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The sound of students rushing into degrassi on the first day of class. Conner, dave, and wesley talked as they noticed a girl walk in with a stroller. Everyone muttered as she walked to the back and gave the little girl sitting in the stroller a pink pacifier. She looked and noticed everyone looking at her. she smiled and placed a blanket on the baby. As she did that Mr. Simpson walked in with a woman. Whom he introduced as the new media immersion teacher ms. oh.

"Excuse me you can't have a baby in here.", she said to the dark haired girl.

"I-I'm sorry they said the day care won't be open until next week and I can't leave her by herself.", the girl said putting her stuff backed in stroller.

"Oh ms. lane...we have set you up for class in study hall this week.", Mr. Simpson said helping her with her bags.

"Are you serious?", she said walking out with snake.

He showed her the room she would stuck in for the next week. She should have just stayed home for the week like her parents suggested. She sat by the window so the little girl could at least look outside.

"I'm sorry for the restriction...some of the teacher's weren't willing to accomidate a baby.", simpson said handing her a text book.

"Sure understandable...I'm gonna be behind a week.", she said.

"It's okay the first week is really enjoy the quiet...I'll send someone in here around lunch so you can have a break...", Simpson said smiling.

"No that's fine I'll take her with me to lunch.", the girl said sitting down next to the stroller.

"Okay...welcome to degrassi celest.", he said walking out.

She rolled her eyes and went back to the little girl. She un-hooked the latch on the stroller and lifted the baby and placed her on her lap. Celest opened a magazine and read it while the baby fell asleep on her chest.

"Oh your sleepy adrian...okay.", celest said putting her back in the stroller and making sure she was comfortable.

Celest sat there and read the magazine until someone walked into the room. She looked up and her eyes lit up. Two older boys walked in.

"Hey zane.", she said getting up to hug him.

"Hey bugs...this is riley.", he said hugging her back.

"Hi...", she said smiling but making sure her eye was on adrian.

"She sleep.", he asked.

Celest nodded and went to fix the blanket. Zane smirked and sat down across from where celest was sitting.

"Go take a break...we've got her.", he said taking his lunch out.

"You sure zane?", celest said.

"Of course now go eat lunch...let me spend some time with my daughter go...", he said rushing her out.

"Okay.", she said grabbing her bag.

She looked around and has she found the bathroom. She went to brush her hair out and fixed her clothes. She looked down as the two other girls talked. She took out a compact and gently dabbed it under her eyes before applying eye-liner. She looked up and walked out and tried to find the lunch room. She walked around until she found the cafeteria. She walked in and saw how crowded the room. She slowly turned around and went the front step of the school and sat down.

She opened her lunch bag and pulled out a salad and began to eat. She noticed everyone laughing with their friends. She shook her head and picked at her food. She looked up as three students walked up the steps. As she looked up one of the boys looked down and smirked at her. She smiled and looked back looked up and closed her container. She got up and straightened her skirt before walking back inside.

As she opened the door she saw the boy she had just locked eyes with. She looked down and kept walking back to study hall.

"dude you better do it now", the darker hair boy said.

"I don't know...", the other said.

"She's gonna be hard to find later.", the girl said.

"Fine okay", he said running after the dark haired girl.

He ran to catch up with her. She kept looking at her watch hoping not to make zane late for class. She made it with five minutes to spare. As she went to open the door she heard someone yelling. She turned around and saw the same boy.

"Hi!', he said stopping as he tried to catch his breath.

"Hi...", she said with a snicker.

"I-I'm adam welcome welcome to degrassi...", he said.

"Hi adam...I'm celest...can I help you?", she said handing him a bottle of water.

"Thanks...just wanted to introduce myself...and to say hi.", he said looking into her eyes.

She looked into his eyes and smiled. Time around them seemed to stop. She couldn't help but smile at him as he stood there.

"Hi...", she said in a half whispered tone.

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