Melodies that Haunt, Melodies that Hurt

Yay, more Fou-Lu/Mami., this is one for dei 123, who reviewed More than a Memory. Love you. Anyways, here it is folks.

Not a night has gone by that I haven't slept, she haunts me even in my own dreams. Whenever I close my eyes, she is there, standing at he stove, and singing as she cooks, not even aware that I was awake to hear her. It was better that way, I'm sure she'd have gotten embarrassed to know I was listening. She was a strange mortal, strange but beautiful, with a voice any endless would envy, even with her accent, it was truly a voice befitting an angel. I am not one to throw around compliments lightly, but Mami had earned each one I had said.

Never had a mortal beguiled me so. Every action and word caught my interest, and every time she treated my wounds I would shiver. She heightened every sense I had, and, though admitting it is quite an shameful thing, made me think of her in my dreams, some being more decent than others.

I was willing to stay with her., if she had asked I would've cast aside any thought of finding Ryu, my other half, and I would have made her mine. She had kept her desire to herself until it was too late, however, and I had to flee, and her life was taken by the Empire I built. Tis funny how life ends up like that. It makes a man think he should made the first move instead. Not even once admitting my heart is my only regret. That's why I made the choice I did, if I give myself to Ryu, in essence, I will die, and perhaps, I may see her again.

I will ask her to sing to me, her song that tends to find its way into my dreams, and I will sing with her, for it's a song I know well, I listened to her sing it, and I memorized every lyric.


It's short, I know, but yeah, it was the first thing that came to mind when die 123 asked for more Fou/Mami fuff. So, if she wants to read it later, I could write a long term AU-is story for them, I may actually.