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The clock chimed loudly, reverberating around the room as though they were sitting amongst an empty hall and not a comfortable living room. Both girls scanned the space as they fought to discover some course to start the conversation.

They were so far unsuccessful.

What the hell is happening to me? Quinn thought, biting her lip as she shifted nervously, trying and failing not to stare at the girl seated on the couch across from her own. Color flooded her pale features as she recalled how uncontrolled she had been only an hour before. How a simple kiss turned into the quite unexpected encounter at the mall, in a noisy arcade, in the tiny photo booth.

Have I gone completely insane? Sleeping with Rachel in public? With S and Puck right outside? Scratch all that, just sleeping with Rachel again is grounds for a visit to the psych ward!

In truth, Quinn could barely recall what she had been thinking. She remembers little that has to do with logic. What she could evoke is the musky, mouthwatering smell of Rachel that surrounded her as they stood inside the booth. How the sound of the brunette's heavy breathing caused her own breath to expel sharply. That Rachel's deep brown eyes, warm and intense, pleaded with her to do something, anything to the girl.

Quinn Fabray wanted to groan out loud with the onslaught of confusion that was weighing on her. She could hardly sit there and deny all responsibility when the scent of Rachel was still so strong on her fingers. That she came on reaction alone; the sounds, smells, and feel of the brunette were the cause of her orgasm.

This, perhaps, was the most mortifying thing of all for the blonde. Not only did she pull a Finn, but it was now blatantly obvious that Rachel aroused her—that she was attracted to the shorter girl so much that she didn't even need to be touched to express it.

And Quinn hated showing her hand. In fact, she loathed it. She couldn't recall a day when she wore her heart on her sleeve, unlike her counterpart. Even through stress and baby hormones the blonde was able to keep her defenses up, fighting for survival but not giving herself away.

It was how she had remained popular for all that time. It was how she had been able to fool so many.

And now her foil sat only two feet away, fluffing her skirt absentmindedly as her emotions swam across her yearning features.

Rachel Berry, I hate you, Quinn thought as her eyes slammed shut; desperate to block out the brunette.

And perhaps Quinn could convince herself of that very idea…if it weren't for the fact that when her eyes weren't gazing at the diva, they flickered to the daisies that rested in a beautiful crystal vase on the end table beside her. And if that soft fluttering in her stomach didn't make itself known whenever she did.

Rachel Berry, for her part, was completely dumbfounded. If she weren't so pleased by what happened in the photo booth, she might have been able to convince herself that it didn't even happen at all.

How could I've let things get so far? How could I've allowed Quinn to touch me like that, in a public forum, in an icky photo booth? Have I gone completely insane? And furthermore, why can I not think of one thing to say?

Rachel's thoughts were a disjointed mix of sense memory and elaborate fantasies. Usually her speech came out in a chaotic jumble mostly because her mind worked so quickly. Right now her mind was mush. Every time her brain tried to grasp onto a sentence, question, even an argument, something from earlier that day or the previous night would flit across her eyes and she'd be reduced to a quivering mess again.

And when she was relieved from remembering, her hyperactive brain would start thinking up fantasies for further exploration with the blonde and heart-fluttering situations where Quinn would declare her eternal and ever-present love to Rachel in a varying of ways—Rachel's favorite include an auditorium full of people listening to the blonde belt her desires out to the brunette before the pair would dash off to a horse-drawn carriage, destined to elope, as soft white flakes melted on their warm cheeks as they kissed in the snow.

There was no shortage of fantasies.

And that is why the two girls sat in silence at the Fabray residence. Their heads were so full of thoughts that neither could find a way to get the ball rolling.

It had been nearly an hour since they had returned from the mall, and yet, nothing had been solved.

I can get away with last night because we were drunk, Quinn mused. And maybe I can cover-up today with saying that I didn't want Rachel to hear the rumor. And maybe Rachel didn't even notice that I…orgasmed. Quinn winced at the thought, at heart still uncomfortable with sex and all its lingo. There is no reason to panic. I can deny my attraction and threaten Berry into a life-long vow of silence and call it a day.

"May I please have a glass of water?" Quinn's head snapped up to meet Rachel's eyes; they were dark and intense.

"Uh…sure." For only a moment the blonde hesitated. Her first instinct was to tell the brunette to go in the kitchen and get her own glass of water. But there was something in the young diva's expression that got Quinn to bite back the remark. "Be right back." She mumbled, hurriedly stumbling to the kitchen.

In her absence Rachel jumped up from the couch and fumbled with the hem of her sweater. She tossed it aside along with the camisole beneath it and moved on to her skirt. She wiggled and twisted until it pooled at her ankles and kicked it away. The brunette could hear Quinn shutting a cabinet and threw herself on top of the couch quickly to get into position—spread along the couch, arm bent, resting on the armrest with a look of seduction on her face. Only her panties, thigh-high socks, and loafers were left.

On or off, on or off? Rachel thought as she swiftly debated the pros and cons of the semi-slutty librarian look.

"Can I also have some fresh fruit, please?" Rachel called out to stall for time. She wasn't exactly sure what Quinn's taste was and she didn't want to come off too harlot-y in her attempt to seduce the blonde; all her fantasies were making Rachel rather horny. Sitting on the Fabray's clean, fresh white couch completely naked seemed a little crude, however, leaving on the panties, socks, and shoes could be construed as over-kill; especially this early in their courtship.

In the kitchen, Quinn grumbled and rolled her eyes as she pulled out the ever-present fruit salad her mother kept around. She sloppily spooned some into a bowl and ripped open a drawer to grab a fork before she slammed it shut.

"I take my ice chipped!" Quinn clicked her tongue at Rachel's request and nosily opened the silverware drawer again to retrieve a knife.

" 'I take my ice chipped'" Quinn mocked as she started stabbing at the ice within the glass cup, getting water to slop over the sides. Why was she doing this for Rachel? And furthermore, why didn't she really mind? Her hissy fit was completely due to the fact that she wasn't protesting at all; almost as thought she wanted to do things for the brunette. And she hated it almost as much as she didn't understand it.

The water in one hand and the fruit salad in the other, Quinn made her way back into the living room. But once she caught sight of Rachel, clad now in her red camisole and matching cotton panties—the brunette thought it more tasteful-the blonde let the glass and fruit salad tumble from her hands and clatter to the floor.

For the life of her, Rachel Berry couldn't bring herself to ask Quinn if she "sees something she likes." The utter shock on the blonde's features was making her increasingly more self-conscious and it took everything in her not to cover herself up in humiliation. She just lay there watching a thousand different emotions fly across the blonde's face in astonishment as she bit her lip and waited.

"W-what…Rach…what the hell are you doing?" Quinn hissed as though Rachel sprawled out half-naked on her mother's white couch could be overheard by the neighbors. The blonde even looked around the room quickly to make sure the blinds were drawn.

