The First Bearer


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XxXxXxXxX Time Skip 6 Years XxXxXxXxX

"Daddy tell Mama I wasn't the one that broke the dishes."

"No can do little man. I don't want him to yell at me and besides you know it's wrong to lie."

Looking down at his pouting son Logan couldn't help, but want to laugh. In the morning, his son Brandon had been trying to get a dish, but since he couldn't get the top one in the pile he got the middle one and when he pulled it out it caused the eight dishes on top to fall. Harry had been very angry at his son when he found out it had been him to accidentally break them. They had told him time and time again not to get the dishes without help. The little boy never listened.

"But Dad..."

"Don't even try to get your father to lie to me Brandon."

Looking at his son Harry frowned. He didn't want his son to get into the habit of lying.

"I'm not Mama."

"Mama he's lying again."

"I know sweetheart."

"Now Brandon, I want you to go to your room and stay there. Oh and no TV or games on."

"And me mama?"

"You Jamie, can go to living room and watch Looney Toons."


Watching his daughter run away laughing Harry couldn't help but grin. She was his little miracle. When he had given birth to Brandon he hadn't known there would be a second child. This was the reason he had gone into early labor. Twins usually meant early labor. When Harry had seen Brandon the little boy had been a healthy eight pounds and nine ounces. Little Jamie had been a different story. She had been over shadowed by her brother so she had been born under weight; three pounds and four ounces.

Three days after being born Brandon had been allowed to home with him but Jamie had not. Sadly she had stayed in the hospital for a full month. While she had been there Harry and Logan had been sure to visit their little daughter every day and they would stay for as many hours as possible. When they had finally been able to take her home the couple had been ecstatic; their family had been complete.

At six years old Brandon was tall and built as any six year old could be. He had black hair, tan skin, and green colored eyes. The little boy was also a bundle of energy. He loved to run and play and wrestle with his father. Jamie was slightly different from her twin brother. She had black hair, green eyes, and light colored skin. She wasn't as energetic as her brother, but she still enjoyed having fun and speeding time with her family. In all Harry felt they were perfect kids.

"He just doesn't listen."

"I know baby."

"Jean gave me those dishes when we were married."

"I know baby but hopefully he'll grow out of it."

"I hope so."


"Mama I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?"

"Brandon you know I forgive you, but when I tell you not to do something I expect you to listen."


Rubbing his son's head Harry smiled and walked out of the room with him at his side. Before Brandon had gotten into trouble Harry had been preparing the family to go to the beach. It was a nice summer day and a little swim in the ocean would do them good.


"I swear I feel like I forgot something."

"Harry you didn't forget anything just relax. Now how about you go play with Jamie and I'll go with Brandon."


Logan took Brandon as deep as he could in the ocean Harry stayed with their daughter on the edge to play. As the small family enjoyed themselves on the beach Harry thought back to something his mother would always say to him when they were alone.

"Making the decision to have a child-its momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

With another look at his twins Harry knew that his mother had been right.


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