Meanwhile, Yusaki was tossing things about in the science lab.

"No! This cannot be! They defeated me! How could they!" Yusaki yelled, "I made that game! In that world, I am a god! And now the Americans are BACK! All my hard work is WASTED!"

"Master, don't be so hard on yourself..."

"How can I not? I have lost! I am defeated!"
Suddenly, the door burst open.
"Yusaki, your game is UP!" yelled a familiar voice. It was Thomas Gottschalk.
"Hahaha," Gottschalk laughed, "I knew the location of your base from the very beginning. Too bad I was trapped in your game to do anything about it! But now..."

And FBI agents flooded into the room.

"Now," Gottschalk continued, "I have backup..."

And the police grabbed Yusaki and pulled him away, to outside of the base.

"Nooooo!" yelled Yusaki, as he was carted onto a van and driven away by the police.

"Well, that's a job well done," said Gottschalk.

"Oh, Gottschalk," said the leader of the FBI, "You said some friends helped you with this."

"Yes, I wouldn't be here without them."

"Well then, tell us their names so we can congratulate them, we will celebrate your friends until the end of time."

"I will do thus, thank you."

"Too bad we can't shut down the game, but with the Americans in there, we can't take the chance."

"No, I suppose we can't. Oh well. The kids will get tired of it soon enough. Like Facebook or Myspace or whatever it is they do these days, and thus, the cycle goes on," Gottschalk smiled, and looked off into the sunset.

The End.