"Trying to seduce you? Is it working?" Quinn gaped and stuttered as she fought to look away from the lavish sight—Rachel happened to be on the blonde's favorite couch, and the couch was holding her favorite…

Favorite, what, Quinn? She thought to herself as she stood, routed in her spot as her brain tried to grabble with what was happening; gawking at Rachel with a mix of shock and lust.

"Rachel! What are you doing?" She repeated as her body snapped into action. She sped over to the couch and whipped the blanket that lay behind it to drape over Rachel's shoulders before she pulled out of arm's length from the girl; if she covered the brunette up, she wouldn't be tempted.

"I've already explained my intentions, Quinn. I thought that after the photo booth-"

"That was different." The blonde dismissed, waving her hand as though she could get rid of the event all together.

"Is that because you initiated it? Are you one of those women that must be in control at all times?" Rachel inquired curiously.


"I believe that they are called 'tops,'" Rachel explained as she adjusted the blanket more securely around her shoulders and sat up. "Although I recall vividly that last evening you did a fair amount of bottoming-"

"Rachel stop talking!" Quinn exclaimed, mortified by the conversation.

"I was merely trying to express to you that you are not the only eager participate in this affair and that-"

"Raaaccchheeelll!" Quinn groaned, covering her face with her hands as she felt her cheeks flair up.

"Quinn Fabray, whether you chose to acknowledge it or not, we made love, on two separate occasions, and I for one would like to get to the bottom of this! You cannot, in all good consciousness, refuse me an explanation after I gave you my virginity!-"

This time Quinn didn't cut Rachel off, but the sound of the front door opening did the trick. Rachel shrieked, leapt from the couch throwing the blanket off as she did, grabbed her folded clothes—she couldn't strip in the Fabray residence and not fold her discarded clothes!-and raced to the steps, taking two at a time as she went, as she made a mad dash towards Quinn's room—naked as the day is long.

But Quinn had yet to react to the sounds of her mother entering the house. She stood frozen in front of the now vacant couch, mouth wide open, eyes like saucers, as she processed what Rachel had just said.

"Berry was a virgin!" Quinn whispered, beyond shocked. Not necessarily because it was so hard to believe…just that she hadn't thought about it. Rachel had never said anything the night before. The blonde racked her brain for clues but couldn't remember anything from her jumbled memories of the drunken evening that could enforce Rachel's words.

Her eyes scanned the room, unseeing, and it wasn't until Judy Fabray touched her daughter's arm that Quinn jumped back to the present.

"Mom!" The younger blonde shouted, completely caught off-guard.

"Quinn, dear, are you all right? You're white as a sheet?"

"I'm…fine…" Quinn muttered as she collapsed down onto the couch Rachel was just on.

Judy sat down in a high-backed chair and started lamenting about her day as Quinn stared off into space, her mind whirling.


"Huh?" Quinn asked, her head jerking up at the sound of her name.

"Are you sure you're quite all right?" The young blonde nodded dumbly.

"Well if you're feeling fine, can you please clean up that mess on the floor?" Judy asked, a hint of an edge in her voice. "And after that we can discuss the terms of your punishment."

"Sure mom." Quinn was on auto-pilot as she got on her hands and knees and cleaned up the spilled fruit and water. Judy stood over her, speaking in her most authoritative voice—which wasn't too convincing—about underage drinking and respecting elders.

Quinn got none of the lecture, too lost in her own thoughts.

"…Although I supposed I could be persuaded to let it slide if you reconsidered moving in?" Judy asked hopefully as she followed her daughter into the kitchen where Quinn disposed of the fallen fruit. Judy wasn't the disciplinarian in the Fabray household; that was always Russell's job. And although Judy wasn't thrilled with the vodka or mess she had found earlier that morning, she didn't want to punish Quinn because then her daughter would never move back in with her.

"What mom?" Quinn asked distractedly.

"I was just saying that if you moved back in that we could start over fresh and I wouldn't punish you for drinking last night and leaving a mess." Quinn nodded, not really listening, before it suddenly occurred to her that there was a naked Rachel Berry upstairs in her room.

"I-I'll think about it mom. Um…but I have to…toooo…I have to go speak to Coach Sylvester today so we'll talk after."

Quinn was still lost in her own thoughts and didn't hear as her mother praised her daughter for speaking to her old Cheerios coach. The young blonde, instead, just hurried up to her bedroom.

This is getting nuts. Quinn thought as she hesitated outside the door, hand on the knob.

The blonde left the mall and had brought Rachel back to her house so that she wouldn't be confronted with the rumor she had started. Now that the brunette was there, Quinn had no idea what she was required to discuss. The blonde didn't want to discuss anything.

"In a perfect world we'd just continue sleeping together and never under any circumstances discuss it. With anyone. Ever." Quinn mumbled to herself just outside her bedroom before she promptly winced at how easily she admitted to wanting to continue sleeping with Rachel.

Sure, it was okay that she was friends with Rachel. Everyone in glee club was now. That wasn't too big a deal. And Finn and Puck could date Rachel without too much hassle…

The part that was tripping Quinn up was the feelings aspect. She had them. And to the blonde, that was never good. So therefore, like any self-respecting WASP, she was denying they even existed and not examining them further. They were just there. Locked tightly away.

Quinn took a deep breath and steeled herself before she opened the bedroom door and peered in. "Rachel?" The blonde whispered, looking around the apparently empty bedroom.

Rachel poked her head out from underneath the bed. She still looked terrified. "Is your mother still here?" She asked nervously.

"Yep." Quinn collapsed onto her bed as Rachel shimmied out from underneath. The blonde was pleased to see that the diva was dressed…well…mostly dressed. She had put her sweater over the camisole but she was still just in her panties with her skirt clutched tightly in her fist. The brunette was so horrified with the sudden appearance of Judy Fabray that she had forgotten to continue dressing.

Rachel stood at the foot of the bed, wringing her hands and biting her lip; the picture of anxiety. "I'm sorry for my inappropriate display downstairs."

Quinn shrugged as she picked at her comforter.

"Had I known that your mother would be arriving home from working early I wouldn't have done that." Rachel continued, scared by the blonde's silence.

Tentatively, Rachel sat on the bed opposite Quinn. "Quinn…we need to talk about this." Rachel sounded scared now and Quinn huffed a little and folded her arms across her chest.

"Why?" Rachel blanched at the question.

"Why? Because we slept together and I think we need to discuss the reasons behind it and what it means in regards to-"

"Yeah, but why do we need to talk about it? I mean, did you enjoy yourself? Did you have fun or whatever? It's not a big deal, Rachel, and I think it would be better if we just left well enough alone." The blonde hissed.

