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Quinn Fabray sighed in contentment as she secured her arms around the body she was holding, nuzzling deeper into the soft neck before kissing the skin a few times. She had just been dreaming a perfect dream involving the girl in her arms and she was thoroughly surprised to find that the real world was actually better than the dream.

Rachel. She loves when she dreams of the tiny, brunette diva. It doesn't happen nearly as often as it should. However, she had awoken to Rachel in her bed, so it's okay. But then again, that doesn't happen as nearly often as it should either.

It's the morning of the first day of their junior year and Quinn had trouble falling asleep. It was nearly impossible. Today would be that day that the blonde went to Coach Sylvester to ask for her captainship back and Quinn knew it would put further distance between her and Santana…and possibly her and Rachel. But she had to do it. There was no way to avoid it.

When and if she and Rachel came out to McKinley meant that the only way they'd survive is if Quinn was on top again. More importantly, the only way Rachel would survive was if the blonde was captain. Quinn kept her eyes closed for several more seconds as she considered that thought. If she were being really honest, getting her captain seat back had more to do with Rachel agreeing to date her.

Quinn thought it was only fair, and something she'd never announce out loud, that she be more afraid of coming out than Rachel. I mean, hello, everyone knows Quinn Fabray's story. For her to be gay…And then insult to injury, she was with Rachel Berry?

But somehow the blonde wasn't too concerned about the backlash. She was fairly certain that she could take it, especially since her mother was handling it so well. What truly bothered her more than anything was that Rachel wasn't shouting about their relationship from the rooftops.

Quinn was convinced Rachel liked her body post-baby—the diva did slyly mentioned she wouldn't be opposed to performing in a sex tape for their own viewing pleasure, which despite the blonde vehemently shooting down, gave her hope that her body couldn't be all that bad if Rachel was willing to see it from every angle. And the brunette seemed to enjoy Quinn's company, so that was good.

But then why was Rachel still nervous about telling everyone? Every time they spoke of it the diva acted as though it was going to be a gruesome fall-out and Quinn was pretty sure that was supposed to be her reaction, not Rachel's! The brunette seemed like she was such a big person for being with Quinn and the blonde couldn't shake the feeling that Rachel was somehow lowering herself by being with the Cheerio.

This did nothing to boast the blonde's self-esteem. Rachel wanted constant reinforcement that Quinn desired her, but did very little to return the favor it felt like. And although the blonde wanted to make things official between them, those doubts and fears played heavily on her mind in a way that kept Rachel at a firm distance. Sure, Quinn did her best to be a good "girlfriend," but she still wasn't fully committed to Rachel because of those worries.

So becoming head Cheerio again would be a duel victory: the popular status to protect them while making Rachel proud to be with her. It didn't even factor into Quinn's thinking that she didn't want to be head Cheerio again…or a Cheerio at all for that matter.

Even though that's where Quinn thoughts lay, she still managed to hold Rachel a little tighter, hoping that there were a few minutes left before her alarm would go off and she'd have to get up and start getting ready for school.

Wait a second…

"Rachel!" Quinn jerked up, startled, as it finally hit her that Rachel was in her bed. "What the hell are you doing here?" The blonde asked, very confused. Because Rachel Berry did not fall asleep in the blonde's bed the previous night, citing that it would be important for the pair to get their rest and sharing a bed rarely led to that.

"Oh, good, you're finally up." Rachel commented as she sat up slowly, not at all thrown-off by Quinn's words. "Several times I thought you had awakened, however, it turns out that you grope and kiss me a lot even while sleeping. I found it very sweet." Rachel admitted with a wide smile. But Quinn was shaking her head in confusion, looking at the brunette expectantly.

"Oh, I apologize. My father drove me over almost a half hour ago because I wanted to see you before school."

"I thought I was taking you to school."

"Yes, I meant before that." Quinn's head spun around to inspect her alarm clock and the glaring red lights informed her of what she most feared; it was only five o'clock in the morning.

"Rachel! What the hell?"

"Well I wanted to give you one last chance to make our relationship official before we attended school. I know that we aren't planning to come out as a couple until we are both comfortable and Finn's heart no longer beats only for me," Quinn subtly rolled her eyes at that. "However, there is still the matter of our own title to place on our situation, without the knowledge of our friends. I wanted to give you this final opportunity."

Quinn collapsed back onto her bed and groaned in frustration before shooting back up again.

"Is your father still outside in the car?"

"Well daddy said he had paperwork that needed attending to and sitting in the car would give him ample time to finish, even though he is still unaware of our relationship, he felt compelled to drive me over here when I told him that my friend was in great distress."


"Fine, I'm going. If…you are sure you have nothing to ask me? Nothing at all?" Rachel looked hopeful yet smug as she asked and Quinn merely ran her fingers through her hair before shaking her head.

"Well, Quinn, in that case I would ask you to be prompt in your arrival at my house so that I can disembark at a reasonable and timely fashion." Rachel said as she hopped out of bed and smiled broadly with her hands behind her back. The blonde just blinked up at the diva several times before Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Yes, yes, I know I gave you this speech last evening but I wanted to reiterate just in case you had forgotten."

"I didn't forget." Despite her tone, Rachel could see the playful twinkle in the blonde's eyes and leaned down to softly kiss Quinn's lips.

"And you took your car to Mr. Hummel's, correct? We can't afford to be late for school because it overheated." The diva asked, hands on her hips as she recalled how the car acted up which lead to the second unofficial date at the movies as they waited for it to cool down. Quinn nodded empathically and rolled her eyes.

"Yes, Rachel."

"Then I'll see you soon." The blonde hummed back as she watched Rachel carefully slip out of her room before she curled up in her covers again. Something about Rachel's visit was off, but Quinn couldn't put her finger on it.

Why did the diva feel the need to stop by so early in the morning to check that they were still without a title…especially when they'd see each other on their way to school?

At a more reasonable hour, Quinn would figure it out.

When the blonde pulled up to the Berry house and honked the horn, she was momentarily preoccupied with tightening her ponytail so she didn't notice Rachel leave the house. But when she caught movement, Quinn turned her head before her mouth immediately dropped open.

It. Was. On.

Rachel had drawn first blood in the you-ask-me-out-or-else-I-will-do-something-to-embarrass-you war. Quinn wasn't really looking forward to it, knowing that she'd have to play the bitch card in order to get Rachel to crack. But Rachel appeared proud of her tactic; playing-up her outcast role to make Quinn surrender.

The brunette was wearing a bright pink, bulbous dress with a humongous bow tied around the waste and two big puffs on the shoulders. Her hair was in a high-side pony that did absolutely nothing to distract from the hideous blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick the diva had painted on.

Quinn had practically fallen out of her car to prevent Rachel from entering and in shock. "No! Absolutely not fair!" She then gave a loud, struggling whimper when she caught sight of the open-toed white pumps and white stockings Rachel had paired with the ugly dress.

