Green binary numbers swirled around an empty black sky.

Suddenly, grass started to sprout from the ground, and the black and green sky faded into a more familiar, clear blue one.

Clouds started to appear, and they drifted around, carefree.

Trees started to erupt from the grass, and water cascaded from the sky and formed oceans.

On the ground, a yellow ball started to form, and it grew arms, legs, ears. It looked around, at the strange colours and shapes before it.

"P...pika... pika?"

A new world had been created.

"It's... perfect..." the scientist looked down at his computer screen, and looked at the creature sitting in front of him.

So close, and yet... so far away.

He jumped up: "I've done it! I'VE DONE IT!"

Suddenly, scientists from all over the lab ran to the computer screen, where they saw the first artifical intelligent life staring back at them.

"Have you perfected the virtual reality units? So people can enter this world..." the scientist asked one of the engineers.

"Of course," the engineer replied, "Piece of cake."

"Excellent, you do realize we're all going to be millionaires by the end of this?"

"What? I'm not in this for the money! This raises some very ethical questions you know. We can't just invite people to come into our world and capture poke-"

"Shut up," a dark voice growled from the back of the room, "Or you're fired. Now then, start the advertising campaigns and get those kids into our game and line our pockets!"

"But but, we haven't even tested-"


The scientists went back to their work, rushing to get the game done.

PVR - The Pokemon Virtual Reality game would soon be open to the public.

-A few weeks later-

The streets of the world were mostly empty, tumbleweeds were floating across the street in clear view, that is, if anyone was there to view them.

Stefan Raab was sitting inside watching the TV.

"Come on Stefan!" Lena protested, as she looked out of the window, "Everyone else is playing the game!"

"Yes Lena, I realize this, but you see, you are a robot, and... I'm not sure you'd be safe in a virtual reality unit such as that."

"But Stefaaaaan," Lena protested.

Lena stood in the way of the TV.


"Lena go and play outside or something," Stefan said, "I'm trying to watch Wetten dass."

"And thus concludes this episode of Wetten Dass," Thomas Gottschalk said on the TV screen, and he got out a virtual reality helmet and put it on, "And now to the Pokemon world!"

"Thomas no! Not now!" said someone from the side of the stage, "The show isn't finished yet!"

Gottschalk shot a glare to the person talking to him.

"It's finished for me," Gottschalk said, "It's over. I must go and be with my pokemon, it is they who require me."

"Thomas you must finish! There's plenty of time for pokemon!"

"Wetten Dass does not need me," Gottschalk said, "In time you will understand thus."

"Thomas stop!" said the cameraman, "You're addicted to the game! You need help!"

"I don't need help!" Gottschalk yelled, "I NEED THE FOURTH GYM BADGE!"

Then the TV emitted a loud beep, as the show went off, replaced by a test screen with the words, "Sorry, we are now experiencing technical difficulty."

"GOD DAMN YOU GOTTSCHALK!" Stefan yelled, as the TV beeped in the background.

Stefan looked outside to the empty streets, everyone was busy playing the game.

"God damn it," Stefan said, "What is it with this game? Ok Lena, we'll go and play the game."

"Yippeee!" Lena jumped up with exitement and they both left the house to go to the registration center for PVR.