Quinn avoided eye contact, knowing that Rachel was looking at her with hurt-filled eyes. Did the blonde want to comfort the brunette? Yes. Did she want to be sweeter, kinder, and gentler? Yes. But it would go against how she had been raised; taught to behave.

You didn't date for passion. You didn't marry for love. Quinn knew her sister didn't get hitched to the Christian man who owned a chain of UPS stores because she was crazy about him. Just like Quinn didn't date Finn because his dopiness was charming to her. It's just what you did. You were paired with someone who would benefit you in the long-run.

They would continue seeing each in private—since Rachel was obvious ashamed of Quinn just as much as Quinn was freaked out by her own feelings—and whatever would come of it would just be.

"You cannot be serious." Rachel admonished. "I'm sorry, Quinn, but that is not how I handle life."

"Well it's not like you want to tell anyone about us." Quinn grumbled, still not meeting Rachel's eye.

"And I explained my reasoning to you, Quinn."

"Yeah, I'm not good enough, I remember."

"That is not it, it's just that-"

"Whatever. Can we talk about this later? I have somewhere I have to be." The blonde slipped off her bed and went over to her closet for a change of clothes. She knew if she was meeting with Sue Sylvester she'd have to look the part—meaning she'd have to show her old coach that she was in shape.

"When?" Rachel asked, sighing loudly and turned to watch Quinn leaf though her old Cheerios practice outfits.

"I don't know, Rachel. I'll come by later." The brunette rubbed her head in frustration.

"My fathers are going out to dinner tonight. Their reservation is at seven-fifteen. Can you come by then?" Without turning around, Quinn just nodded.

"If you didn't want to pursue a relationship with me, Quinn, all you had to do-"

"I didn't say that!" Quinn said before she could filter herself. She had spun around to finally face Rachel and the brunette was a little surprised with the girl's tone. She sounded almost desperate. "Look. I'll come by tonight or whatever and we'll talk."

Smiling softly, Rachel nodded.

"Give me a minute and I'll drive you home." The blonde mumbled as she reluctantly turned back to route through her closet.

"Oh, that's not necessary. I already phoned Tina and Artie and they said they'd be happy to pick me up from here." Rachel informed Quinn as she sat down on the foot of the blonde's bed. "I hope you don't mind, I used your house phone to call them. Since your mother still has mine held hostage."

"I don't mind." Quinn answered, distracted. Actually, she did mind. Not that Rachel had used her phone, but that Tina and Artie were picking Rachel up. As far as the blonde was concerned, if she feigned annoyance about her and Rachel's relationship, it would seem that she wasn't emotionally involved; which she kind of was. And she couldn't just kiss Rachel goodbye in her bedroom before their fellow glee members arrived; it would make Rachel suspicious that she had feelings.

But if she had the opportunity to drop Rachel off—walk her to her front door—well it was almost a law or something that you had to make out with the person that gave you the ride home!

Regardless, Quinn felt awkward and frustrated—completely angry with herself for having any feelings, never mind feelings for Rachel Berry, and she wasn't about to suggest a make out-fest with the diva. Whether that was what she wanted to do or not. And furthermore, Rachel was still just holding her skirt. Why hasn't she put the damn thing on yet? Quinn huffed as she flicked through shirt after shirt in her closet.

Quinn was promptly thrown out of her musings when there was a knock on her door. "It's my mother!" She whispered, terrified. She quickly spun around to face Rachel, both girls with wide eyes, before Quinn grabbed the half-naked brunette and unceremoniously threw her into her closet. "Just a second!" She squeaked to the person behind the door.

"Put your damn skirt on, Berry!" Quinn scolded in a whisper before she quickly closed the closet door, inspected her flushed appearance in her full-length mirror, and yanked her bedroom door open.

"Hi, Quinn!" The blonde's mouth dropped open at the sight of Tina standing in her doorway. She gaped at the shyly smiling Asian and looked over her shoulder to make sure Rachel hadn't popped out of her closet half-naked.

From downstairs she could hear her mother and Artie talking and suddenly Quinn couldn't breathe properly as beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

"Uh…T-Tina…uhhhh…h-hi." In a nervous gesture, Quinn pushed her messy hair behind her ears and stood in the doorway, guarding Tina's entry.

"You know that my stutter was fake, right Quinn, you don't have to make fun of me." Tina said, grinning a little at how nervous the blonde suddenly appeared.

"What are you doing here?" Quinn rushed out, forgetting that Rachel had called the pair for a ride.

"To get Rachel? She said she was here?" Tina was back to being her nervous self. She almost choked on the pretzel Artie had bought her at the mall when Rachel called and asked if they could pick the diva up at the Fabrays'.

The other glee kids had been wondering where the two had gone—fearing for Rachel's life, and also curious because Puck had told them that Santana had confirmed the rumor—and was surprised that they were together.

When Quinn just stood there, silent yet still terrified, Tina continued. "Your mom said that Rachel wasn't here, but I was sure Rachel had said 'Quinn's house.'"

"Uh, ummmmm…" Usually the blonde was quick on her feet and a natural-born liar. But she was in a bit of a pickle. Quinn's mother didn't know Rachel was there. If Rachel had been sitting on the Fabray's couch when Judy had gotten home, it wouldn't have been a big deal. But since she hadn't been on the couch and Quinn didn't mention anything to her mother, it looked suspicious.

And likewise, if Rachel had just been sitting on Quinn's bed and not hiding in the closet, Quinn would have no problem admitting to Tina that the brunette was there. But again, her hiding seemed suspicious.

"She's…yeah, she's here." Quinn finally confirmed, stepping aside to let Tina into her room. "It's just that…my mom doesn't know that she's here…so…when you knocked…I thought you were my mom…annnnd, Rachel hid in the closet." Quinn finished, folding her arms across her chest and quirking her eyebrow as though she was daring Tina to call her on her lie.

"Oh, okay." Tina giggled as she looked around Quinn's room. "Cool picture." She said, motioning to the framed painting of Jesus over the blonde's couch. "What band's he in?" She asked as she plopped down onto Quinn's bed.

Quinn didn't know if Tina was being serious or not, but she was momentarily distracted by the laughter that was coming from downstairs and that fact that she was almost positive that there were more than two voices in on the conversation.

"So are we going to let Rachel out of the closet or is she just going to stay in there?"

"Hmm? What?" Quinn asked, paying more attention to her mother's deep laughter than Tina. Did I just hear Kurt?

"Rachel?" Tina asked, gesturing to the closet and looking at Quinn like she were nuts.

"Oh! Um…yeah." Quinn bit her lip as she slowly opened the closet door, praying that Rachel finally put her skirt on.

"Hey, Rach." Tina laughed as the brunette cautiously peered out of the closet, thankfully fully dressed.

"Oh! Hello, Tina." Rachel answered, extremely relieved that it wasn't Judy.