"Why, Quinn, you don't like my outfit?" Rachel asked smugly as she ran her hands down the taffeta nightmare. The blonde was gapping at the girl, finger pointed at her accusingly as she stuttered. "Aw, you're speechless," Rachel gushed sarcastically. "Why don't I give you a moment to carefully formulate your words so you can properly ask me to be your girlfriend?" At this, the blonde's jaw snapped shut and she straightened her shoulders tensely. Instead of answering, however, Quinn unlocked the passenger side door and held it open for the tiny brunette with a faux smile stretch across her lips.

Rachel only hesitated for a moment before she returned the fake grin and slid into the car, careful to hide her anxiety. She didn't think Quinn would resist; Rachel had packed clothes that she thought she'd change into in Quinn's car on the way to school having won the war. She didn't foresee the blonde's stubborn streak.

"So I supposed I won't be seeing much of you today?" Rachel asked miserably as they drove towards McKinley. So far the car ride had been silent and thick with tension; Rachel dreading their destination and her decision as Quinn formulation a plan.

"Why do you say that?" Quinn asked, caught off-guard by the brunette's tone and the slump of her shoulders.

"You're actually going to be seen with me when I'm dressed liked this?" Rachel asked incredulously. Quinn shook her head a little. The war was what it was, but at the end of the day they both knew that they would be in a serious relationship if the other would just ask. And the blonde, in all good consciousness, couldn't let Rachel walk down the halls of William McKinley, dressed as she was, alone.

Without another thought, Quinn cut-down a side street, and then another, in a familiar loop the pair were use to from their mid afternoon rendezvous. Quinn cut the engine in the abandoned parking lot and turned to look at Rachel. She couldn't quite help chuckling as she played with the brunette's ridiculous hairstyle getting the diva to frown.

"You'll see me." Quinn whispered before closing the distance between her lips and Rachel's. They kissed slowly as they both conveyed their fears silently. It was going to be a difficult day, Rachel's outfit notwithstanding.

Without breaking the kiss, Quinn started the car again and gave Rachel's lips a final touch before pulling away and resuming their drive. "You brought a change of clothes, right?"

Immense relief hit Rachel and she actually sighed as she smiled. "Yes!" And then they excitement built. This is it, Rachel thought, watching Quinn's blank profile as they drove. The blonde was finally going to ask her and she was cutting it close; they were almost at school. But Rachel didn't even mind if she were a bit late for classes, as long as she could get out of that dress and officially belong to the blonde.

But Quinn just nodded and said nothing more. And as the blonde pulled into the parking lot, Rachel broke out in a sweat of anxiety. "Quinn-" Rachel said, her tone stunned.

"One last kiss." The Cheerio said happily before pecking the diva's lips and swiftly getting out of her car. She waited for Rachel just outside, but the brunette sat in shocked silence.

"I can't freaking believe this!" Rachel hissed before she stepped out of the car, slamming the door behind her and angrily hitching up the handle to her bag before tugging it harshly behind her.

The diva was infuriated but was relieved that Quinn didn't leave her side as they entered the school. But the blonde reasoned, if Rachel really wanted out of the dress, she'd ask Quinn out and this whole thing would be done with. But no, she hadn't and now she'd have to live with her consequences.

All movement halted when the pair entered the double doors of the school, openly gawking at the spectacle that was Rachel Berry. The diva was humiliated, but did her best to stand tall and silently walk beside the Cheerio. Quinn quite liked that the attention was off of her, no one really knowing that she was back on the squad but too immersed in the sight of Rachel to truly take notice to her own outfit—or the fact that she was walking down the hallway with the diva.

She confidently walked beside the brunette with a smug smile on her face, the stares, gasps, and gossip beaded off of her in the knowledge that she was definitely winning this round of the war. The blonde held her head high as they stopped at Rachel's locker, the diva ducking hers as they approached.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" Kurt said in awe from where he stood near Quinn's locker, bouncing off his own in terror at the sight of the diva. The blonde silently went through her morning routine as Rachel stood beside her fuming. Kurt looked as though he wanted to intervene several times on Rachel's behalf, half attempting to approach, half unsure if he wanted to be that close to the brunette, as though her 80's cliché horror of an outfit was contagious.

"Hey, girl?" Mercedes finally said, after she almost ran into a locker at the sight of Rachel. When she collected herself she approached her friend and exchanged hugs with the Cheerio, all while keeping her eyes on Rachel and the diva's furrowed brow and grimace.

Quinn talked to Mercedes, asked her questions, made a few comments about her ex-roommates fabulous back to school attire, but all of it was lost on Mercedes who just continued to stare at Rachel. Everyone was staring at Rachel still, and the tiny diva crossed her arms over her chest as she pouted; thoroughly pissed that her plan backfired. She had spent all of Sunday searching for the dress she wore to her bat mitzvah. Of course it still fit, and there was no pay-off.

When it was clear neither Mercedes nor Kurt were going to contribute to the conversation, Quinn chuckled before guiding Rachel down the hallway to deliver the pouting girl to her first period class.

"You still look beautiful." Quinn winked before she sashayed down the hall to get to her own classroom, slightly pleased now that all eyes were on her and her Cheerio's uniform. The blonde's parting words did help Rachel slightly and she turned to enter the classroom with more courage, if not a little unsure of how she would up the ante the next day.

By second period, all Rachel wanted to do was crawl into a hole. The only bright spot was that once Finn caught sight of Rachel, he quickly turned and retreated down the hallway, obviously too ashamed to be seen with the diva.

The brunette was relieved that she had a study, not in any rush to hurry to another class dressed as she was, and took her time walking down the deserted hallways as she plotted her revenge.

The Slushie came out of nowhere and Rachel was far too shocked than anything to find it in herself to be angry. She sputtered dramatically before wiping the ice out of her eyes to reveal a nervous and shaking boy who couldn't be older than a freshman staring guiltily back at her.

"I'm sorry!" He apologized loudly before taking off at a sprint, leaving Rachel alone in the hallway.

"Of course!" The brunette raged, wringing the ice out of her ponytail before changing directions and heading off to the nearest bathroom.

As she splashed water on her face repeatedly, Rachel worried if she should have packed additional changes of clothes in the event of multiple Slushie attacks, angry at herself for forgetting how she was seen at McKinley and not being more prepared. The brunette leaned over the sink as the water rushed out of the spigot, allowing herself a moment to sulk.

"Mmmm, you taste good." Came the purring whisper at her ear before a tongue slowly licked the remnants of the Slushie off of her neck. Rachel shut off the water shakily as Quinn continued kissing and licking her neck. "Worth every penny."

At her words, Rachel spun around at looked up incredulously at the smirking blonde. "You did this?" The brunette hissed, livid that Quinn was still grinning at the accusation. The Cheerio nodded slowly before she ducked down and began licking off the melting ice at Rachel's collarbone.

Rachel saw red, anger, hurt, and betrayal coursed through her as Quinn continued her sexual ministrations. "Stay still or I can't help you clean up." The blonde purred again, lapping up the grape Slushie.

"I can't-You are-I'm so-!" Rachel couldn't formulate a sentence she was so furious. But Quinn just chuckled as she released the brunette's hair out of the ponytail and wrapped her arms around the shorter girl's waste while her tongue licked wet skin.

