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Celest laid in her room and listen to the laughter of her family. If it wasn't for Adrian being down there she would have left by now. So she hid in her room, it's better to pretend that she was asleep then deal with her uncle. As celest stared at the stars plastered on her ceiling all she could do was nod off. Her body felt warm, trapped. suddenly the smell of liquor surrounded her.

"C-can't breath.", she mumbled.

Celest stood in the hallway of her grandparent's home. She was supposed to be outside with her cousins, but something called her to the play room. She slowly opened the door and headed to the computer table. Her curly black hair covered her as she checked her game online. She didn't even notice the door opening and closing. Something slowly stepped towards her. When suddenly a cold chill ran up her spin as a hand grabbed her sweater shoulder. Celest jumped while turning around.

"Oh uncle Patrick!", she said trying to slow her heart down.

"Celest you should really be outside...", he said laying his drink down next to the keyboard.

"I-I know but I wanted to check my neopets..." celest said looking down.

"...Hurry up.", he said after a long pause.

She looked up with a smile on her face. She turned to the computer and continued her game. As she fed her pet, a hand crept from her shoulder to the front of her blouse. She turned around sharply staring at her uncle with utter shock in her warm grey eyes.

"N-no...", celest said with confusion built-in her voice.

"It's gonna be okay celest.", he whispered.

Celest screamed as she almost jumped out of the bed.

"Dammit..." she said almost falling out of bed.

"My, my celest you have grown a lot.", a voice said from her bedroom door.

Celest slowly looked up to see here uncle standing in his jeans a button up shirt.

"Get out of my room...", celest said getting up.

"Aw...I'm hurt, and here I thought I was your favorite uncle.", he said with a smirk.

"You can go to hell.", she said looking at him.

"I never understood why you stopped visiting me pinky.", he said walking over to her bed and sitting down.

"D-don't call me that...", she stuttered.

She quickly got up and walked to the other side of the room.

"Why you use to love when I called you that", he said smiling.

"You only called me that before you raped me.", celest stuttered trying to hold her self up.

He got up and walked to her. placing both hands on her sides blocking her from running.

"Oh...sweetheart it's not rape...I love you.", he whispered softly in her ear.

"Get away from me you pedophile.", celest said in a grumble.

Patrick laughed softly as he stared at her. He gently ran his hand through her curly black hair. She felt a tear roll down her cheek, her heart began to race as he touched her shoulder.

"I'll scream.", she said softly.

"My cute little pinky...don't worry you'll be seeing a lot more of me," he said smirking and walking to the door.

"Your mother has invited us to stay until we find a house in Toronto.", he said leaving her room. Celest closed the door behind him and locked the door. She quickly whipped the tears from her face and picked her phone up. She dialed a number and sat on the bed and listen to it ring. After four rings she feared no one would pick up, when suddenly it clicked.

"Hello?", the voice said on the other line.

"Adam...can you meet me somewhere?", she asked trying really hard to hold back her broken voice.

"Y-yea meet you at the dot in twenty minutes?", he asked.

"Ok.", celest mumbled before hang up the phone.

Celest grabbed her coat and diaper bag and ran downstairs. She saw her uncle sitting around Adrian, seeing this caused her to fill with an uncontrollable hatred for him.

"Mom can I borrow the car!', celest yelled from the hallway.

"Celest we have company...", Alexandria said luring her towards the steps.

"I've gotta meet someone real adrian could use some air.", celest said walking into the kitchen.

"Ok cel...but be back before it gets to late.", Alex said handing celest her car keys.

Celest grabbed them and Adrian. She ran out the door and buckled Adrian into her car seat. After securing the toddler she got in the front and drove to the dot. She parked, got Adrian out of the car and went inside. She grabbed a table with enough room for her and Adrian. After about ten minutes the door open and a boy with flannel shirt walked in.

"Hey are you ok?", he said sitting down.

"Adrian's father is staying at my home.", she said looking down at the baby.