"Your mother is such a doll, Quinn." Rachel and Quinn's eyes both went wide as Kurt and Mercedes strolled into the blonde's bedroom.

"She's a trip, Quinn." Mercedes agreed, collapsing onto the bed next to Tina as Kurt made a bee-line for the closet.

"Ah, there's Rachel." Kurt absentmindedly commented as he started flipping through Quinn's wardrobe.

"What are you guys doing here?" Quinn asked, barely concealing her panic as she looked at a nervous Rachel.

It was clear that the shorter girl wasn't sure what her role there should be. Normally Rachel would take charge in these situations, but the fear on Quinn's face told her to keep quiet and follow the blonde's lead.

"Well when we couldn't find you we just chilled at the food court waiting until you found us. Neither one of you were answering our calls or texts." Mercedes said, picking up Quinn's stuffed Teddy bear and spinning it in her hands.

"But when Rachel called me we just decided to all come over to make sure you guys were okay." Tina filled in, watching how Rachel and Quinn both shot looks of uncertainly between them. "Does Mrs. Fabray still have your phone, Rachel?"

After quickly trading panicked glances with Quinn, Rachel nodded to Tina. "Yes, that is why I came over here…to get my phone." The brunette finished with a triumphant grin. She was pleased with the already made built-in excuse.

"Why does Mrs. F have your phone, Rachel?" Mercedes asked with a quirked eyebrow. Rachel cursed herself for not coming up with a viable excuse beforehand. She should have known better after Tina asked her earlier that day.

"I must have…dropped it…somewhere…"

"And my mom…uh, found it…lying on the ground outside…" Again the girls traded looks, both stumbling.

"Out…in theeee…street…"

"Street, yeah, and she picked it…"


"She picked it up." They both finished lamely, nodding to their confused audience.

"Is everything okay?" Tina asked, completely perplexed by the two girls' behavior.

"We're fine."

"Perfectly normal." Both girls answered at the same time, neither all that convincingly.

"Don't be embarrassed, Rachel, no one is proud of their first time." Kurt answered casually as he held a baby doll dress up to his torso before he grimaced and put the dress on its hanger and back in Quinn's closet.

Panic-stricken, Rachel and Quinn exchanged looks of terror; the brunette's face paling and blonde's face going straight to a pea-green shade.

"W-what?" Rachel choked out.

"Come on, girl. We all know about you and Santana. She told Puck it was true." Mercedes said, smirking slightly. Instantly, Rachel went from scared to infuriated. Quinn, however, went from relieved that no one knew about her and Rachel, right back to terrified.

This was exactly why Quinn wanted to leave the mall with Rachel to begin with. She was hoping that if she sheltered the girl for a little while, the rumor would lose its excitement and something else would happen making everyone forget about her lie.

Yet, there Quinn was, SURROUNDED!

She knew that if and when Rachel came clean about the rumor, eventually it would come back to Quinn. People would wonder why she lied, and it would only be a matter of time until the truth came out. And Quinn couldn't have that.

She wasn't ready. She didn't know what it meant. Was she gay? Was she just a really slutty drunk? Did the chemicals that they were bound to use in those grungy photo booths drive her to insanity?

She wasn't ready for this! And there was no time to intercept Rachel. The brunette couldn't have known that Quinn had started the rumor to protect the two of them.

Everything slowed down to particles for Quinn. She watched as Kurt and Mercedes stared on, hungry for details from the brunette. How Tina wrinkled her nose while looking slightly uncomfortable. And how Rachel geared up to refute the rumor with a rant so large Quinn was sure her anger would bring her mother's house down.

With a quick look to her man Jesus and a silent plea that she would finally start being nicer to poor and ugly people…and even Rachel Berry, she prayed hard that He would somehow find her a way out of this.

And like magic, the doorbell rang.

"Quinnie! Your friends are here!" Quinn, to this day, swears that the framed painting of Jesus winked at her, as the sound of her mother's voice drew closer.

"Looks like we have a little party going on here, Quinn." Judy Fabray declared from the doorway of her daughter's room as she did a little dance, smiling broadly. And if Quinn weren't so motherfucking grateful for the distraction, she might have been mortified by her mother's actions. But instead, she nearly sobbed her thanks.

"Noah, Finn, and those two other boys from your glee club are downstairs talking to Artie." Judy said, still smiling while Rachel discreetly moved behind the stunned blonde to avoid Mrs. Fabray.

"What are they doing here?" Quinn asked, eyes wide, suddenly not so thankful for the interruption. Puck meant more fodder for the rumor.

"I don't know dear, they wanted to see you I suppose." Judy said while frowning. "I have a great idea." She suddenly gushed with excitement. "Why don't we have a real party tonight? Like a welcome home party since you're moving back in? You can invite Santana and Brittany over too!" Quinn swallowed hard at the request, not liking her audience or the numerous ways this could go terribly wrong. She was too stressed to notice Mercedes' confused expression at the news of a "Welcome home party."

"I don't think that's such a good idea mom-"

"Now, now, Quinn." Kurt scolded with a devious smirk as he removed himself from Quinn's closet to stand beside Judy, casually snaking an arm around the older woman's waste before winking at Mercedes.

"That sounds like a marvelous idea." Quinn did not like the way Kurt's smirk only got smugger. "And may I say, Judy that is a lovely broach you're wearing. Agnes B?" He asked curiously as he inspected the accessory.

"What a wonderful eye you have Kurt. Mr. Fabray bought it for me at this auction-"

"Mom!" Quinn gritted out between her clenched jaw.

"Sorry, Quinnie. Anyway, I'll run to the store to pick up a few party necessities and you kids can just sit tight and call your folks to let them know." She asked, clearly pleased.

"Sounds great, Mrs. F." Mercedes said, smiling up at Kurt.

"Absolutely fantastic." Kurt answered Mercedes' grin. Tina just nodded back at Judy's smiling face before the woman turned from the room and headed back downstairs.

Quinn distinctly heard Puck's "Sweet!" indicating that her mother had told the boys downstairs about the party and she shut her eyes painfully at what it meant.

This is just great! Quinn thought as she felt her heart rate continue to climb.

"I'll start rearranging the furniture downstairs for a more party atmosphere!" Kurt declared as he bounded from the room.

"This is gonna be some party." Mercedes laughed before she followed Kurt, Tina close behind.

"Quinnie!" Judy shouted from downstairs. "Why don't you come with me and we'll stop by Ms. Sylvester's office to talk to her about Cheerios?" Without looking at Rachel, who she knew would appear no more settled by the recent events as she was, she strode from the room to the top of the stairs to confront her mother.