"I threatened him to not tell anyone ever. He'll never do it again. No one saw. And you have a study so you won't be late for class. Now stop moving and let me clean you up." It took Rachel a further minute to realize that Quinn had just given her a free-pass out of the dress—and also an excuse to fool around a little.

"Aren't you missing class?" Rachel moaned as Quinn slid her hands down the front of the dress's collar, retrieving chips of ice that had fallen, in a cover to cup the diva's breasts.

"I planned it so Mr. Schue witnessed the whole thing and asked him to write me up a slip for my next class. I told him that I needed to 'be there for you.' I thought he was going to cry." Quinn laughed, recalling how touched the teacher was when the blonde declared that she wanted to make sure the brunette was okay.

"I still can't believe you ordered a Slushie facial on me." Rachel said, her tone only slightly stern.

"Why not, it's kind of poetic. I ordered your first one, it makes sense that I ordered your last. It's all full-circle like."

"I firmly believe you need lessons on romanticism, Quinn Fabray." But again, the diva was only sort of serious. In truth…it did kind of feel romantic. Although the blonde hadn't asked her to be her girlfriend, she had given her a way out of the dress; she still saved face, Rachel wasn't the one giving in.

"You say that and yet, you still don't know what I have planned. I hate to hear your thoughts when you find out." Quinn said enigmatically before she winked and left the bathroom, Rachel now changed and clean.

A few periods later, Rachel was staring, horrified, as she witnessed the firing squad-like attack that Quinn orchestrated. Over a dozen freshmen were standing in shocked silence as the cold Slushies dripped down their faces and several Cheerios cackled and high-fived before turning and strutting down the halls.

"You can stop this, you know." Quinn whispered in Rachel's ear as she passed the diva, slowly swaying her hips as she confidently walked to her next class. But Rachel couldn't believe her eyes. How could the blonde be so cruel? The freshmen quickly scattered, leaving Rachel to wonder how mean the Cheerio could be just to get Rachel to ask her out.

She found out a period later: very mean.

Ms. Pillsbury was in near hysterics at the sight of her office. Trash was over every surface of the room, making the redhead slightly crazy over where to begin. Rachel only lingered a moment or two before she hurried off to her next class, furious that Quinn would stoop so low.

And yet…the Cheerio had plans to go lower.

Towards the end of their first week of school, Quinn had managed to humiliate every single member of McKinley's staff, save Coach Sylvester, in a personal and painful manner. Figgins had been attacked by a gang of "vampires" in his office. Coach Beiste's office was decorated with jockstraps, and Quinn even went after Mr. Schuester, removing all the tires from his car! Random Slushie attacks plagued McKinley's student body, and no one felt safe walking down the halls.

The glee club spoke of nothing else but Quinn's brutal behavior that no one understood. And she was captain of the Cheerios again. Usurping Santana brutally that culminating in a fight that Rachel witnessed, horrified at the enormous clash of McKinley's two biggest titans. (Hey, look at that, I just punned, McKinley's mascot is the titans.)

She didn't know who the blonde was anymore. Because of their busy schedules, the only time they really got a chance to talk and see one another was first thing in the mornings when Quinn picked Rachel up. The blonde would say nothing about each outlandish outfit Rachel would wear, or her ultra-diva-like behavior each glee practice that Rachel hoped would tip the scales and make Quinn crack. But nothing worked.

By Thursday, Rachel out-right refused to get into Quinn's car for the ride to school, and proceeded to walk the whole way as the blonde slowly drove beside her, pleading that the brunette get in the car.

But Rachel was horrified by Quinn's behavior. She assumed that the blonde was named captain solely by her horrendous deeds and found herself actually agreeing with Finn Hudson as he talked her ear off about the blonde Thursday in glee practice.

"I mean, Rachel…you actually want to be friends with that girl?" He asked, as they waited for Mr. Schue to begin. "First Santana and now this? Being friends with Quinn? Is it so important for you to be popular you don't care anymore about people's feelings?" It was the first time he had brought up both Santana and Quinn, and one of the few times he had spoken to her; still embarrassed by Rachel's wardrobe and over-all glee behavior.

He kept whispering in her ear about how much better a friend he was than Quinn, how he could make her happier than Santana ever could, and repeating that he loved her and would make a great boyfriend.

Between his pleas, he would break-off into long-winded rants about how he couldn't understand why she even slept with Santana. It continued all through glee until she spat back that he too had slept with Santana—unsure why she was even lying about the Latina and herself—and Finn abruptly stopped his pleading.

It wasn't until the end of glee that Rachel finally figured it all out when she went to the Cheerios' locker room. She had decided, grudgingly, that Finn was right. She was sadly going to put an end to her and Quinn's relationship, even though she cried whenever she thought about it. Well…either that or beg the blonde to be her girlfriend if she'd stop her behavior.

But things couldn't continue on like they were; watching the blonde hurt people so savagely and unremorsefully. In fact, one of the only few people Quinn hadn't hurt was Rachel…and the brunette thought that it was only a matter of time before she'd do that as well. For God's shake, she even hurt Brittany! Quinn had stolen Brittany's stuffed duck from the blonde's locker and wrote a ransom note that Rachel had to help Brittany read!

Rachel had been silently crying, her body shaking with sobs as she awaited the Cheerios' practice to end so she could confront the blonde, most likely ending it. But that's when she heard it.

"So what did Quinn say?" Rachel didn't recognize the girl talking, but her ears perked up.

"I don't know. Something about us having to pretend to humiliate a bunch of the new Cheerios." Pretend? Rachel thought, wiping her eyes and waiting to hear more.


"Don't ask me. Why has she been pretending to torment the whole school all week? She must still have crazy baby hormones or something." The girl concluded until their voices vanished from the locker room.

With fierce nobility, Rachel shot up from the bench she had been sitting on and stalked out of the locker room in a rage as she hungrily sought out the one person who could give her all the answers…and no, not Quinn.

"Jacob!" Rachel shrieked, getting the boy to halt where he stood and eagerly turned towards Rachel. "I want to know everything that Quinn Fabray has been doing this week and I want details now!"

Jacob had proceeded to explain that every person in the school who had been tormented that week had been in on it. Every student, every teacher, everyone except for Rachel. No one knew that each attack was simulated, only their own, but of course Jacob knew the full story.

"So Quinn didn't really set fire to your hair…or you allowed her to?" Rachel questioned skeptically. Jacob ducked his head as he cleared his throat.

"Well…no, that was real, but everything else was fake." Jacob admitted as he lightly touched his fro…or what was left of it.

Rachel was enraged! She had been played. She had been played hard. She couldn't believe she fell for it! She was this close to ending the relationship…and even closer to just asking Quinn to be her girlfriend…hoping she'd avoid breaking things off all together.

The brunette didn't know what she should do first, what was the proper way to extract her revenge? Her over-the-top outfits weren't doing the trick. Her obnoxious behavior in glee barely made Quinn bat an eyelash.

