Where There's Smoke

Morgan and Garcia

Note- This chapter makes mention of season five episode twenty two, The Internet is Forever.

Chapter 6

May 2010

Derek insisted on cleaning up after dinner, since Penelope had cooked. They had lingered over their lasagna, salad, blue corn chips, and salsa, then had decaf coffee and the brownies Derek picked up on the way over.

Afterwards he sat on her couch, letting out a long breath, and put his arm along the back of it. "Come over here, baby."

She scooted close to him and lay her head on his shoulder. His fingers tangled in her red hair and lazily played with it.

After a long silent moment he said "I wish we could get a few days off to chill out. You don't know how bad I want to just spend some quality time with you."

Her fingers were smoothing over his chest and abs. "Maybe we'll get some time off after this next case."

"Can't get here soon enough for me." For another minute they stayed like that, just holding each other, before she started to kiss his neck and then nibble his ear.

Deep in his gut lust licked at him, rumbling to life in an instant as he felt her warm, wet tongue licking at his earlobe. Derek slid his hand out of her hair, down her back, and over her ass. Firmly he rubbed and massaged there, making her moan, and also pulling her closer to him. Penelope kissed along his jaw and started nipping at his lips.

His heart raced at how she was acting. His dream woman was all over him. Just last week she had been saying they would never be like this. Just last week she was fine living without his kisses forever. And now it felt like she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Taking hold of her face he moved her back some. Their eyes searched each other's, both of them breathing shakily.


He brought his lips to hers and gave her a kiss drenched with possessiveness- hard, firm, demanding, and claiming. Arms wrapped tight against her he pulled her into his lap and kissed her with all the desperation that had built up in him over time as he waited out her and Lynch dating, waited for his chance, and then for a few miserable hours thought he had lost it completely.

She broke away, her arms now wrapped around his neck, and must have been able to feel his overwhelming emotions because she whispered "I'm right here. Its okay." Her forehead was resting against his.

He realized he was shaking. His words were hoarse when he confessed "I heard you."

"What, baby?"

"I heard you with Prentiss last week. You said we'd never be more than friends."

Penelope stiffened and moved off Derek. "What are you talking about?"

"You were in your office talking to Prentiss and she thought something was going on between us. You laughed."

Realization dawned in her eyes. "And that's why you got drunk. That's why...this...started. That's why you asked me out in the first place."

"I asked you to be mine for a month and you laughed at that too."

Biting her bottom lip Penelope looked away.

Feeling contrite for even bringing it up Derek took her hand and squeezed it. "I'm sorry, baby girl. It was my fault for eavesdropping. I shouldn't have said anything. I'm just glad you changed your mind and you're giving me a shot to show you that we can work as more than friends. It just got to me that you didn't even consider we could have this before."

"If you're being honest, Morgan, then you know you didn't do anything to make me believe that us dating was a possibility. So how could I consider something I didn't think was an option?"

He kissed her hand. "I thought we were getting closer and you felt it too."

"I did feel it. But I didn't think you wanted to date. You need to at least try to see things through my eyes. Its not easy being the woman who is yours for the taking. Years and years ago, I got sick of feeling like I was living every day waiting on bated breath for you to say you wanted more. I got so, so over that feeling and so I told myself you never would say it and that I didn't mind. That was the only way I could survive and still be happy and have a good life for myself. I had to let the dream of you...us...this go. I'm sorry if it hurts you, baby, to know I did that but it was what I needed to do." Scooting close to him she wrapped her arms around his neck. "But that's yesterday. Today I do know that my handsome chocolate stud does want me and that makes this tech kitten purr."

Derek was smiling when her lips pressed to his.


Their next case took them to Boise, Idaho where women were going missing every two months. The unsub was broadcasting their deaths over the internet. The case had Penelope extremely stressed out and upset because he used her cyber domain to hunt the victims and then he hacked into their computers to post the videos of their deaths. She took it very personal.

Luckily she was able to stymy his efforts to stream the video of his live committing of a murder, allowing the team to catch the unsub before he killed the last victim.

After the team got home Derek came to her office. "Sweetheart," he said, in a very loving tone.

She turned around in her chair. "That baddie really made my blood boil. I'm so glad he's locked up tonight and he can never infect my cyber world again."

"I hear you. I told you that you'd get him and you did. He went up against the wrong woman this time. He didn't know who he was dealing with when he tried Ms. Penelope Garcia."

"Darn tooting."

Derek opened his arms. Penelope stood up and went into his arms. Hugging each other tight for a long moment they reveled in the feeling of being together again.

Derek said "The team is going out for dinner. Are you in?"

She smiled as she looked up at him "Only if we get to have dessert together alone afterwards."