"Mom, we have a house full of guests, I can't just leave them here." Quinn argued, barely managing to keep her anger in-check. She was grateful that she had a private moment alone with her mother. Puck, Matt, Mike, and Artie were huddled together by the kitchen door discussing something as Kurt, Mercedes, and Tina discussed feng shui and Kurt emphatically gestured around the room with wide eyes.

"Oh nonsense, dear. They are your friends. And as far as I can tell the only one I'd need to worry about is Noah Puckerman and you won't even be here. They'll be fine for an hour."

"I don't think my meeting with Coach Sylvester will go that quickly, mom," Quinn argued. "Maybe we should just call the party off and-"

"Oh, Quinn I already promised them and they seem so excited! It will be good that I get to know them. I'll tell you what. I'll drop you off at Ms. Sylvester's and do the shopping while you two chat. That way we won't be gone for so long."

Quinn went to protest again, but Judy stopped her daughter with a light hand on Quinn's arm. "Quinn…I'm trying here. I know that your father and I made mistakes in the past and I want to move forward. I want you to live with me again…be a family with you again. These people are important to you and I want to know them."

All thoughts of protesting went out the window with Judy's quiet confession. Quinn bit her lip as she looked around the first floor of her house and watched her glee friends laugh amongst their groups. Instinctually, Quinn looked over her shoulder only to see Rachel standing in the doorway of the blonde's room, looking slightly sad.

"I…sure mom." Quinn answered dutifully as she turned back to her mother.

"Wonderful. Get dressed quickly and we'll be on our way!" Quinn watched Judy hurry off before she grudgingly went back to her bedroom to where Rachel waited.

"So I guess you're having a party." Rachel said, dropping down to the foot of Quinn's bed as she watched the blonde grab her old Cheerios uniform—or the one she wore freshman year that Sue had forgotten Quinn still had and therefore didn't pry from the blonde's hands.

"Looks like." Quinn answered miserably. The blonde ran the material of the old, slightly faded uniform through her fingers, still facing her closet. "I'm sorry, Rachel." Quinn whispered after the brunette sighed softly behind her.

"For what?" Rachel whispered back, her tone slightly sarcastic. Are you sorry for sleeping with me and leaving me this morning? Sorry for how awful you've always treated me? Sorry that a hideous rumor is being spread about me? Or for the fact that I am now in the most awkward situation of my life?

"Well for…a lot of stuff." Quinn said carefully as she slowly turned around. She kept her eyes glued to the uniform but steeled herself to get out what she wanted to say. Her eyes briefly glanced at the painting of Jesus before she promptly rolled them and continued.

"I sort of…started the rumor." Quinn winced as soon as she said it and waited for the blow-up. She wasn't disappointed.

"You WHAT?" Rachel all but screamed, jumping up from the bed and advancing on Quinn. "The ENTIRE time you have known me you have been nothing but hateful and vindictive, not to MENTION everything you have done since last evening! What, Quinn? Sleeping with me, taking my VIRGINITY and leaving me in the morning wasn't bad enough? You had to start a horrible RUMOR about me too!" Quinn was thankful that somewhere downstairs, someone had turned on music so that Rachel's tirade had been drowned out.

"Rachel, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it!" Quinn yelled back, angry at Rachel's very true accusations but not wanting to appear weak.

"You didn't mean to?"

"I was scared and confused!" Quinn screamed. "I needed advice, so I went to Brittany-"

"Brittany!" Rachel yelled back in astonishment. "What a brilliant idea, Quinn! What, there weren't any TODDLERS available?"

"That's my FRIEND you're talking about, Berry!"

"Oh, so we're back to Berry are we? Well Fabray, in the immortal words of Rhett Butler, 'frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!'" Rachel spat out, infuriated, as she spun around to face the bed.

"She was confused, Rachel!" Quinn pleaded to Rachel's back. "I was trying to get advice and although Brittany isn't exactly the best person to go to for that…" Rachel scoffed. "I needed someone to talk to. But she got confused and before I could stop her she was off and running telling people that you slept with Santana! I have no idea why Santana said she did sleep with you but I'll fix it, okay!" Quinn demanded, feeling guilty for everything that was happening but in no way going to grovel.

"You didn't mean to spread the rumor?" Rachel asked softly, her back still to Quinn.

"No, Rachel. I didn't. And before I could stop it everyone knew. And then…well…we were busy…anyway. We'll figure this out." Quinn conceded. Slowly, Rachel turned around, smiling softly.

"We will?" Not picking up on what Rachel was really asking, Quinn nodded. "And will we figure out us together too?" Rachel asked, shyly looking up at Quinn. The blonde's jaw clenched as she realized the trap she just stepped in. It became very obvious to Quinn suddenly that she had never seen Rachel get worked up over…anything like she just had—except when she wanted to get her way. And if that smirk on the brunette's face was any indication, Quinn just got hosed.

The blonde narrowed her eyes, slightly impressed with Rachel for feigning anger just to get Quinn to talk about what was going on between them.

The blonde huffed as her eyes found Jesus yet again, before she looked back at the diva. "We'll talk about it tonight."

"Quinnie! Let's go!" Judy called from downstairs.

"Shit." Quinn mumbled, completely forgetting that she was supposed to go with her mother and to meet with Coach Sylvester. Without thinking, Quinn quickly slipped out of her dress in order to put on her old Cheerios uniform.

Rachel's eyes widened at the suddenly display of the blonde's body and Quinn just happened to glance up in time to catch it. "See something you like?" The blonde asked smugly, forgetting completely that she shouldn't appear happy at the fact that Rachel found her attractive.

Later, Rachel will marvel that Quinn pulled off the line that the brunette was too insecure to attempt. But right then, mostly she was thinking that seeing the blonde naked was breathtaking. She just dumbly nodded, eyes traveling the length of Quinn's long legs, to her perfect stomach, and over her breasts which slightly spilled out from her bra.

Quinn rolled her eyes, smiling, as she yanked the Cheerios uniform up and on, relieved that it fit perfectly. Next, she quickly threw her hair up into her old trademark ponytail, not even bothering to look in the mirror. She was enjoying watching Rachel watch her.

"Okay, I have to go." Quinn said, tearing her eyes off of Rachel to inspect her appearance in the mirror behind her. "Just great." She mumbled, tracing a slender finger over the fading hickeys the brunette had left. They weren't so obvious, but she'd have to put some makeup on them before she met with Sue. Sue would see them. She didn't miss much.

"So we'll talk later?" Rachel asked shyly, biting her lip nervously as she still scanned the blonde's body.

"Yep, as soon as I get home." Quinn promised distractedly as she hastily applied cover up to the hickeys. She clicked the compact shut and spun around and before she could even think about what the hell she was doing, her lips were softly on Rachel's and then she was running out her bedroom door, gearing up to meet with Sue.

