This is for xxxchuckandblairjunkiexx and all the other Chilly fans. Just a random thought on their mother and son bond.


feeling cold: without warmth of feeling: cool: Chuck and Lily

They really were so very much alike – especially if you only saw the outside, the façade. And they were both experts at creating the façade and hiding behind their looks, money, status, reputation… whatever was convenient.

She'd been called the Ice Queen. Pale, blonde, and cool, no one could deny she fit the part. He'd been called a cold hearted Basstard, having traded the woman he loved for an Empire.

Lily knew that, despite the fact Charles hadn't grown up under her roof, he – in some ways – understood her better than the children she'd given birth to. Serena was golden light and warmth. Lily is glad, knowing Serena will not become her, as she reluctantly admits she is becoming CeCe in far too many ways. She'd had her own daughter arrested. She'd lied to her children and husband. Eric had once tried being cold and calculating, and hadn't even been close to Chuck's league. Chuck considers this is a good thing – Eric is less sure. Chuck would have made sure Nathaniel was well distracted and far away from the Ball, so he couldn't rescue Jenny. After all, Nathaniel's need to play the White Knight and rescue blondes was oh-so-predictable.

Parts of their relationship were certainly cold enough. Neither likes to think of the names he once called her. The anger and resentment he directed at her. Her betrayal of his father. The guilt and remorse she felt. They have forgiven each other. His first real lesson in forgiveness. Her first true act as his mother.

And yet; chilly isn't ice cold. She loves her children – biological and adopted. He loves the only real mother he's ever known. She did love Bart, and he did love Blair. Did that love make their actions more forgivable – or less? Certainly Lily and Chuck are not the ones to ask.

And their relationship warmed. She worried when he was heartbroken, and wanted to comfort him. When he was shot, she went to Prague to tend him. He was terrified that she might really have cancer, and relieved to learn she wasn't going to leave him motherless again. He'll never admit how much it meant to wake up in the hospital and see her there. But these things remain unsaid between them. Both enjoy their lunches together – to discuss Bass Industries business, but also many other things. But if anyone asks, it's merely a business lunch. After all, they are Chilly.