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Chapter 16 Embarrassment 16: Some things lost

Kenta Usui ran around a corner, barely avoiding the bullets that were being aimed at him.

"You cannot escape, foul, detestable, unholy . . . uh . . . evil vampire," Winner's voice trailed, seemingly trying to catch Kenta as well.

"Winner, stop this! Please," Karin said. Unlike Kenta, Karin didn't have to worry about death at the trigger-finger of the vampire hunter. She simply ran after Winner trying to persuade him to stop, albeit she was much slower than the two who ran after each other in front of her.

"I cannot stop, Miss Karin. You have been taken over by a vampire!"

"I thought we agreed that he was a half-vampire. Over," James' voice sounded out of a radio that Winner had clipped to his outfit.

"Whatever," Winner said, his voice heavy with apathy on the subject.

"Ahem, anyway, I think I may have his position now. By the way Winner, you should really say 'Over' when you're done talking say that way I'll know you are. Over," James' said.

"Anyway, what's his position?"

There was no reply.

"Anyway, what's his position. Over," Winner said, this time with a lack of enthusiasm and while rolling his eyes.

"It is . . . right in front of you. Damn man, be more observant!"

The tracker was there, but Kenta was not. In his stead, there was a note that said:

I knew it was on me the whole time.

"Damn, he's a crafty vampire," Winner remarked.

While he had been stopped, Karin had managed to catch up with Winner. It took her a while to catch her breath.

"Winner, please stop this madness . . ." Karin's voice trailed off, as she looked up.

Winner looked up as well. He saw Kenta slowly approaching; this time however, he had a much taller person that Winner assumed was a vampire with him.

"You shall not get away this time, evil vampire," Winner said, striking a strange but valiant pose.

"Okay," was Kenta's response.

"What," Winner said, his valiant pose going limp.

"You said that I wouldn't get away this time, so I won't," Kenta replied, as if it were obvious.

"Uh, okay?"

"Winner thanks so much for saving me," Karin said, kissing Winner on the cheek.

"Don't mention it Karin," Winner said, smiling.

Just then, conveniently, paparazzi appeared to ask the valiant vampire hunter about his heroic deeds.

When Winner was done answering questions and signing autographs, he returned to Karin who had been patiently waiting for him.

"I'm all done," he said.

"That's great. I didn't even mind waiting for six hours."

"Well, I've kept you waiting long enough," Winner said, in an attempt to be seductive.

"Well what are we waiting for," a muscular man said, behind them.

Winner could only wonder why the man was there for a few seconds, before everything went blurry.


"Wake up."

"Wake up!"

". . ."

"You are getting very sleepy woo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh . . . wait, you already are."

"You are getting very . . . very . . . aw crap . . . I'll feel stupid when I look it up."

Two minutes later . . .

"You are getting very alert! Woo-ooh-ooh."

Winner opened his eyes.

He was in a hotel room. It wasn't a bad looking hotel room, it didn't smell, and it had a fair amount of furnishings, but it wasn't the great hotel room he had gone to sleep in.

"What the hell," he said, sitting upright in his bed.


Winner yelped and punched the mystery attacker.

"Ow," the mystery attacker said, as it landed on the ground.

As Winner looked closely at the attacker, he could tell that it was James.

"Did I scare you?"

"Yeah, but not because of you. Where the hell am I?"

"Well, I looked at the bill for that hotel we were staying at and it was huge! So I figured we should just get a cheaper room at a different place. You know, to save money and such."

"You little . . . wait . . . how did you get me out of bed and into here?"

"Huh. You're not very alert after you've gone to sleep. All I had to do was wake you up, tell you to put some decent clothing on, and lead you here."

"By the way, why'd you try to scare me?"

"Huh, oh. I've been really busy lately and forgot to do something to you on April Fool's day, so I thought I'd just get you later."

"You're crazy, April Fool's happened before you even got here," Winner said, leaving to get himself some coffee.

James sighed.

"Once again, I'm the only one who knows."

It was a Sunday.

Karin's alarm went off in its ever unwanted manner. She groggily turned it off and proceeded to get prepared for her day.

She was careful not to wake Kenta as she got out of bed.

Maki had been absent for a few days and all of Karin's attempts to call her had failed. Karin didn't know what was wrong, but she intended to find out.

She was about to leave, when her stomach vocalized it's discontent with her skipping breakfast.