But at the top of the stairs, the blonde froze realizing what she had just done. She quickly looked over her shoulder to see Rachel standing in her bedroom doorway smiling brightly. Nodding curtly, still thrown by her actions, Quinn rushed down the stairs-ignoring the catcalls from her friends as they took in the blonde in her uniform-before she and her mother made their way out to the car.

"Let's get this party started!" Puck cheered, along with the rest of the glee kids—Rachel excluded, who was still recovering from Quinn's soft kiss—before he and Kurt started doling out jobs for everyone.

This included a run to the liquor store—Puck's assignment to Mike and Matt—a gathering of music and games—Kurt's job for Artie, Tina, and Mercedes—while Puck made phone calls to other kids, and Kurt put the finishing touches on the house.

If Rachel hadn't been curled up on Quinn's bed, paralyzed with excitement and happiness, she would have put a stop to the goings-on of her glee friends. She would have explained to Puck that there couldn't be alcohol at the party, seeing as how Judy Fabray would be there. Or that they were not authorized, nor would it be wise for them to invite anyone else to the Fabrays' shindig.

But, alas, no. Rachel was far too gone in thoughts of Quinn to realize what was happening a floor below. And no one at the house thought it prudent to alert the small diva.

A very big part of Tina and Mercedes knew that it wasn't a good idea. But Mercedes was hurt. Quinn hadn't mentioned to her roommate that she was moving out. She thought they were friends. She thought the blonde liked living at her house. And she was sort of hoping that the party would prevent Judy from taking in her daughter. Or maybe show Quinn that it would be better if she stayed at the Jones' household.

So she just glared at Tina to keep her quiet and went along with the whole thing. And plus, both girls were slightly curious about what would happen if Rachel, Finn, and Santana were all at a party together considering the current state of affairs. Affairs being the keyword.

Because Tina and Mercedes knew—or thought they knew—that Santana and Rachel slept together. And they also knew that Finn had slept with Santana, but that Rachel didn't know. And they further knew that Finn was doing his best to get Rachel back. And in addition to all of that, moreover, Finn had no idea about the rumor yet!

When Puck had heard that Tina and Artie, along with Mercedes and Kurt were going to Quinn's house to pick up Rachel, he laughed manically and dragged Finn with him for the show. He kept his best friend in the dark, loving the irony that they fiery Latina had popped both Rachel and Finn's cherries even though the old couple had no idea about the other, and couldn't wait for Finn to find out about the girl he loved and her first time.

Matt and Mike went too because Puck was their ride, but they were just as excited to see the fireworks.

Puck didn't really mean any harm. Hell, if he were in Finn's shoes he'd be ecstatic! Before he'd promptly recommend a threesome. He could have no idea that Finn would be less than pleased. But that happens later.

But what no one could know, or anticipate, was just how tangled everything had become. Because Rachel and Quinn had sex. But Finn wanted Rachel back. Even though he went on a date with an unknown person the night before—a person who he really, really shouldn't have dated! But the real kicker was, that Quinn didn't know that Finn still loved Rachel. Finn—a boy that she had hurt numerous times and promised herself she would never, ever hurt again.

Meanwhile, an hour after Quinn had left her house, she exhaustedly trudged from the halls of McKinley high to the parking lot where her mother sat patiently waiting.

She had just been put through the ringer! Aside from completing an elaborate obstacle course of Sue Sylvester's creation, a one-hundred, multiple choice questionnaire with five essay questions tacked on at the end—all pertaining to cheerleading rules-signing a legally binding document that Quinn signed in actual blood promising not to get fat or pregnant—Sue had a notary present as well to further its authenticity—an oral test that measured Quinn's lightning-sharp insult reflexes, and a demonstration that the blonde's body was in tip-top shape—Sue Sylvester agreed that Quinn could rejoin the Cheerios. But not as captain…yet.

She felt drained. And humiliated.

She had almost completely forgotten what waited for her at home, but once inside the car, she remembered.

It appeared that Judy Fabray had went a little overboard. She hoped that the party would show her daughter that she really cared and that she was a cool mom; a mom Quinn would want to live with. The car was packed with food and party supplies and Quinn groaned when she saw them.

"It's not too late to cancel." Quinn practically begged. All she wanted was her shower…and her bed…and maybe Rachel, the blonde grudgingly admitted.

"Now, Quinn, that's enough out of you. You're friends are excited!" Judy said, smiling as she drove. "Oh! And I have fun news!"

"Can we talk about it later mom? I just really need to relax right now if I have a party waiting for me." The young blonde mumbled sleepily as she put her earbuds in and took her iPod out to look for a calming song to prepare her for the party.

"Sure, dear. It will be a fun surprise!" Quinn shook her head doubtfully as she pushed play on her iPod and closed her eyes. It had been a long twenty-four hours and if she could get in a quick nap, she'd be better for it.

When her hazel eyes eventually opened, however, she was convinced she was still asleep; in a nightmare.

As Judy and Quinn Fabray pulled up to their house, the young blonde thought briefly that her mother had parked in front of the wrong one. Cause surely the raging party that was taking place at this house could not be theirs!

"Holy crap!" Quinn mumbled as she stepped out of the car. The music could clearly be heard from the curb where Quinn stood. The street was lined with cars as kids from McKinley were pouring into the house.

"Surprise!" Judy shouted as she unloaded bags from the car, grinning madly. Quinn spun around to look at her as she yanked her earbuds out.

"You planned this?" The blonde yelped.

"Well…" Judy started, biting her lip as she looked on nervously at her house. "I suppose perhaps your friends went a little overboard, but I ran into a few of your friends from school at the store and-"

"Which friends?" Quinn gritted out.

"That nice young man, Dave…Dave…oh what was his name?" Judy asked herself as Quinn's eyes went wide.

"Karofsky?" Quinn shrieked.

"That's it!" Judy said excitedly. "I noticed that he and a few of the boys he was with were wearing McKinley letterman jackets and I assumed that they played on the football team with some of your glee friends, so I invited them to your party!"

"He plays HOCKEY, mom, NOT, football!" Quinn yelled.

"Oh." Clearly even Judy Fabray knew that in the high school hierarchy, hockey wasn't as cool as football. "Well I already invited them."

"Who else did you invite?" Quinn fumed as she whipped around to watch more students piling into her house.

"Well I told them they could bring a few friends and of course I gave Santana and Brittany a call because I assumed you would be too busy with Coach Sylvester to tell them about it…" As Judy continued to recount her outing and the many McKinley students that she had run into and invited, Quinn looked on, horrified. She never planned on calling Santana…for obvious reasons.

Not only was a party the last thing she felt like dealing with, she knew that most likely everyone inside her house—a house that Rachel Berry currently resided—knew about the rumor, or would soon find out. Throw Santana in the mix—whatever her reasoning behind lying about said rumor—and it was a recipe for disaster. No, it was formula for a cataclysmic, catastrophic, awesomely bad, badness!

