A/N: Heyyy! ^_^ Okay, this oneshot is pretty much based off a scene in the 3rd book of the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, when Max is getting her chip taken out. Then I listened to the song "Dental Care" by Owl City (hence the title), and somehow Neji and TenTen found their way into the equation, and BOOMNESS! This plot bunny was formed! xDD I hope you like it. This is in Tenten's POV. Oh, and this does NOT take place in Shippuden. (Idk why, but I dun like Neji and TenTen as much in Shippuden as I do in the original series.) So this takes place in the middle of Naruto, I guess. x3

Just because you're a Shinobi doesn't mean you get special treatment.

You still get your twelve-year-old shots, twelve-year-old molars, regular doctor checkups, growing pains, the works. We all put on our pants the same way, as that old phrase goes.

But I definitely wasn't expecting getting my wisdom teeth taken out. I mean, heck, I'm only fourteen, and people get those things taken out in their twenties, right? But nonetheless, I was scheduled to have 'em yanked out of my mouth. Oh, such fun.

At my last appointment, the dentist had told me to take someone with me when I get my wisdom teeth taken out. Why are they called wisdom teeth, anyway? Does it suggest that you get wiser after it's all said and done- or, in my case, yanked and pulled?

Oh, well. Anyway, so naturally, I asked Neji to accompany me. Although I knew he was slightly irritated at the prospect of skipping early morning training, he complied and agreed to tag along.

So when we got there, we had to wait what felt like an hour in the waiting room. Ha, whoever named it that was a sharp one. Anyway, we were both pretty good and annoyed by then, and I'm sure I heard Neji mutter how ridiculous the whole thing was a few times.

There was nothing to do to pass the time except to read Jiraiya's pervy books, which were just laying around in the magazine rack or the tables. Frankly, that infuriated me. But I had to inwardly clap a couple times when I noticed how Neji didn't even spare the books a passing glance. It's good to know he doesn't put his Byakugan to... er, bad use.

Which would be so unlike him, anyway.

Scary to think of what Jiraiya would do if he had the Byakugan... I swear I just shuddered at the thought.

Back to the point. When I fiiinally got called in, Neji was right behind me. I managed to put a bug in the dentist's ear about what I thought of that disgusting, disgraceful trash also known as Jiraiya's "handiwork". Needless to say, I don't think my point came across.

He sat me down in that hard chair and I remember him saying, "This might make you feel a little loopy," before he put this breathing mask over my mouth, filled with, my best guess would be, laughing gas. I breathed in the sweet air and suddenly all logic and the world around me faded, la la laaa..

All I was aware of was Neji's hand entwined in mine. (It was after the procedure that I wondered if I had taken Neji's hand or vice versa. Most likely the first. Heh.)

I swung my head side to side. "Ohhh, Neji. Theere you are.." I grinned, my voice slurred. "I'm so glad you're here with me. I don't know what I'd do without yooou."

"You'd be fine," was Neji's curt response.

I gasped, and suddenly it was terribly important that I let him know how totally not fine I'd be. "Nooo! I would totally not be fine. Totally." Then I glanced up at the light that the dentist shoved in my face to take a look at my teeth. "Ooh, that light is so bright and prettyy," I giggled dreamily. "I wonder if it'll burn my eyes out. Or," I gasped dramatically, "make me go blind." At this alarming thought, suddenly I screamed and thrashed my free arm out, trying to shove the light away. "GET IT AWAY FROM ME!"

"TenTen. TenTen!" I don't know how many times Neji said my name before it got my attention. I glanced over at him with a sweet smile, all thoughts of the blinding light slipping away like Jell-O off a hot car hood.

"Oh. Neji. It's you." I peered at him, my vision getting hazy. "You are here, right?"

"Yes, TenTen."

"Oh. Good." I sighed contentedly. "I'm so glad you're here."

"I got that." Neji sighed, forcing patience. "Just sit back and relax. Don't try to talk."

"I just want you to hold my hand."

"I am holding your hand."

"Oh. I knew that." I drifted off for a few minutes, barely aware of anything, but feeling Neji's hand in mine. But when the dentist touched his tool to my teeth, I jerked awake. "I'm here. I'm HERE!" I jerked my head away, murmuring, "Do you have a massage chair? I want that instead."

"Um, no. Keep still."

"I would like a massage chair," I repeated in a sing-song voice, disregarding the dentist's sharp retort. "It vibrates and makes my back feel good," I mused, eyes closing against my will. I fought to keep them open. "Neji, don't go anywhere."

"I won't. I'm right here."

"Ok. I need you here. Don't leave me."

"I won't." Then Neji muttered something to the dentist like, "A little loopy?" and how helpful it would be if he could speed things up. Or something like that. All the while I was singing things that made no sense.

"Neji, Neji, Neji Hyuuuugaa," I cried out, overwhelmed with emotion. "I love you. I love you sooo MUCH!" I tried to spread out my arms to show how much, but I found I had no control over my body.

"Oh, jeez," Neji muttered, sounding strangled, before turning to the dentist. "Will she remember any of this?"

"Perhaps. If she doesn't, then I'll be sure to remind her."

"TenTen Hyuga," I continued ranting. "Has a beautiful ring to it, huh?" I slurred. "Whaddya think, Nej? What kinda ring are you gonna get me?" With a very unladylike giggle, I added, "I want...kids..who have..Hyuga eyes..." I tried to say more, but couldn't form the words as I succumbed to unconsciousness.

Neji's stony face was the last thing I saw or remembered before my world turned dark.

"I think the drug's finally taking effect," the dentist said in satisfaction.

Neji exhaled in carefully concealed relief. "It couldn't come any sooner."

"So.." The dentist cracked a teasing grin as he reached for his tools, "..am I invited to the wedding?"

I had no idea what I was in for when I woke up.

Stupid wisdom teeth.

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