She momentarily considered making the blonde jealous by means of Finn...but Quinn never did anything to directly hurt Rachel, and she didn't want to start the trend so she dismissed that idea. But she needed to figure something out, some way to truly and thoroughly humiliate Quinn into cracking.

After a little prodding—read: Rachel grabbed the front of Jacob's shirt and threatened him—the terrified boy went on to explain that truly no one had been harmed all week. Quinn and Santana's fight had been staged, the Cheerios—along with a very excited Ms. Pillsbury—spent hours after school cleaning up the councilor's office, the blonde got a wicked good deal from Mr. Hummel for a set of four brand new tires for Mr. Schue, and every Slushied kid in the school got the word of the reinstated head Cheerio that they'd never be Slushied again.

Rachel was stunned. And slightly impressed, but she would never admit it. Quinn was very good at this game, well…Rachel would just have to be better.

"Jacob," Rachel said slowly, releasing the boy's shirt and smoothing it out as she batted her eyelashes at him. "You're still keeping up with your blog, correct?" The diva asked, smiling her best as the boy swooned.

"Of course." He told Rachel, pushing his glasses up and grinning back.

"As I'm sure you're aware, there have been quite a few rumors going on about me and a certain fiery Latina." Jacob nodded enthusiastically and went to open his mouth but Rachel halted whatever disgusting thing that was about to come out of his mouth by raising her hand. "I don't want to hear your opinions on it, Jacob. I want you to run a story. I want you to listen to me very closely and not mince my words. Do you understand?"

"What do I get out of it?" He asked with a leer. Rachel saw this coming as she folded her arms across her chest as stared threateningly at the boy.

"You get to keep the remainder of your hair, Jacob. Now come on, I want you to run this story tonight." She demanded as she yanked the sleeve of his shirt towards an empty classroom.

Rachel had been waiting for the call all night. She had gotten several text messages from her glee friends—save Finn and Santana, and of course Quinn—over Jacob's latest blog post, but she was pacing her room in anticipation for the blonde's.

A few blocks away, Quinn was finishing up her shower and wringing her hair as her eyes caught her cell lighting up. She absentmindedly picked it up and crossed her bedroom to turn on the TV and it wasn't until she was comfortable in bed did she flick the cell open: 47 NEW MSGS, the screen informed her. Quinn blanched at the number—silently hoping they weren't all from Rachel, which wouldn't be too unusual—before she started to go through them.

With each new message, Quinn would sit up a little more in bed, her eyes getting increasingly larger, her eyebrow quirking a tad higher, and her blood boiling a lot hotter. Once she got to the twentieth message, she could no longer sit still.

She jumped out of bed and almost slammed her phone against the wall. She paced angrily as she planned her next move, flinging her hair up in a ponytail without realizing she was getting into character. She was almost out the front door when she stopped, not really sure what she could do. After a few calming breaths, Quinn returned to her bedroom and soothed herself with a slow jam before she turned on her laptop and casually went to Jacob's blog.

Hudson vs. Lopez: Whose the better bedder or the lazy lay?

My sources—who shall remain nameless—have been hitting the streets over the latest McKinley poll. A certain sexy diva is in the midst of the feud, treading over the hearts of McKinley's two most popular students with sharp Baby Jane stilettos attached to mile-long legs. Finn Hudson, who readily admits to still being in love with one Rachel Berry, must be brokenhearted that the sassy brunette gave it up to the recently de-throwned Santana Lopez. But the Latina shouldn't count her chickens on one-upping the quarterback before they're SNATCHed, because this source just scooped that Berry won't be going back for seconds.

When I asked brunette if she had plans to score with Mistress of Darkness again, Berry admitted that it 'wasn't very memorable the first time.' Lopez was unavailable for comment—side note: donations for Jimmy Planks' recovery, after sustaining serious injuries while trying to get a quote for this story, are to be sent to his parents . Our prayers are with you, Jimmy—but my sources confirmed that SATAN was less than pleased by Berry's remarks.

One must wonder: why go to the ex-head Cheerio when you have FRANKENTEEN as a boy-toy, and who will Berry berry next on her quest to sexual fulfillment? This journalist can only hope his subsequent blog will taste like stawBERRYs; Ain't too proud to pluck already ripened fruit.

Check back with updates all week as the feud continues…

Quinn slowly closed her laptop with shaky hands and pushed her palms up on her desk until she was standing on wobbly legs.

First things first, Quinn thought calmly as she went to her bedside table and retracted the lighter she had inside. Finish what I started with Jacob Ben-Israel. She flicked the Bic as her anger built, fueling her downstairs and out the door without her even realizing it. Next, the blonde ticked off as she slammed her car door and put the vehicle in reverse. Kill Santana Lopez with my bare hands. She stepped on the gas a little harder as she gripped the steering wheel. Then, Quinn flew passed the stopped sign without pause and gunned the engine further. Ring Rachel's neck!

Quinn had actually only been a block away from Jacob's before she slammed on her breaks and remembered that she couldn't do any of those things. Why would Quinn Fabray care if Rachel Berry slept with Santana Lopez? Why would Quinn Fabray care if Finn Hudson was feuding with the Latina? Why would Quinn Fabray care about the story at all?

The blonde groaned and flung her head back against the car seat in irritation and frustration. The Quinn Fabray McKinley knew shouldn't care, but the Quinn Fabray Rachel Berry knew did care. A lot. And Jacob had promised updates! What updates? What could possibly become of this story of complete fiction?

This time Quinn smacked her head against the steering wheel, groaning loudly as she realized that glee was tomorrow. There were sure to be plenty to update once Santana, Finn, and Rachel all shared a room.

Rachel was deliciously pleased with her plan; it was full-proof. She made no comments about Finn, so as not to hurt him; she and Santana never slept together, so quoting it as unmemorable was hardly a slight; and she neither confirmed nor denied anything, therefore she came out smelling like a rose. Only Jacob knew that the story was Rachel's idea, and they had a deal going where the diva wouldn't throw him under a literal bus if he updated the blog every day with new promised "details."

The cucumber-cool blonde wouldn't know what hit her. She'd have to sit there and watch Finn and Santana argue it out over Rachel and act as though it didn't affect her. Rachel grinned mischievously at the thought. Watching Quinn squirm would be interesting. It was only a matter of time before the blonde cracked.

Friday: First period, English Lit.

"…You're just jealous that she came to me, ya fuckin' moron, too fuckin' stupid to keep your girl satisfied!"

"The way Rachel tells it, you didn't do a very good job of that either!"

"She came to me first didn't she, and I assure you, she did come!"

"Rachel wouldn't touch you, you're so diseased!"

"Didn't hear you complaining, Hudson, crying like a bitch after you gave it up!"

Friday: Third period, hallway outside of the caf.

"She fuckin moaned my name like she was belting her heart out at Nationals, Hudson, 'oh mami, harder, harder!'"

"I'm gonna make you pay for that, Lopez!"

"What'ya gonna do about it, Hudson, serenade me to death? You aren't man enough to touch me, just ask Berry!"

Friday: Fifth period, caf.