"Oh shit!" Quinn mumbled at the realization, loud enough for her mother to hear and scold her for, before she took off for the house.

Again, Quinn wondered if she were, indeed, in the midst of a nightmare. The house was packed! It seemed like everyone from McKinley was there as she wrestled her way through the door, only thoughts of finding Rachel in her mind.

She ignored the jocks who made crude comments to her about her cheerleading uniform, brushed away from her glee friends as she searched desperately, and prayed that the red Solo cups that every single person had in their hands was just juice. She wasn't hopeful.

When she couldn't find Rachel, she raced up to her bedroom and flung open her door and let out a relieved sigh when she found the tiny brunette fast asleep, curled up in Quinn's bed.

"Rachel?" Quinn whispered, nudging the girl. When she got no response, she tried again. "Rachel!" She repeated, this time a little louder. The brunette finally stirred, eyes fluttering open.

"Quinn?" She breathed out, still groggy from sleep. "I fell asleep? What time is it? Did I miss the party?" She asked through a yawn as she sat up on her elbows. If the blonde hadn't been so thoroughly stressed from the situation downstairs, exhausted from all that Sue put her through and how she spent the previous evening, she probably wouldn't have acted as she had.

But she was stressed, and she was exhausted, and it actually got her to lower her guard a little.

"No." Quinn said as she laughed. "As I'm sure you can hear, the party is still very much going on." She chuckled again as she slid onto the bed beside Rachel. She too propped herself up on one elbow as she faced the brunette.

"Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I didn't miss the party?" Rachel asked nervously as she smiled at the blonde.

"Trust me, a bad thing. Literally all of McKinley is down there." The brunette groaned as she collapsed onto one of Quinn's pillows, her hair curtaining her face from the blonde. "Maybe we can just stay up here and no one will notice." Quinn muttered as she lay down further on the bed, unintentionally moving closer to Rachel.

"I'd like that." Rachel whispered, peering up at Quinn through her hair.

"Me too." Quinn whispered back, her face directly beside the brunette's.

"You would?" Rachel softly asked as she looked up at Quinn through her lashes, her eyes trained on the blonde's lips as she moved closer to Quinn. The blonde swallowed with difficulty as she nodded.

They were going to kiss, Quinn knew for sure. And although it was something that the blonde desperately wanted, something her body was craving because of all the stress of the day, Quinn turned her lips away from Rachel before the diva could hit her mark.

"I should get down there." Quinn mumbled as she slid off the bed. Rachel closed her eyes in hurt, frustrated by the blonde's actions and saddened. She couldn't figure Quinn out. It really did seem like she liked Rachel.

The photo booth was an example of passion, but the previous night showed more than that. The way Quinn looked up at Rachel right before they slept together, how they held one another after each time, the way the laughed and talked throughout the whole evening—Rachel was convinced that there was a lot more there. Now she just had to get Quinn to see it as well.

The brunette sat up in the bed and prepared herself for a diatribe to persuade Quinn that they were soul mates, that it was clear by overcoming their past history and the last two days that they had something rare and great. But before she could get anything out, music suddenly blasted from the speakers below and the room full of rowdy teenagers started cheering.

"Just great." Quinn mumbled as she quickly opened her closet to retrieve a change of clothes. "My mom is going to flip."

After Quinn put on a pale yellow dress, Rachel hesitantly followed the blonde downstairs to the sea of McKinley students. Both girls stop on the bottom step, eyes wide, mouths open, as they stared on at the carnage.

In the left corner of the room, currently, a group of jocks where holding Artie upside down as the boy did a kegstand. Not far away, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, and a few Cheerios were involved in a flipcup game. All around them were more jocks, Cheerios, and students, dancing, drinking, and talking.

Beside them, where Quinn's favorite couch use to be, Matt, Mike, Puck, and Finn were playing a game of beer bong. However, Quinn noted with dread, it appeared as though they were using liquor to fill up the cups, not beer.

It might have not been so bad, if it weren't for her mother. But Judy Fabray was standing just outside the kitchen with both Santana and Brittany. And in all of their hands was a shot glass. And in that shot glass was clear liquid. And before Quinn could even get out her panicked and disturbed scream, all three of them downed their shots.

"Oh, Jesus, this isn't happening!" Quinn breathed out as she covered her face with her hands. Rachel, too looked on, horrified, and was quick to comfort Quinn.

"Don't worry, Quinn, we'll take care of this." She said as she started to slowly move her hand up and down the blonde's back in what was meant to be a calming gesture.

"Don't touch me!" Quinn hissed, moving away from a hurt Rachel.


"No! Just…just leave me alone, I'll take care of this myself." She seethed before she swiftly left the brunette's side and made her way over to where her mother and her friends were still doing shots. That was the most pressing problem.

Still on the steps, frozen and hurt, was Rachel Berry. She watched as Judy Fabray laughed off her daughter's attempts to take away the shot glass and the bottle of vodka Santana was holding. She could tell that Brittany and Santana were giving Quinn a hard time too. The blonde gave up with a huff, throwing her arms in the air, before she quickly disappeared into the kitchen.

Rachel stood there, watching everyone around her having fun as she sulked. She was so tired! She had spent the last two years being ridiculed and ostracized by…well…everyone that was currently in the Fabray house. The past year she had had her heart broken three times—losing at Reginals included—and was humiliated further by a boy whom she thought had loved her.

But somehow, somehow Quinn's latest rejection topped it all. Maybe, the brunette mused, it was because she had slept with the blonde. She had done the research and knew that giving your virginity to someone connected you to them on very deep level. Perhaps that was why she felt so thoroughly immersed in all that was Quinn.

But clearly Quinn didn't feel the same. But Finn felt it. And Puck wanted her. Hell, even Santana felt as though it was cool enough to lie and say she slept with the diva! If Quinn didn't want her then she only had two options: One, move on—which Rachel didn't particularly consider, seeing as how she never gave up-or show Quinn that she was worth it.

Rachel nodded her head as she made her decision. She hopped off the remaining step and quickly nudged her way throughout the crowed and over to where Puck was standing with a bottle of Grey Goose in his hand—after all, she knew she could drink that.

Without prelude or introductions, Rachel yanked the bottle from his hand and lifted it to her lips where she proceeded to gulp it down before her brain could tell her that it wasn't a wise idea.

She ignored Finn's greeting and shocked outburst by her display and Puck, Matt, and Mikes cheers. She pulled from the bottle with only one thought in mind: Quinn.

Because, how could she show Finn and all the others that the blonde wasn't as bad as she lead on-how amazing she was with Rachel the night before and how much she changed-if Quinn was still resisting their connection.

How could she thrown it in Finn Hudson's face if the blonde wouldn't even let Rachel touch her or kiss her? First she'd make Quinn fall and then she'd show everyone.

