The First Bearer


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Summary- Nobody really cared about how bearers we're made all they cared about was that humanity was going to survive, nobody cared that Harry Potter was taken advantage of for 100 years.




Nobody really knew how it started, but nobody really questioned it because all that really mattered was that the population was not going to dwindle down and eventually die out. Why would the population eventually die out? Well it was because women for a strange medical reason; that doctors could not figure out, had become sterile. Now not all women had become sterile, but enough of them had been which caused the world to panic.

A few years after this had been found out another medical mystery had been that a doctor had found out a way to allow men to become pregnant, all they had to do was get a simple shot. Now doctors had done physicals and everything to the male bearers, but all they we're able figure out was that what allowed the males to become pregnant was a sort of a forced mutation. At first people had been hesitant about the acceptance of male bearers, but after they figured out that males being able to bear children was a practical god send, thus it became accepted. Some of the other mutants had become jealous of the fact that male bearers had been accepted. But like the rest, after a while those mutants also accepted the mutation as a norm.

The acceptance of bearers was the reason why a man named Harry Potter had been held captive by the government scientist for 100 years. Since nobody really cared where the source of the mutation had come from they had unknowingly allowed Harry Potter to be used for years. It was only until a group of x-men had broken into a government building that Harry had been freed and finally allowed to have a freedom.


"Professor has he said anything to yet?"

"No Jean; he's just been sitting under the tree."

Jean and Professor Xavier watched a man that looked not older then 18 sit under a huge tree and just watch the children in front of him run around and play. It was almost as if his green eyes were looking at the children with longing. Perhaps longing for the childhood that he didn't have.
Even though it was 90 degrees outside Harry still wore a long sleeved blue shirt and pair of black sweats with black converse. When the Professor had asked Harry why he wore the stuffy clothes all the young boy had done was lift up his shirt and show him the scars that we're sprinkled all over his body. After that moment the Professor had decided to give Harry some space and just let him open up when he has ready.

"When did Logan say he was going to arrive?"

"He said he'd be here before Friday."

The older male nodded his head and then slowly moved his wheelchair towards the lonely boy sitting under the tree. No words we're spoken between the two but the fact that they we're just together was enough for them.


Another mutant had the same ability that he did. Logan could just not believe it because if he did it meant that there could actually someone out there that would grow old with him. Even if it was a lot to ask for and he would deny it if anybody asked him, he wanted someone in his life that he could somewhat relate to and talk about how stupid the people in the last century were and now with the new found mutant that was actually going to be a possibility.

After a few more hours of driving his, or Scott's motorcycle, Logan finally arrived at the mansion. Logan parked the bike and sniffed the air in order to find the professor.

Were out by the pool Logan.

Heading towards the direction he was told, he ignored all the people greeting him. When he reached the outside he quickly spotted the professor and what he assumed was the new mutant

He looks so young.

Carefully Logan approached the pair, from what he had been told by Jean the other mutant was somewhat skittish when it came to new people. So not wanting to scare the boy Logan made sure to walk towards the pair while facing the new mutant.

"Harry do you remember that I told you that there was another mutant with the same healing ability as you?"

Harry nodded his head, but didn't even try to look away from the pool's water. The young-looking boy looked mesmerized at the way the water had a rippling affect when he touched it. Which he might have been considering how long it had been since he had had the opportunity to see large amounts of water.

"Logan is also around the same age as you Harry, he might even be a 100 years older than you."

This caused the boy to stop what he was doing and turn to look at Logan. He had never met anyone that was older than him. To Harry it almost seemed like a miracle to see somebody older than him.

"How old are you?"

Not realizing that these were the first words that Harry had spoken Logan just answered while he moved his weight from one leg to the other.

"I don't really know but, I'd say around 200."

"I'm 150."

Going back to the water the young boy pushed one of his fingers inside of the water. The water made his finger look long, thin and slightly disfigured. While playing with the water Harry continued to speak, it was almost as if a damn had been broken from the way the words kept on spilling out.

"When I was little I used to live with my mother and father they were so good to me and they didn't even care that I was a freak."

Another thing that Harry liked about the water was that it was warm; well it was warmed compared to the freezing water he used to have to bathe in. It had taken a few weeks for Harry to get used to the freezing water.

"But then some men came and took me away. They killed my mom and dad in front of me so that I'd know that I didn't have anywhere else to go. When they took me they took me to the building you guy's broke in to, I've been there for...for 100 years."

It took all the mutants had to not gasp and just let Harry keep on talking. They couldn't believe that the boy/man in front of them had been contained in a concrete building for 100 years. Anybody would have gone insane or would have killed themselves if they had even stayed there for 20 years.

"It wasn't so bad in there, at least not compared to the other mutants. They liked me that's why the men always gave me...special treatment."

From those words Jean could already feel tears welling up in her eyes, she knew what it meant when the soldiers gave the mutants they we're supposed to be watching special treatment. She herself had never experienced it but she had met a lot of female mutants that had and they we're either left broken or we're so angry that they joined Magneto. There was only a special few that tried to move and forget what happened while they we're trapped.

"There was also a doctor that told them that they had to give me special treatment because they we're running some sort of test on me. I never really found out what it was but I think it had to do with women not being able to have babies for a while."

"What do you mean Harry?"

Professor Xavier remembered when a few years ago a few of the women in the world had become sterile, about 60 percent of the women in the world to be exact. About 20 years of those women had become sterile the government had brought out a new miracle shot that allowed male's to become pregnant.

There had only been a few critics on the drug; because once it was taken it would stay in the family's genes forever. Another reason there had only been a few critics was because many people knew that with 60 percent of the sterile women, humanity would not have survived long.

"Well Dr. Herling said that my body had changed the world."

"Did you become pregnant Harry?"

"I did but...but Dr. Herling said...he said that I wasn't allowed to keep my babies."

"He made you have an abortion?"

"No; my babies we're usually killed when they were only five months old."


This is the first time I've ever done a crossover of a story and I hope that you will enjoy it. Also their will male pregnancy and there will be sex between men so if you don't like it just leave before you get to into the story. Also let me know what you think with a review.

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