"Berry needs to learn some respect, when I fucking get done with her, she's gonna know her place is under me, whinnying as I reverse cowgirl her ass!"


"I can't believe Rachel would touch her! This is ridiculous! And the guys on the team wouldn't freaking let up about it!"

"I have no idea where manhands gets the fuck off saying I'm unmemorable! I created memorable! I'm a freaking memorial!"

Friday: Eighth period, room 213.

"You didn't deny it."

"I didn't un-deny it, either."

"You do realize what you did, right? What you caused?"

"I honestly don't understand what the big deal is? Santana lied, she deserves what she got. Finn acts as though I'm his and that everyone else pales in comparison just because he's Finn Hudson, God forbid I make friends or am romantically linked to someone else!"

"I thought we weren't going to hurt, Finn, Rachel! I thought we had a plan!"

"It wasn't my fault that Jacob started the story, Quinn. Just like it wasn't your fault that over half the school has spent the last week living in fear."

"Who told you?"

"I don't have the faintest idea of what you are referring, but I vehemently deny all charges against me."

"You do realize that this means war?"

"I wasn't aware we were in a time of peace."

"I hate that you're so incredibly sexy to me right now."

"We can be a little late for glee; something tells me that Mr. Schue is going to need a moment to calm some members down."

Friday: Glee practice.

Quinn's eyes were tightly shut as she clutched at her chair and sucked on her teeth, rocking back and forth as she attempted to not propel herself across the room and kill Finn Hudson.

He was currently crooning his little heart out in front of club to Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye. His smiling, beady eyes never left Rachel the entire time. Once he finished, to a round of applause, Santana jumped up and thrust sheet music over to Brad and the band before smirked smugly at Finn and then winked at Rachel.

Quinn doubled her efforts to stay in her chair.

Santana flipped her Cheerio's skirt as the opening beats sounded, still smirking as she shimmied around the front of the room sexily to her catcalling audience. Quinn's jaw was starting to hurt from clenching it, recognizing the song instantly and having the insane urge to club someone and drag Rachel away.

Because the Latina was currently purring the Pussycat Doll's Don't Cha, inserting boyfriend at all the appropriate parts instead of girlfriend, as she sauntered around Rachel and licked her lips a whole lot.

After Santana wrapped up her overly-sexual performance that ended in straddling Rachel's lap as she smirked at a fuming Finn, the boy vaulted himself out of his chair and hurriedly handed out his next selection—folding his arms across his broad chest with his eyes narrowed and his lips puckered together like he was seriously pissed as he awaited the band to kick in.

Quinn was actually pleased with Finn's song choice, feeling as though it showed signs that Finn might not be so upset when and if he eventually found out about her and Rachel. He chose Anyone But Him—of course changing out the him with her—by Mr. Hudson—somehow Quinn felt Finn's decision to sing the unfamiliar song was because of the artist's name more than the meaning of the lyrics—but she wasn't surprised by his unoriginality.

It was at that point, after Finn wrapped up and Santana was again in front of the glee club, that Mr. Schue went to intervene. Quinn didn't catch the look Santana threw their glee moderator, but by how quickly he backed away, the blonde was fairly certain the saying "if looks could kill," applied in this situation.

Santana went on to sing then Finn countered and although Mr. Schue still wanted to stop the utter madness, the other members were so enthralled that he didn't object too much.

Quinn could tell that Rachel wasn't really happy with how things were playing out. Every time Santana went near the diva, Rachel seemed highly uncomfortable and avoided looking at the Latina. When Finn would belt out a number, Rachel's shoulders were tense and she'd just drop her gaze to the floor out of guilt.

This was the only reason Quinn hadn't yet hit the dueling singers with blunt objects before throwing Rachel over her shoulder and growling at anyone who attempted to come near her or her brunette. All around her the glee kids were on their feet cheering and clapping along, sometimes singing and dancing, or catcalling and shrieking in delight. But the blonde sat very still in her chair, commanding herself not to move, or speak, or even open her eyes too often, because the burning jealousy that was bubbling inside of her was like the Mauna Loa volcano just begging to erupt.

But if Rachel could put up with it, so could Quinn. And Quinn would put up with it, because she knew that Rachel was waiting for the blonde to ask her to be her girlfriend; it was the only way it would end.

For the billionth time Quinn wondered why Santana was still going along with the rumor, but she surmised that it was now a matter of pride for the Latina. Of course Quinn knew what was coming next—it was another reason she was seriously considering just asking Rachel. Because Santana Lopez loved to win, she loved to be the best, and she loved her reputation. It was when not if Santana would make the move on Rachel, and a very large part of Quinn wondered if Rachel would go through with it or not.

She had no idea whether Rachel was even interested in Santana. But it would be another bargaining chip for the diva; ask me or I sleep with Santana. And although Quinn couldn't picture Rachel ever saying that, what was unsaid was just as bad. Here there were, two very popular, attractive people fighting over the brunette. Rachel was wanted. If Quinn couldn't pop the question, someone else would.

And besides, the blonde didn't know how long she could stand watching Finn and Santana sing to Rachel like they had the right to. Talk about her the way they were. Even think that they had a chance! She would just have to do it, throw in the towel. Rachel wins.

Rachel didn't feel very much like a winner though, as she sat through yet another song aimed at her. Over her shoulder she could see how miserable Quinn looked and she deflated with each deep sigh the blonde breathed out or tortured twist the Cheerio took in her seat. Maybe she had gone too far? She wasn't so much worried about Santana or Finn, their display was atrocious and she was feeling less and less willing to spare her exes' feelings with each solo he sang.

Yes, she was still puzzled by Santana, but that was the last thing on her mind. She wanted to make it up to Quinn. If winning this round meant hurting Quinn, Rachel wanted no parts of it. She wasn't sure if the blonde would crack or not, but Rachel was slightly anxious wondering what would happen if Quinn didn't crack. What would the Cheerio counteract with? Rachel actually feared the wrath Quinn would lay down—not on Rachel of course—but surely Finn and Santana and the rest of the school would suffer at the hands of the blonde.

No, she'd rather just be done with this whole mess, put her pride aside, and ask Quinn to be her girlfriend; it was the sane thing to do, and what Rachel ultimately wanted.

Santana had just started a new song, one that had everyone on their feet cheering loudly to, when Quinn had enough. She jumped out of her seat and made a beeline for the door; she was almost positive that watching Santana fawn all over Rachel would send her into a rage blackout. "Where the hell do you think you're going, blondie? I'm singing here!" Santana demanded, but Quinn ignored her and slammed the door to the choir room roughly behind her.

Rachel leapt from her seat and went after Quinn, ignoring the Latina's attempts to dance with her as she went. Rachel didn't have to search for the blonde, however, because Quinn was breathing heavily against a row of lockers just outside the choir room. "I'm so sorry!" They both exclaimed when they caught sight of one another.

"No! I'm sorry!" They repeated at the same time as they met one another in the middle of the hallway.

"Stop apologizing!" They demanded of the other, their voices overlapping.

"Be my girlfriend!" They shouted at the same time, both of their faces screwed up in looks of deep concentration.