Yes, Rachel did like to win over an audience. Yes, she wanted to be popular and well-liked. But mostly, mostly Rachel just wanted Quinn. Around the blonde she felt nothing but raw emotion and passion. Such passion that she slept with the girl in public, a photo booth without a second thought of consequences. That she willingly and passionately gave herself over to the blonde that she knew she would have done even if she had been sober.

Yes, she would show Quinn Fabray that she was worth it. And then she'd show everyone that Quinn was worth it too, even to the blonde. Rachel wasn't completely devoid of social graces; she knew that Quinn was scared of what she felt for the brunette. But tonight Rachel would prove that she needn't be.

Nothing would or could prevent her from achieving her task; she was Rachel Berry after all!

Well…nothing except for what was about to happen in the kitchen. Because as Mercedes Jones laughed at something Tina had said and held up her cup to indicate she needed a refill, she set in motion a domino effect that would prove to be disastrous.

Mercedes waved at Puck as she passed by the beer pong table where Finn, Puck, Mike and Matt were watching a still guzzling Rachel, and made her way to the kitchen where Quinn was hastily cleaning up after the rambunctious party-goers.

"Mercedes, thank God!" The blonde exclaimed, slightly out of breath as she tossed yet another red Solo cup into her almost full trash bag. "You have to help me get everyone out of the house." She said as she blew a stray hair out of her face and rested against the kitchen island as she watched Mercedes fill her cup up from the keg that was stationed in the kitchen.

"Girl, I don't have to do nothing." Mercedes grumbled. Quinn was slightly thrown-off by her friend's harsh tone.

"Mercedes…what's wrong?"

"It's a party, Quinn, I'm having fun." Although she didn't sound like it at that present moment. Again, the blonde blanched, unsure where Mercedes' hostility was coming from.

"If I…Did I do something to upset you…?"

"Like you don't know." Mercedes attacked as she rounded on the blonde. "I thought we were friends, Quinn. But no, you're as closed-up and icy as you've always been!" She reared. The blonde gaped. Her friendship with Mercedes was very important to her and she really tried to be there for her roommate.

"I'm sorry…just…just tell me what I did and I'll fix it and-" But Mercedes wasn't listening. The hour Quinn had spent with Sue, Mercedes spent drinking. By now she was feeling more than buzzed and very heated by the fact that the blonde didn't tell her she was moving out.

"Friends tell each other things, Quinn! I'm not saying you got to tell me every little detail about your life because I got some stuff I've been keeping to myself too, but not the really big, important things!" Quinn was momentarily thrown that Mercedes was keeping things from her, but considering the last two days the blonde wasn't going to question it.

"Mercedes, I tell you things." The blonde stated, but her tone was soft if not firm. "No, I'm not completely open with you-" Mercedes hmphed and crossed her arms over her chest as she stared down Quinn.

"How about you start with where you got all those hickeys, or who sent you those flowers to my house!" Quinn was stunned, shaking her head a little as she marveled just how terrible her day had been and how it didn't look like it was about to improve. Her stomach felt acidy as it churned; she hated fighting with Mercedes.

"I…I can't tell you that right now." Mercedes rolled her eyes and placed her hand on her cocked hip.

"Well what can you tell me, Quinn. Cause you certainly didn't have the decency to tell me you were moving out!" The blonde practically laughed, relieved that she had gotten to the bottom of the argument. She did, however, allow a small smile that her friend wasn't too happy to see.

"You think something is funny?"

"No, Mercedes, you got it all wrong-"

"You didn't even tell me, Quinn! And you obviously seeing someone, and you can't even tell me who! I understand you're private and that you want to keep things to yourself but tell me something…" Mercedes kept going on, ranting and raving, talking over Quinn. The blonde couldn't get a word in even though she kept opening and closing her mouth trying to find an opening to cut Mercedes off with. She wasn't ready to tell her about Rachel, and besides, the brunette didn't want anyone to know. So she lied. Not a huge deal. Right?

"PUCK!" Okay! It was Puck!" This stopped Mercedes cold. Her eyebrows shot up and then both hands went to her hips.

"You're lying." She deadpanned, shaking Quinn's confidence slightly.

"I was with Puck."

"When?" Mercedes pushed, narrowing her eyes as though she could shoot lasers from them at Quinn.

"Late last night." The blonde fired back, not liking the third-degree she was getting.

"How late?" Mercedes spit out, quirking her eyebrow dangerously.

"I don't know, Mercedes, really late?" Quinn couldn't understand what the big deal was. It's not like Puck would care that she lied, he was a manwhore. Granted, he had kept his distance from her all summer, at Quinn's request, and they hadn't spent much time together, but surely his ho status hadn't changed.

"You know what, Quinn?" Mercedes asked in a dangerously low tone. "I'm glad you're moving out. I don't want to be friends with a bitch anymore." Quinn was practically knocked on her ass by the comment. She watched, stunned, as Mercedes turned on her heel and went to exit the kitchen, just as Puck, Finn, Mike, Matt, Artie, Tina, Kurt, Santana, Brittany, Mrs. Fabray, and Rachel shuffled in one after the other.

"Whoa! Where's the fire, babe?" Puck asked as he caught the furious Mercedes around the waist and halted her movements. Twelve sets of eyes looked between the two feuding girls.

What Quinn couldn't know…what most people in the room couldn't know—including several jockes, Cheerios, and students who had been innocently hanging out in the kitchen—was that Mercedes wasn't just "hanging out" with a friend the previous night like she originally told Quinn the night before.

No. She had a date. And if Quinn wasn't too bogged down with everything that the last two days had afforded her, she might have been able to figure it out. Because when she had asked Puck if he wanted to hang out when Mercedes told her she was busy, he too told her he had other plans; a date.

A date with Mercedes.

It was their fourth date that summer, actually. And things were going well. Until this.

"Why don't you ask Quinn, Puck?" Mercedes raged. "After all, she was the girl you were screwing around with last night!" Everyone's eyes went wide while a few people gasped. Puck was sputtering as he tried to form a sentence to rectify the situation, but he seemed to be having some trouble. Meanwhile, Rachel was reeling.

Is that why Quinn left me in the middle of the night? To meet up with Noah?

"Jesus! Quinn's messing around with Puck, Puck's messing around with Quinn and Mercedes, Santana took Finn's and Rachel's virginity-after they got all bondage-y with argyle-Santana is also screwing Brittany, sometimes Matt and Mike, hell, probably even Puck! Artie and Tina had sex for the first time today, Finn had a secret date last night even though he's still in love with Rachel who seems to be bff with Quinn now, and Mrs. Fabray just did a body shot off of freaking Karofsky's hairy chest!" Everyone spun around to gawk at Kurt as he downed the rest of his dirty martini. "This party is freaking brilliant!"