"I'll do you one better. Before we go into the restaurant lets have some appetizers in my back seat."

Her eyes flared with desire but she scrunched up her nose and said "You'll mess up my hair."

He gave her wide eyes that asked if she really cared that much about her hair getting mussed.

She said "I don't mind re-doing my hair and make up."

"That's better." Derek gave her a tight squeeze before stepping back. "I gotta go tackle my paperwork."

"Hurry, hurry, your back seat is calling our names."

"Mmm, yes it is, woman, and I'll tell you what: I have never looked forward to being in a back seat more." With that said he threw her a sexy smile before turning and walking out.


They were making out in the backseat of his SUV. Penelope was straddling Derek's lap. Between kisses they were joking and flirting with each other.

She said "I feel like I'm in high school again."

One of his hands was buried in the back of her hair and the other was at her hip. He gave her a kiss before saying "I bet you were hot in high school."

Penelope chuckled. "Oh, yeah, Derek Morgan, the big time jock, would really have gone for a goth. Ha. I don't think so, Angel Fish." She nibbled on his lips.

"If the..mmm..." he kissed her again before finishing his sentence "goth was you."

Their kisses deepened, tongues sliding over each others as they both moaned lustfully. Derek told Penelope "God, I missed you, baby girl." Slowly he ran his hand up her side and the cupped her breast, stroking his thumb over her nipple.

Penelope's eyes shut and her head dropped back. Derek kissed and sucked on her neck while massaging her breast.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered as he kissed her. "Your tits are amazing. Mmm."

"Take me home with you tonight and see how amazing they really are." Penelope moved her hands off Derek's shoulders, and looped them around his neck. "Baby..." she gave him a series of short, sensual kisses. Grinding against his dick, she said "I hope you know you're not sleeping alone tonight."

Threading his fingers in her hair he held her face steady and looked into her eyes. "Silly girl, I hope you know you're not sleeping alone ever again. Whenever I'm home, you're gonna be in my bed."

Penelope didn't answer him, instead she just slammed her lips against his in a torrid kiss. She couldn't seem to get close enough to him. She slid her hands up and under his shirt. Her dress got hiked up even higher as his hands moved to both her thighs. Penelope reached down and stroked Derek over his jeans.

She smirked. "Wowzers. You would think staring at this for years would give me a good approximation of size and width but there is nothing like touching to really answer all my questions."

"Mmmm, baby girl, enough with that. We gotta get inside, girl."

"Nu-uh, this will not go to waste. I won't have it." She pulled off his belt and undid the button on his jeans, then eased down the zipper, while Derek was biting his bottom lip.

"Garcia," he finally said, trying to sound stern "this is a public place."

She got his dick out and gazed at it lovingly, stroking it gently at first. Derek's hips bucked up and he cried "Shit!"

"You are the one who is beautiful."

"Fuck! You do have magic fingers."


"Bed, baby girl. I want to make love to you...oh God...in a bed."

She licked across his slit, causing his hips to jump again, and then licked around the head of his dick. "Shhh." She blew on the wet spot. "I want to make love to you right here." Penelope started to lick all over Derek's dick before she took him in her mouth, bobbing up and down.

"Oh, God, baby girl. Oh God, oh God." His hands threaded through her hair.

The idea they could get caught at any moment and that she wanted him so bad she didn't care about being exposed all added together with the physical sensations she was causing in his body. Emotionally he was in awe that his precious baby girl was also the same woman who was the sexiest Goddess he knew and was going down on him in a parking lot. A few minutes of her hands and mouth on him combined to send Derek into orbit.

His moans and breathless pants filled the SUV. "Uhnnn, baby girl, that's so good. I'm gonna come."

Penelope hummed softly and gently massaged his balls. Derek could hold back no longer and filled her mouth with his warm, sticky cum. After he stopped pulsating she let him slip free of her lips but kissed him softly and licked him clean.

"You're the best," Derek told her. "Lets go home right now. Hell with having dinner with the team."

She smiled. "Nope. We promised and they're waiting on us." Digging in her purse she got out a kleenex to clean up a little more, as Derek got back in his pants. "We should get inside, baby. I need to stop in the bathroom before we go to the table and make myself look presentable again."

"Hey, come here for a second." He pulled her close and they stared into each other's eyes, all their love on full display. "I want you to know that I honestly believe that I was born for one reason and one reason only: to become your man."

Happy tears shimmered in her eyes. She whispered in his ear "I love you with all my heart and soul, Derek Morgan."

"I love you more than words can say, Penelope Garcia."

Just a few weeks before, in Alaska, all they could admit to was kinda loving each other but now they had went all the way. Now their love was no where near the kinda range.