"No! You be my girlfriend!" Rachel and Quinn yelled simultaneously.

"No! I'm asking you!"

"I'm not accepting!"

"Just be my girlfriend!"

"Not until you agree to be my girlfriend!"

"I was such a bitch this week!"

"I completely stepped over the line!"

"Be my girlfriend!"

"You be my girlfriend!"

"You are so stubborn!"

"You are so selfish!"

"I am not selfish! You are just ashamed to be with me! You'd rather people think you slept with Santana than me!"

"Just be my girlfriend!"

"No! You be my girlfriend!"

"You are insufferable, Quinn Fabray!"

"You're unbearable, Rachel Berry!"

"Well I'm not agreeing to be your girlfriend until you stop being so selfish and agree to be my girlfriend!"

"Well I'm not agreeing to be your girlfriend until you stop being so embarrassed of me and agree to be my girlfriend!" They glared at each other for only a moment before they both spun on their heels and retreated down the hallway in different directions.

Friday night was silent in the Fabray house, Judy unsure of why her daughter was acting so surly. For the past three months, Quinn had been the happiest she had ever seen her, so why was she so miserable? Quinn wouldn't talk about it, so they just silently watched TV before the younger blonde retreated to her bedroom early.

Rachel pouted all throughout dinner and didn't say a word after she lost epically at Scrabble. She just tossed her letter tiles into the bag before retreating to her room.

Saturday had been much like Friday evening, neither girl talking but both seemingly depressed. By Sunday afternoon, after church, Judy had had enough. "You're fighting with Rachel, aren't you?" She asked her quiet daughter during their brunch out.

"Am I selfish?" Quinn suddenly asked, pushing away her plate to look up at her mother.

"Quinnie, where would you get an idea like that? Did Rachel call you selfish?" Quinn nodded a little. "I find it hard to believe that Rachel thinks you're selfish, she's very smitten with you. And also because you aren't selfish. What happen, honey?"

Quinn quickly recapped everything for her mother and Judy tried her best to hide her smiles behind her Bloody Mary. "Quinnie, it doesn't sound like she thinks you're actually selfish, she just wants you to agree to a serious relationship. It's what you want, isn't it?"

The blonde nodded slowly as she swirled her spoon around her now cold coffee. "Am I right in believing that you want Rachel to be the one to ask you because of everything you went through last year and all the things you've done for her over the summer?" Quinn was a little confused as to how Judy read her so easily, but nodded. "Then just show her you aren't selfish dear."

Judy thought it was an open and shut case, thoroughly proud by her advice. She didn't think what she had told her daughter could be construed in any which way but positive, but Quinn took the advice in a different direction.

As for Rachel, all Sunday she spent wondering if she was really unconsciously ashamed of Quinn. In the beginning of their courtship, the diva had often wondered if the blonde would hurt her—if Quinn would be a bad girlfriend. But, as it turned out, the Cheerio was just the opposite. And sure, Quinn had never asked her out on an official date, but she had been very sweet to Rachel and made her feelings obvious even if she had yet to declare her love.

Quinn was good at showing her feelings, but Rachel wanted Quinn to be more open verbally. A part of Rachel wondered, as she paced her bedroom furiously, if the blonde would be more receptive if she really and truly knew that Rachel wanted to be with her—that the brunette honestly wanted no one else. Keeping her feelings towards Quinn quiet had started all because she was worried that the blonde would hurt her. Now that Rachel realized that Quinn wouldn't, Rachel didn't feel much like hiding any longer. There was Finn to think about, but after his hideous display in glee—more worried about his image once again—Rachel didn't at all feel like sparing the boy's feelings.

Both girls spent Sunday coming up with a way to prove to the other that they were serious—Rachel's plan involving showing Quinn she wasn't ashamed of her while the blonde decided on a move that would express her selflessness and changed ways.

Rachel didn't want to do it, missing Quinn terribly, but texted the blonde late Sunday that she would find her own way to school Monday morning; her plan needed the element of surprise and so Quinn couldn't see her until school time. She was also going to have to hurry if she wanted to make it to the Place & Print on time.

Quinn Fabray replayed her plan over and over again in her head despite how nervous and thoroughly apprehensive she was about it. She knew that she'd pay for it, but also knew that in the end, it would be worth it. She walked down the halls of McKinley high school with a weight in the pit of her stomach; but that was mostly due to the fact that she had missed Rachel. They had hardly seen each other all week and the weekend was wasted by not speaking.

"Hey, B." Quinn smiled at Brittany and the two walked down the hallway together in silence. Quinn wondered where Santana was, but Mercedes quickly joined the pair and the three of them continued their journey to their respective lockers.

"Where ya been, girl? I blew up your cell all weekend?" Mercedes asked as she lounged against some lockers as Quinn stuffed some books in her bag.

"Just busy with my mom." It wasn't a lie, she had spent all weekend with Judy, but she had hardly been busy.

"I haven't had sex in weeks." Mercedes and Quinn looked over at Brittany as she stared blankly ahead. After it was obvious the blonde wasn't going to continue talking, Mercedes and Quinn exchanged confused looks before they started chatting again.

"What's that about?" Mercedes wondered, looking down the long hallway. Quinn turned to glance in the same direction, only to see a crowd of people down the hall. The blonde just shrugged and shut her locker.

"Did you have a good weekend?" Mercedes didn't answer, though, too consumed in whatever was happening down the way. Again, Quinn followed her friend's gaze. There were a lot of cheering and whooping taking place at the opposite side of the hall, but wasn't too interested until the seas started to part.

Amongst the crowd, a lone figure emerged with her head held high and a secretive smirk on her face. "What's up with Rachel?" Mercedes asked out loud as she, Quinn, and Brittany watched the diva strut away from the group of catcalling boys and sashayed down the hallway with purpose.

It was the complete look of smugness that worried Quinn. Rachel definitely looked up to something and the Cheerio was slightly nervous. But she was also just happy to see Rachel. She took in her long, wavy hair and warm, brown eyes. The blonde smiled as she watched Rachel's lips stretch into her own grin at the sight of Quinn, and felt her heart thud heavily as Rachel walked towards them.

"Hi, Quinn." Rachel purred as she approached, and lowered the books that she had held tightly to her chest. The blonde was almost too distracted by the tight t-shirt to catch the words that were printed on it, but although she really enjoyed Rachel's body, the script was hard to miss and on seeing it, Quinn crashed back into her locker and gasped loudly.

Mercedes' gasp almost eclipsed Quinn's, but Rachel had heard it and only smirked broader. "See you at glee, Quinn." Rachel burred again, winking at the blonde before she continued strutting down the hallway, swinging her hips in her short skirt as she went, with a heard of boys following.

"Oh my, God." Quinn breathed out, eyes wide and mouth hanging open.

"Girl, is Rachel wearing a t-shirt that says Gay for Fabray? I read that right, right?" And in case you missed the front of the shirt, which no one except Brittany had, the back of the t-shirt declared: Very Gay, just in case you didn't get the point.

