Premise- Morgan and Garcia. When Derek overhears Penelope talking about him he decides to make major changes in their relationship.

Note- This fic starts after season five episode 21 which was called Exit Wounds. To simplify things Penelope broke up with Kevin a couple of weeks before this story starts. The rating applies mainly to the last scene in this story.

Where There's Smoke

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter One

May 2010

"From where I was standing it looked like a really cozy moment. Come on, PG, you can tell me if there is finally something more going on between you and Morgan."

Penelope's laugh rang out. "I assure you there is not a thing, sweetie. He would never want that with me. We're friends, plain and simple, and that's how its always gonna be. When that chocolate Adonis looks at me the last thing on his mind is sex."

Standing outside of her office Derek Morgan bristled at what he heard. He couldn't believe how pissed off he was to hear Penelope Garcia's assessment of his feelings for her. The warmth that was in him dissipated in an instant. That made him even more pissed off.

He had been in a good mood till a second ago. A good mood brought on from interacting with her. They had shared what he considered a special moment in Alaska before their flight home. Their bond had seemed more solid than ever just that morning.

Derek had been coming to ask Penelope if she wanted to get a drink tonight.

Now he stalled in his steps, hand raised to knock on the door, and shook his head over what he was hearing. He turned to walk away but Emily speaking again made his ears perk up.

Emily sounded shocked. "Have you met Morgan? He can't keep his eyes off you."

"All friendship, sweetie."

"I just thought there was always more there. We joke about it all the time but being serious-"

"Seriously, Morgan and I tease all the time but it's never going there." Penelope didn't sound a least bit hurt either.

And that hurt Derek. Made him re-think a lot of things he had been planning for their future too. He headed straight home, cracked open a bottle of whiskey and sat on his back porch lost in thoughts.

The way he saw it he had two options. Give up his fantasies of him and Penelope starting a relationship together now that she was finally once again single. Or show her that when he looked at her he saw a good friend but that's not all that he saw. He also saw a vivacious, sexy, hot woman who he had wanted in his bed from day one.

But the timing had never right before. Not for him. He had wasted away his chances because he didn't want to get into a serious relationship with anyone and didn't want to mess up a friendship with a cheap fling.

Penelope Garcia was a Goddess. She deserved the very best.

Back then that hadn't been him and he knew it. The years changed things though. Changed him. Now he was ready for all they could have. He had felt ready for a while already. Aching for more actually. She had been in love with another guy though. Now that relationship was kaput.

Derek had been sure it was their time to take everything all the way. Be all in. He had himself tricked into believing she felt it too. In Alaska it had all seemed so possible.

They had to share a room at a small inn because the team was forced to double up.

Laying on the floor he had wanted to get in that bed with her more than anything. But she was just two weeks out of a long term relationship and they were working a case. The timing had seemed off once again. Still, the second night that they were stuck there, he could barely sleep for being hard as all fuck over that red head hottie who lay just a few feet away. He watched her, in the moonlight, as she chattered away at him, flirted with him, teased him to come onto the bed and ravish her senseless. Then she swore that if he came up on the bed she wouldn't ravish him unless he asked nicely so he should just go ahead and feel free to join her on the bed.

It took all his willpower to tell her to stop being so silly and get some sleep, instead of just pinning her to the bed, whispering "Its always been you. Its only you. It will forever be you, baby girl," and spending the time they had till morning making her his in every way. That had been what he wanted most the night before. His dick had been throbbing painfully as he did his best to ignore the want, ignore her sweet smell in the air, ignore the gorgeous body he knew was hiding under that comforter.

Yet she still thought, after all these years, he didn't see her that way.

Swallowing down another gulp of whiskey Derek tried to settle his mind and soothe his wounded pride. All the things he had ever said to her mocked him in that moment. Making his memories bitter and tinged with regret. Making the truth all too obvious for his liking.

She wasn't in love with him. Didn't care if he wasn't in love with her. Didn't even hold out the slightest hope for them.

Her next man would be someone who wasn't him. That thought made his fist clench and unclench. All of the sudden life looked grim and stretched out like a prison sentence before him.

Just that morning he was in one of the most beautiful places on earth with his gorgeous friend who he had more feelings for than he even knew what to do with thinking they were on the verge of something. He felt like a damn fool who had whiplash after how quick she had turned his head around on what reality actually was.

The whiskey burned down his throat as he finished the glass. It must have been his fifth by that point. He went to pour another and then stopped himself. He was drinking like she was already lost to him. Mourning Penelope and what they would never have as if it was a done deal.

Who said it had to be? Yeah, she didn't want him right now and she sure didn't get that he wanted her. But that could change, couldn't it?

Derek set down the bottle.

He pulled out his phone and sent her a text: Hope you get some rest tonight Red Delicious. I could use some. A Goddess kept me up last night. Looking sexy and just out of my reach. Proud of you for the strength you showed in AK. You amaze me always. It will be a lucky man who gets you as his wife. He will have to get through me first. I won't go down without a fight. Sleep well angel. Wish I was in that bed with you right now. But then neither one of us would get a wink of sleep. You are the one I want to lose sleep over. So hard right now. All for U.

There. Let her ignore that or misconstrue it. Derek poured another drink and sipped it, as he stared at the stars, thoughts of undressing her slowly in his head, savoring every inch of her as he did.

It wasn't five minutes later that her ring tone shrilled through the air. "Baby girl," he said, slurring his words a little.

He could tell she was smiling. "Ohhh, bad boy, you are drunk tonight. I figured as much."

"I had a few. I'm not drunk."

She chuckled. "Sure you aren't. You always get cuddly when you've had one too many."

"Woman, do you really think all I wanna do with you is cuddle? Think again."

She laughed. "Sleep it off, Hot Stuff."

"Don't wanna sleep. I wanna drink till it all makes sense again."

"Tell mama what's weighing on that brilliant brain you've got."

"You. All you. Can't stop thinking about you."

"What about me?"

"Why you're so far away right now. I got spoiled in Alaska. It don't feel right to not be sharing a room with you tonight."

"Poor thing. Should I come over and make it all better? Let you sleep on the floor so it feels just like that drafty, cramped inn again?"

"Come over, sweetheart, but don't expect me to stay on the floor this time. Derek Morgan never makes the same mistake twice in a row."

She giggled. "Step away from the bottle. You are going to be so embarrassed tomorrow. You're lucky we have the next few days off. You're gonna need it to recover."

"Recover? You sure that's the right term to use? What if I don't want to recover? What if there's no getting over you?"