, huh?" Rachell and Vannia asked in unison.

Ed clicked his tongue. "I don't like the sound of that."

"Your holiness!"

Rose smiled, her brown hair falling over her shoulders in elegance.

"Oh, it's you, Rose. My so dedicated! You're an example to us all!" Father Cornello, a large, bald man, laughed, smiling.

Rose shook her head. "No I'm just doing my duty! Um… by the way, Father…" she took a breath. "When will you be able to…?"

"Yes, I know what it is you ask. God has seen your good deeds."


"But it's not yet time, Rose. You understand, don't you?"

"…Yes Father… You're right… Not yet…" Rose looked down, disappointed.

"That's a good girl, Rose."

"And so you two are travelers from the South?"

Rachell and Vannia nodded, as Edward and Alphonse looked at each other.

"Yup! We need to get to Central, but we're broke." Vannia told them, voice echoing in the cathedral.

Alphonse spoke up. "You two can travel with us. We're going to Central soon anyway."

"Awesome! Thanks!"

"Oh you four again!"

The group looked to Rose, as she walked in smiling. "Are you going to join the church of Leto?"

"Nah, I'm not religious." Ed and Rachell said, looking at each other strangely.

Rose shook her head. "That's not a real answer! If you believe in God, you can live with hope and gratitude everyday! It's wonderful!" she smiled. "If you have faith, you'll grow taller for sure!"

"What was that!" Ed complained, then sighed, plopping back onto the pew. "Sheesh. How can you honestly believe these things? Do you really believe that if you pray to God, the dead will come back to life?"

Rose was quiet a moment. "Yes, I do."

Rachell sighed, sitting down next to Ed, mentally listing stuff off. "Water; thirty-five liters. Carbon; twenty kilograms. Ammonia; four liters. Lime; one-point-five kilograms. Phosphorus; eight hundred grams. Salt; two hundred and fifty grams. Saltpeter; seven point five grams. Iron; give grams. Silicon; three grams…."

"And fifteen other elements in small quantities." Vannia finished.

Edward looked at the best friends.


"That's the total chemical makeup of the average adult body." he said. "Modern science knows all of this, but there's never been a single example of successful human transmutation."

"Like there's some missing ingredient." Rachell supplied. "Scientists have been trying to find it for hundreds of years, pouring tons of money into research and to this day, they don't have a theory."

"They say," Ed told her. "science is a lost cause, but I think it's better than sitting around praying and waiting for something to happen."

"For that matter, the elements found in a human being is all junk you can buy in any market with a child's allowance." Rachell shrugged, smirking. "Humans are pretty cheaply made."

Rose was fuming. "People aren't objects! That's an insult to the creator! God will punish you for saying things like that!" she yelled.

Edward and Rachell just laughed.

"Alchemist are scientists. They don't believe in improvable concepts like 'God'." They strive to uncover the principles of creation in the matter of this world, to pursue the truth." Rachell told her, regaining her composure.

"It's ironic, that we scientists, who don't believe in God, are in sense the closest thins to him." Ed finished.

Rose, still ticked, scowled. "What pride. Are you saying that you are God's equal?"

"Well, it's like that myth about the hero… He made wings out of wax so he could fly. But when he got to close to the sun- to God- the wax melted and he crashed to the ground." Rachell looked up, brunette bangs slightly in her face.

The brunette woman was confused, looking at the two of them strangely.

Vannia and Alphonse exchanged and second glanced, the same thing crossing their minds at the same time;

'Good, GOD, they sound like they've known each other all their lives!'

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