Quinn was only vaguely aware that people were surrounding her, throwing out questions and laughter, but the blonde Cheerio's eyes were still trained on Rachel's back where Very Gay was glaring at her like a seductive wink.

Quinn swallowed hard as she detangled herself from the crowd that had formed around her, stumbling to homeroom in a daze. When Finn confronted her outside the classroom, she was too caught up in Rachel's dramatic declaration to hear a word the boy had said to her. She maneuvered around him as though he were a statue and collapsed into her seat in a fog.

The second time she had seen Rachel, the brunette was still smirking as she passed the stunned blonde in the hallway, still sporting the t-shirt and strutting like a peacock. Gay for Fabray stretched out against Rachel's chest just as effectively as Sue Sylvester's bullhorn, traveling around McKinley like wildfire and echoing against the hallways in a brazen message.

Quinn was sure her teachers had taught that day, but it fell on deaf ears for the blonde, too busy ignoring the rapid questions that were flung at her in a wave of excitement and gossip that made absolutely no sense to Quinn. She just couldn't believe Rachel had done it!

Right before lunch, Santana had caught up to Quinn, not noticing how the blonde walked down the hallways as though she were wearing blinders, and angrily demanded that Quinn explain herself. The Latina had growled and screamed and for all intense and purposes, she mind as well been yelling at a row of lockers for all the blonde heard.

Rachel had done it. She had made it very clear where her affections lie and it had been very effective. No one discussed anything but Rachel's t-shirt. Jacob had already updated his blog recounting Santana's and Finn's angry yelps at the unfazed diva, and had a headline—Lopez and Hudson: Alone in their Lustin'—that had all of McKinley gossiping about.

"See, Quinn, not ashamed." Rachel had said as she walked passed the still amazed blonde and into the caf; ducking away from Finn and his hoodie he was attempting to drape over the diva's shoulders as she went. Quinn shook her head to clear it and followed the brunette through the doors to the lunch room. Many boys applauded Rachel as she passed them, sitting next to Tina at the glee table but still smirking at Quinn as to say: your move. Rachel had thrown down the gauntlet and it took the blonde a moment to remember she had her own plan to execute.

She again ignored the many questions that were thrown at her in the crowd caf, but instead gave Rachel her own challenging smirk. Rachel swallowed heavily once she saw Quinn's smile; knowing that the blonde had something up her sleeve as well. "Still think I'm selfish?" The blonde asked Rachel as she leaned over the lunch table. Tina, Artie, Mike, Puck, Mercedes, Kurt, and Brittany all watched the exchange with trepidation. They knew that Quinn and Rachel had become friends over the summer, but surely Quinn Fabray wouldn't let the diva get away with the t-shirt? Surely Quinn would retaliate with some kind of evil gesture?

When Quinn didn't get a response out of the slightly nervous brunette, she smirked again and pushed away the trays of food that lined the lunch room table. "Quinn, what are you doing?" Rachel asked anxiously as she watched the blonde step onto a chair and then onto the table.

"Shhh, I'm being selfless." Quinn whispered down to the diva, her smirk growing. "Can I have everyone's attention?" The blonde shouted to the noisy caf. She had barely been on the table when everyone went silent; after all, the head Cheerio and most popular girl in the school usually garnered everyone's attention quite easily.

"Today, and for today only, I have a gift for all of you." She told the quiet room, turning her head around towards all the tables as she stood on top of her own with her hands on her hips. Everyone was silent as they waited for what the blonde would say next, Rachel looking up at Quinn fearfully along with the rest of the glee members. "Your gift is that you will be able, and for only today, do something I'm sure most of you have wanted to do for the last two years!" Quinn told the caf, folding her arms across her chest and flicking her long, blonde ponytail with arrogance yet still managed to appear poised.

"You have my permission to Slushie the head Cheerio as many times as your little heart desires! But for only today." Quinn reiterated to a stunned audience. "Absolutely nothing will happen to you if you Slushie me. In fact, you're welcomed to do so! I encourage it!" Rachel blinked up at Quinn, mouth hanging open. "So…who's got the balls to be the first one, huh?" The Cheerio asked, beckoning them all forward with her hands and a smirk.

"Hell yeah!" Karofsky squealed, jumping up from his chair with a Slushie already in hand.

"I knew it would be you, Karofsky." Quinn said, smiling and rolling her eyes. "Come on, let's see what ya got." She baited him. "You guys will probably want to get out of the way." She told her glee club members, looking down at them briefly before turning back to Karofsky and holding out her arms.

"Let's see if your aim is better than it is in hockey, Karofsky." She told the boy who was standing in front of her smirking.

The caf erupted into gasps as Karofsky tossed the Slushie at Quinn, who took it honorably. She smiled as she wiped the ice from her eyes. "Whose next?" She asked the shocked caf.

Slowly, a few more students stood up and threw the cold drink at the head Cheerio. A totally of seven Slushies were tossed onto Quinn in the caf alone. "You have the rest of the day to enjoy this, McKinely, so make it count!" The blonde dared her peers before hopping off the completely doused tabletop and strutted out of the caf with her head held high and a puddle of different flavored Slushies trailing behind her.

"What the hell has gotten into her?" Mercedes said to no one in particular as she and the other glee members watched Quinn leave.

Rachel just gawked, completely astonished at what just took place. The brunette proceeded to witness several more Slushie attacks throughout the day. Each time Quinn would be Slushied, Rachel would wince harshly. To make matters worse, the blonde refused to change in between attacks, but instead, shivered and slopped to each classroom, her skin slightly dyed a multitude of colors by now, with a fanatic Emma Pillsbury trailing behind her attempting to clean up the mess.

McKinley was in a buzz throughout the day—between Rachel's t-shirt and Quinn's challenge, there was little else to discuss. "Please, please, please, stop this, Quinn!" Rachel pleaded as she followed behind the shivering blonde.

"Nope." Quinn said as they walked into the choir room. After the caf, every time Rachel saw the blonde she begged the same thing. But to no avail. Mr. Schue stared at Quinn for a solid minute before the Cheerio asked him if he was ready to start rehearsals.

"Huh…yeah, okay. Does anyone have a song they'd like to sing before we start?" Mr. Schue asked, not taking his wide eyes off of Quinn as he spoke. To nobody's surprise, Finn jumped up and stood in front of the class. He was staring at Rachel through narrowed eyes, his gaze dropping down to the words on the diva's shirt before he passed out his sheet music.

"I have something I'd like to sing, Mr. Schue."

"Of course you do, Finn." Will said with a deep sigh, but motioned for Finn to continue. Surprisingly, however, he didn't hand out sheet music, but inserted a CD into the player. When the song began, Rachel twisted in her chair to quickly catch Quinn's eye; both of them absolutely astonished by Finn's choice.

As Finn glared daggers at Rachel while singing You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette, everyone was extremely uncomfortable. But what shocked the glee club even more was when Santana jumped in and belted out the second verse; it was apparently a duet. And by the way they harmonized and traded lines, they had practiced. Quinn buried her face in her arms, hiding her laughter behind her corn syrup-soaked pony, as tears ran down her pale cheeks in amusement. Why the hell Santana Lopez was singing a duet with Finn Hudson to Rachel Berry was anyone's guess, but it was funny as hell. Especially because the song was so ardent.