"Fine. I'll eat something," Karin said. She had to wonder whether she was talking to her stomach or her unborn child.

Later . . .

Karin was eating half of a somewhat large omelet. The other half was waiting for Kenta in the fridge. Not that it could do much else except eventually rot.

As she was finishing, she thought it would be a good idea to leave a message for Kenta. The fridge seemed a suitable vessel for such a message.

It's weird how we don't have kana magnets. Karin thought, looking at the English symbols.

She finally left.

Her feet were slightly sore, as she arrived at the bus stop. She sat down on the bench.

The only other person there was a what appeared to be a middle-aged man.

"Hello," the man said.

"Hello," Karin said back.

"What is your name?"

"Uh. Karin."

"That is a nice name."

"Uh, thanks. What's your name?"

"My name is Art."

". . . It's nice to meet you Art," Karin said, growing uncomfortable.

"Where are you going on the bus Karin."

"Uh. Just a friend's house. What about you?"

"I'm not getting on the bus."

"Oh. If you need some change, I can give you some."

"That's okay. I never get on the bus."

"Then why do you come here?"

"On January 16th, 1995; I did something that was really bad here. I come here every day to remind myself never to do it again."

". . ."

The bus pulled up.

Karin didn't want to look to desperate to get away from the man. So she turned to him and waved goodbye as she was getting on the bus.

Art waved back.

The bus driver was a creepy looking man with a large cigar in his mouth.

As Karin sat down, she realized that she was the only passenger on the bus.

I guess I can rest my eyes. My stop's not for a little while.



"Strike three! You're out! Heh. That was somewhat entertaining."

Karin woke up to see the bus driver standing next to the seat she was in.

"Ah. You're up. Welcome to Yokai Academy."


"Ha. I'm joking. I just wake up people that have been on the bus for a while."

"Oh. Wait. If you're here, then who's driving the bus!"

"Uh. Nobody. It's stopped."

"Oh," Karin felt pretty stupid now.

After asking the bus driver where they were, Karin realized that she had narrowly missed her desired stop.

She thanked the bus driver for waking her and continued on her journey to Maki's house.

After a few minutes of walking, Karin was there. Toki Books loomed over her somewhat ominously.

Wait a second. It's closed.

How could Karin forget that?

She peered into the windows.

Nothing but shelves filled to the brim with books.

Karin tried to call Maki.

No answer.

Karin simply stood there. Eventually, she left.

The next day . . .

It was before homeroom. Maki was there too.

Winner and James were making a riot. They had a quite a few people laughing themselves to the point of tears.

Both Karin and Kenta were suspicious of that.

Then the teacher came in and everything settled down.

Karin wanted to talk to Maki, but Maki wouldn't look at her.

Karin was certain that she just wanted to catch up the days she had missed. She would talk to her during lunch.

A few hours later . . .

It was finally lunch time. Kenta had taken his lunch and headed to the library. Karin, however, was determined to find Maki and finally figure out what had been going on.

She looked and looked for Maki, but couldn't find her. She finally had to give up, if she wanted time to finish her lunch.

She went to the top of the building.

Karin was surprised, when she walked up the stairs to see Maki there.


"I didn't know you came up here anymore," Maki said, without the slightest hint of emotion.

"Kenta's in the library. I thought you followed him around," Maki continued.

"Maki, what's wrong."

"Why did you do it, Karin."

"Do what?"


Maki's anger scared Karin. Her heart didn't race though. There was no sadness here, only anger.

"M-Maki. I would never . . ."

"I saw you do it, Karin. Right on the floor."

Winner had installed his own security camera into his old hotel room. Both James and Winner had inspected the video. Neither James nor Winner were aware of what Karin had actually done to Winner. James had also edited the part where Ren had come in out. It didn't matter though; Maki had left, crying, before that part would have come up anyway.

James plan to get Karin and Kenta to crack was set in motion.

Kenta tried to focus on the book he was reading.

He closed the book and set it down on the table he was at. He was utterly ashamed of himself.

How could I dream about that stuff? He thought. How could I have a wet dream?

Kenta had been having perverted dreams for a few weeks now, but yesterday had been the first time it crossed over into the real world.

Luckily for Kenta, it had been cold that night and the extra clothing he had been wearing had prevented his dream from getting on the bed. Karin hadn't even stirred when he had gotten up to change his clothing.

I don't want that to happen every night. He thought.

