A/N: So I'm putting this pre- 'In Vino Veritas'. What if Tucker had gone to Hank on his own about his father being disinherited by his grandpa? How might that conversation have played out?

Hank was tired, and almost ignored his phone. Looking at the Caller ID he saw it was Tucker, and quickly answered. "Tucker? Everything okay?"

"Medically, yes…"

"And other than medically?" Hank prompted.

"Kind of a mess."

"Your dad?"

"My dad," Tucker confirmed. "You're good at diagnosing, even when it isn't medical."

"That wasn't exactly a hard call, Tucker. What happened?"

"Can I come over? I'd like to get out of here for a while."

"Of course. Please drive safe."

As he hung up the phone Tucker smiled. That 'drive safe' was something a father would say – just not his father. He was lucky to have Hank.

A short time later Tucker knocked on Hank's door, which immediately opened. "Hey."

"Wanna sit outside by the pool? Divya and Evan are arguing inside…" Hank said.

"Yeah. Sounds good," Tucker agreed.

"So Grandpa finally got tired of Dad's drinking and drugs and disinherited him. I now handle giving my dad an allowance every month."

"That's a lot of responsibility, but if any 17 year old can handle it, it's you. Your grandfather is smart to know he can trust you with this, but…"

"It would be nice if he did it himself," Tucker finished. "Things between me and my father are tense enough, without this added in. I guess Grandpa hoped this would make us talk and work things out."

"Maybe he's right," Hank said, but heard the doubt in his own voice.


"You ever need to just get away, you know you can come here. Though I'd imagine you'd rather spend the time with Libby…"

"She's going off to be a counselor at some Camp next week and will be gone for a while. But my best friend, Oliver, will be coming home, so I'll hang out with him. We have a lot to catch up on. But I appreciate the offer…"

"Just take me up on it if you need to. This is me talking as both your doctor and your friend: If you think you could be hurt, like you were before, please get out of there."

Both remembered the call when Tucker had fallen and hurt himself while running down the stairs away from his father. It hadn't been a good evening for any of them.

Tucker's face brightened. "Hey, that's right. I can hire you back as my doctor – and this time Dad can't fire you!" Both smiled, not so much because they were really happy, but because they needed to smile – needed something good about the situation. "Not that I wouldn't have called you, no matter what Dad said, but it's nice to have it be official," Tucker said.

"Thanks, Goose."

They fell into a comfortable silence and the sky began to darken.