*Watch me fall apart*- Chapter 1

Yes, this is the sequel to: No More Sorrow. Im going to add a little twist for the beginning, hehe...

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Amu Hinamori? 17?

Ikuto Tsukiyomi- 19

Tadase Hotori- 17

Kukai Souma- 19

Maise Misuka- 19

Kiyomi (New character!) 19

Including other guardians- 18*

*Watch me fall apart*

'I'll never find someone quite like you, again...

I'll never find someone quite as touched, as you...

I'll never, love someone like the way I loved you...'

-Touched- VAST-

A year later...

Normal POV

It's spring time, a time where birds are singing their wonderful melodies. A time where everyone is happy, well, almost everyone that is...

A 17 year old girl was walking through the park, wearing a hooded leather jacket, trying to hide her face from the entire open world...

A girl with light, pink hair. A girl named-

Hinamori Amu...

Nobody knew that Amu had survived the incident where Ikuto stabbed her and she fell down the cliff, she was swept onto shore as she woke up there and rang a rescue boat but she hid her face from them... Her parents had moved away to France, along with Ami. The guardians had changed a lot and matured a lot more than last year. Ikuto was still grieving over the time where he killed Amu and she fell to her fate, or so he thought...He tried to get over her by settling down with a girl named: Kiyomi. He had been with her now for 4 months since the incident.

Kukai was still angry about the time where Amu had killed his only girlfriend, Utau Hoshina.

Amu was strolling lonely through the park nervously, trying to see if she could spot any of the guardians. Then, she suddenly heard a girlish voice shouting loudly, Yaya. She hadn't matured much since she still had her baby-side character.

Amu nervously walked to the rest of the guardians and nudged Rima.

"May I help you?" Rima said kindly, everyone laying their eyes on Amu.

"It's me, Amu..." As everyone heard this they stepped back a little, not believing it. Kukai shot a deadly glare at her.

Amu looked down in guilt, moving her hand away from Rima's shoulder.

"We thought you were dead Amu-chii!" Yaya shouted, crying into Amu's chest.

Kukai lost his anger as he pushed Yaya aside as gentle as he could and grabbed Amu's neck tightly, lifting her off the ground.

"Kukai!" Tadase tried to stop him, but Kukai was too strong and nudged him aside.

"P-ple..ase! L-let..g-go!" Amu begged, tears stinging her eyes as she struggled to breathe, she felt as if the life was being sucked out of her completely.

To amu's shock a dark, a blue haired boy came walking towards their direction...

Amu's POV

'Oh no! I can't let him see me! I still can't believe he tried to kill me. That low lying retarded jerk!'

"Kukai, it's wrong to be picking on girls." Ikuto pushed him aside forcefully.

"Hey! I have every right to do it! She killed my sister!" Kukai protested angrily at him. Ikuto staggered back in shock.

"You mean...Amu...?" Ikuto then looked at the hooded girl as he removed the hood from her head slowly.

Ikuto stared in shock, he stood there, not moving for what seemed like hours.

'Oh god...I'm in deep trouble now!'

Normal POV

"Amu...about when I tried to kill you-"He was cut off as a pair of arms wrapped around his waist, he turned around and saw his girlfriend, Kiyomi. He then passionately kissed her.

Amu gasped in shock and ran away far away from all of them.

Ikuto ran off after her, Kiyomi following, she was caring and wanted to cheer Amu up.

Ikuto kept calling Amu's name, over and over.

"WAIT! AMU! COULD YOU JUST WAIT FOR A SECOND!" Ikuto called out, filling the streets with noise.

Amu stopped running and fell to the ground weakly. That made Ikuto run faster when he noticed her on the ground in a dark, alley-way.

"Look, Amu..." Ikuto was then cut off when Amu said something cold and horrible to him.

"Stay away, you tried to murder me. Im still scared on my stomach and had no medical help! Im quite lucky I survived! Now, get lost with your girlfriend." Amu shouted to him coldly.

"Hey, Amu. Im sorry if I caused your friendship to crumble if I replied 'yes' to Ikuto's question to ask me out. I really am, I didn't mean to come between your friendship honestly..." Kiyomi said apologetically, offering her hand to help Amu up.

Amu then smiled at her as she grabbed her hand gently and got up.

"Don't worry, I'll keep it a secret that you still survived the attack." Kiyomi whispered to her, kindly.

"Thank you." Amu said to her, giving her a warm hug.

Ikuto smiled seeing the two girls bonding, her stared at Amu with sad eyes. He wondered if he still loved her, but kept denying it, saying that he loves Kiyomi now. But is it true?

"I have to go! My parents will be worried about me!" As she said this, Kiyomi ran off happily back to her home.

There was an awkward silence between the two...

"Don't worry, Amu. I'm over that stupid crush I had on you." Those words hurt Amu deeply, scaring her. She had realised that she loved Ikuto, but hated him for what he did.

"Oh and by the way. I don't want us to be friends ever again. Your dangerous and I now that...So stay away from me and everyone else in case you kill anyone like you did to my sister, Utau!" Ikuto snapped angrily at her.

Amu shut her eyes in fear, hiding her face away from him.

"Go home, no one wants you here." Ikuto continued.

"That's the thing...I don't have a home anymore...M-my parents moved...to F-France..." Amu whispered, tears falling from her eyes uncontrollably.

"Im sorry for everything I did! I never meant to hurt anyone, it was a huge mistake! I didn't know what I was doing at the time, I was being controlled!" Amu shouted, trying to defend herself and apologize at the same time.

"Amu, It's too late to apologize, you've damaged everyone and Japan has never been the same since you almost destroyed Japan..." He said as he walked off, leaving her there all alone...

...To be continued...

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