It doesn't have to. A voice said. It was the same voice that had been talking to him ever since he had started sleeping at Karin's house.

Am I going crazy?

No, silly. You're not going crazy. Hee-hee. You're just so cute when you're confused.

This was the first time the voice had ever said anything like that.

Are you haunting me or something?

No. It's me Sophia. I'm surprised you forgot about me so quickly.

Of course it was Sophia. How DID he forget about her?

I don't know.

Oh right. She can hear my thoughts.

That's right. I can read you like a book. Both your conscious and sub-conscious.

So do you know what I'm going to say, before I say it?

Nope. Not if you haven't thought it yet.

Oh. Umm . . . are you the reasons I've been having those dreams?

Yep. The voice said casually.

Why would you do that?

Because, I've been waiting thousands of years to be born again. So I want you nice and horny when there's a vacancy in Karin.

Kenta didn't really have a response to that.

I understand why you're not ready to have sex with Karin yet, but if you want, we can have all sorts of fun in your dreams.

Once again, Kenta had no response to that. He was still a little overwhelmed with rediscovering Sophia.

One question, Sophia.

Shoot. The voice replied.

That one weird dream I had about Karin a while back. Was that your doing too?


And you were trying to tell me whose kid it was. Correct?


So . . . why didn't you just talk to me like you are now?

Like I said. You're cute when you're confused.

After school, Julian's Restaurant, main area, third booth from the left, facing north . . .

Karin and Kenta were taking their breaks. Things had slowed down considerably.

Winner and James were currently setting up new security cameras, since the manager had told them that the old ones had been irreparably damaged.

"I don't know how I can thank you young men enough," the little manager said.

"No need to thank us sir. We work for the people and this is actually helping us too," James said. He waited until the manager turned around to look at Karin and Kenta with a smirk on his face.

"I'm going to set up a camera in the freezer, now," James said, walking off.

"Why would a criminal be in the freezer," Kenta asked.

James turned around.

"I don't know Kenta. But we will stop them."

You could smell the artificial drama in the air.

He continued on his way.

"By the way, it's not just for criminals. Didn't you almost die in the freezer, Kenta," James said.

"How did you know that?"

"The manager told me. He's quite a gossiper and I happen to have a lot of dirt on Winner worth trading."

James was out of earshot.

"This can't be good. All of these cameras are probably connected to his base."

"What if they find out," Karin said, slightly panicked.

Kenta covered Karin's mouth.

"Bleh. You're hand smells like a bunch of the weird food here. Why'd you cover my mouth?"

Kenta pointed behind Karin. Karin turned around.

There was a security camera. The red light denoting that it had been activated.

Now James would be certain that they were hiding something.

Karin and Kenta had already clocked out. James, Winner, and the manager were still at Julian's.

"That's amazing," the manager exclaimed, as James told him about the security system.

"Yep. All of the cameras are facing inside of Julian's and this watch-like device will alert me when it detects movement. After working hours of course."

While James didn't truly care about the restaurant's welfare, he had to admit that it was a pretty cool security system.

"Plus, we'll be able to come after school to stop anything that goes on during work hours," Winner said.

"Well, thanks again. I'll start locking up now."

James and Winner left.

"I can't wait to see what the camera's recorded," James said, excitedly.

"Me too. Did you install a camera where I asked you too," Winner questioned.

"Yes. The girl's locker room is as good as yours. Pervert."

Winner chuckled a little.

"Don't pretend that you aren't going to use it too."

"What I do in my spare time is my business. And remember, if that stuff gets on the internet, we're both screwed."

"Don't worry about me. What if someone intercepts the signal though? Didn't think of that did you Jamie."

"Never call me Jamie again."

James slapped Winner in the back of the head.

"There is no need to fear. The video is converted into text and hashed in small chunks before it's sent. It's practically impenetrable, when you take into account who will actually see the data."

James laughed at his jargon

"Hash? Wait . . . you're selling drugs?"

"Shut up, Winner."

Ren sat in his chair. He was bored. So bored. Very bored. Too bored to write about anymore.

Bored, until his cellphone rang that was.


"Ren," Bridget's voice sounded desperate along with being stressed by crying, "I'm at the train station. Will you please come get me. I can explain more when you get here."

Ren put on his coat and left. Something had to be wrong. Her voice and the fact that she had left during daytime screamed that.

Despite all the things he had said and thought about her, he hoped she was alright.

Sixteenth Embarrassment End

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