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Bijuu/Jinchuuriki/Elemental form
Inner being to outer being


The mountains of the Land of Fire trembled in the wake of the Kyuubi no Yoko. It had appeared out of nowhere, reducing the land around it to dust in its sudden fury. The citizens of Konoha could not understand what would cause the great Bijuu to attack them. But attack them it did, and no attack that they could produce could defeat it. In the end, as it neared the village gates, Minato Namikaze, their greatest shinobi and leader, came up with a plan to defeat the giant fox, as it was not possible to kill it.

The plan was simple yet immensely difficult at the same time. Minato would summon the Shinigami himself to seal away the Kyuubi in the Shinigami's stomach. Unfortunately, he would only be able to seal away one half of the fox in this manner. As for the other half...

He surveyed the valley from above, standing atop his trusted summon; the mighty Gamabunta. The Kyuubi was roughly the same size as the mountainous toad, making its large eyes about level with Minato.

"Foolish human!" roared the Kyuubi. "Any plan you use will ultimately fail against me!"

We'll see, thought the Yondaime. He looked down at the small bundle in his arms. His own son, born just a few hours ago, as well as the most important part of his master plan. He would seal the other half of the Kyuubi into his own son and make him a Jinchurikki. As he initiated the summoning process, he failed to notice a pair of eyes watching him.

Alex Mercer stared, fascinated, as the Yondaime began forming his handsigns. He had been to other versions of this world many times before but never had he been able to witness THIS! The moment of truth! The sealing of the Kyuubi! As he crouched in a tree, far away from the actual fight, a sudden thought occurred to him.

Wait a minute! If this is one of the most important moments in the history of this world, what am I doing in a tree? I need to see this close up. With that, Alex gave a mighty leap, soaring towards the two creatures. Gliding to a stop, he raced up one of the Kyuubi's legs, eventually finding a seat by one of its rabbit-like ears. As he sat there, shifting with the fox's movements, he chuckled to himself. After all; how many people could say they had ridden on top the head of the strongest of the nine Bijuu? Even better, without said Bijuu noticing and attempting to annihilate him?

Emerging from this train of thought, Alex was just in time to notice a terrifying figure appearing behind Minato. This was the Shinigami, summoned to seal the Kyuubi away within the Yondaime's son. Working slowly and dramatically, he seized the Kyuubi (causing Alex to tumble off) and began slowly sealing the great beast into the infant.

As a being that was millennia old, Alex had been able to amass an unimaginable amount of power. Because of this power, or rather, the confidence that went with it, he tended to do or say things that could get him in a lot of trouble. Especially when irritated by, for instance, having his seat yanked out from under him by the God of Death. Having been ticked off, he took a deep breath before shouting.

"Hey you stupid oaf! Give a guy some warning before you dump him on the ground!"

The Shinigami paused in his sealing, annoyed. He would deal with the loud pest later but for now he had a seal to finish.

Fuming, Alex was suddenly visited by a voice. In order for events to progress as they must, the Shinigami must become angered with you.

Occasionally, he would be told that there was some action he should perform, and that it would result in something important. He had no idea where the voice came from. Most likely, if he were to ask his friend, Farwalker, he would probably just tell Alex that the world was speaking to him, or some other crap. He didn't know why either, but he knew that he should listen. The voice had never led him wrong...entirely. So, the problem was what would he say or do?

As he continued to stare, he noticed the slow, dramatic way the god was moving as he was sealing. Hm... He thought, judging by all the theatrics, it seems he's rather proud of that seal. Wait; I can use that against him! I am SUCH a genius.

Grinning confidently, he shouted out to the Shinigami; "You call that sealing? I bet I could make something better than that crappy seal in 5 minutes!

This second part was, of course, complete bullshit. However, it succeeded in infuriating the Shinigami. Said deity was wondering what he could do to silence the cretin. How DARE that worm insult his great work of art! But what should I do? He wondered. I still need to finish this seal, and until then-

An evil grin suddenly found its way across his face, a difficult thing for one to accomplish when one carries a knife in their mouth. Wait. If he hates my sealing that much, I'll just make him admire it from the inside! Little did the Shinigami realize what a stupid move this was on his part, as he was now trying to seal away more power than the seal was originally designed to restrain. Not to mention that this would violate the contract he had made with the Yondaime. Also, as two beings had never been sealed into one person before simultaneously, no one, not even Kami could foresee the repercussions of these actions on the jinchurikki.

However, as previously stated, the Shinigami was not thinking of such minor details. Drawing himself up to his full (and admittedly, impressive) height, he reached out with a long, purple, arm and seized Alex in a tight grip. Normally, Alex would have escaped almost instantly, but in this case he had his instincts telling him (again, to his irritation) that this needed to happen, so, gritting his teeth, he did nothing as the Shinigami began sealing him into the boy along with the Kyuubi.

This had better be worth it. He thought, before the darkness claimed him.

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