It would go down in the books as the strangest day in McKinley's high school history.

Sue Sylvester was so thoroughly livid with Quinn for getting her Cheerio's uniform drenched and dyed with Slushies, that she wouldn't let the girl shower or change before or after practice; Quinn was freezing throughout every wind-sprint and pyramid, but took her punishment silently. But by the time she arrived at Rachel's later that night, she was convinced she was hypothermic.

Rachel answered her front door anxiously—long since over the intimidating red, white, and black of the cheerleading uniform—and quickly ushered Quinn upstairs to her bathroom. The brunette stripped the shaking Quinn out of the Slushied attire and helped the blonde into the shower before quickly removing her own clothes.

It took over ten minutes for Quinn to stop shivering as Rachel washed the frozen icicles out of the long, blonde hair, and a further ten minutes of harsh scrubbing before Quinn's skin started to return to its normal pastel. Once the blonde's hazel eyes started to hold warmth, Rachel pulled her close as the water sprayed down on them and kissed the skin near her lips. "You are ridiculously stubborn, Quinn Fabray."

"That was quite a t-shirt, Rachel Berry." The blonde hummed back. They apologized to each other without words, dancing and caressing beneath the warm mist until they were sated. Just as quietly, Rachel lead Quinn down the stairs and positioned her on the couch, burying the blonde under blankets, before she took off for the kitchen.

"Why did you want to eat?" The brunette asked, flipping through take-out menus before looking over at Quinn resting on the couch.

"Whatever." The blonde answered back, snuggling deeper into the warmth as her eyes stayed trained on the TV. Rachel grinned as she remembered the restaurant the two had dined at on their first unofficial date in early August. She quickly flipped through the phone book until she found the number and waited until the host answered the phone, a small smile playing on her lips as she watched Quinn on the couch from the kitchen.

"I would like to place an order for pick-up." Rachel said, her eyes scanning the restaurant's menu in the phone book.

"I'm sorry, but we do not do pick-ups." The host sounded anything but sorry, and Rachel bit back a retort as she rolled her eyes.

"Fine, we'll just come in." Rachel was about to hang up the phone but the host stopped her.

"We don't do walk ins either." He spit back. "You must make a reservation." The diva huffed but complied.

"Fine. I would like to make a reservation for seven o'clock." At this, however, the host just chuckled.

"Honey, we've been booked solid for months." Rachel scoffed and sucked her teeth.

"I know for a fact that that's not true. In early August my girlfriend and I walked in there and got a table almost immediately." Again the host laughed, this time more openly.

"I assure you, sweetheart, it wasn't here. We only do reservations and we've been booked since we've opened." The host disconnected the line but Rachel's cell was still at her ear long after the dial tone sounded. With wide, confused eyes, Rachel observed Quinn. The blonde was quietly resting her head on a pillow with her gaze glued to the TV. She looks so vulnerable and relaxed, completely unaware that she was being watched.

Without another thought, Rachel quickly found the number in her phone and pushed send. It only rang twice before the familiar voice of Burt Hummel answered.

"Mr. Hummel, this is Rachel Berry, I am in glee club-"

"I know who you are, Rachel, you were over my house a million times this summer, how are you?" He asked with a laugh.

"I am doing quite well, thank you, but I need to ask you a very important question that may or may not be all together legal; I'm not familiar with your patron confidentiality clause, but I assure you, my query extremely urgent and-" Again Burt was laughing.

"What did ya wanna ask me, Rachel?"

"Did Quinn Fabray take her vehicle into your shop with complaints that it was overheating?" There was a short pause before Burt sighed.

"Nope, Judy's daughter hasn't been over. Why? Has it been acting up?" Rachel managed to let out a squeak before thanking the man and disconnecting. She was pretty sure she knew what was going on, but she had one more phone call to make.

Judy Fabray answered on the first ring, slightly out of breath and anxious. "Rachel, is everything okay?" It was highly unusual for Rachel to be calling her.

"Everything is fine, Judy, I just had a quick question for you." Rachel stated, her eyes solely focused on the oblivious blonde in the next room. The diva stared at Quinn with deep affection before she remembered she was on the phone with Mrs. Fabray. "Did Russell and Quinn partake in the anal golf outing for the Children's hospital each year?"

Whatever Judy was expecting, this wasn't it. After a slight pause, the older blonde cleared her throat. "Um, well Russell did, but Quinnie hasn't played golf since she was in middle school. They did, however, often do the father/daughter outings, but that was years ago. Why do you ask?"

"Quinn lead me to believe that she needed golf practice twice a week over the summer so she could participate in the outing." Rachel held her breath as she awaited Judy's response, still staring at Quinn in awe. But on the other line, Judy chuckled.

"So you've figured it out, huh?" Rachel's eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

"I'm sorry?"

"Quinn doesn't drink Sue Sylvester's shakes, Rachel. Her car is in fine working order and she hates golf. What she does like, is you. She can just be a little shy when it comes to her feelings." Rachel was dazed. She thanked the woman and quickly got off the phone, but remained in the kitchen with her hands on the island to support her shaking knees. Quinn yawned from the couch, her long eyelashes fluttered a few times before she sat up and stretched.

Slowly, Rachel left the kitchen and entered the living room, her heart racing as she gazed at the blonde. "What are we eating?" Quinn mumbled as she rolled her shoulders, finding the documentary on TV very interesting and hoping she wouldn't have to get off the couch until much later.

Rachel cleared her throat and slid onto the couch until she was nestled behind Quinn. She wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist and buried her face in Quinn's neck before kissing it a few times. "Be my girlfriend." The brunette stated, her eyes closed as her heart swelled with the realization that Quinn went out of her way all summer to spend time with Rachel. She may not have been able to directly ask the diva for a date, but she came up with elaborate excuses for it to transpire. And to Rachel, nothing could have been more romantic. Quinn didn't want credit. She didn't want a reward. She had simply gone out of her way to see Rachel.

Quinn slowly turned her head until her eyes found Rachel's. The blonde was caught off-guard by the question and the simple yearning behind it. Quinn nodded a few times, puzzled by the overwhelming look of love in the deep brown before her, and craned her neck to meet the diva's lips.

Later that night, once the Berry men returned home and both Rachel and Quinn snuck out of the diva's bedroom to go to the Fabrays', Quinn whispered "I love you" as they made love. After they lay naked and spent in each other's arms, Rachel held Quinn tightly to her as the blonde opened every single one of Shelby's letter to her, reading them allowed and crying along with the brunette to each, and kissing away tears as they looked down at the dozens of pictures of baby Beth.

It turned out that Quinn didn't need alcohol to open up or give her courage. She only needed Rachel. For the first time ever, the blonde allowed herself to cry over the loss of her daughter. But after each letter and picture was carefully put away, Quinn told Rachel she loved her for the second time, and one of many.