*Watch Me Fall Apart* - Chapter 9

I can do anything for you but there is something I can't do...

Hate You


Sneak Preview of "Watch Me Fall Apart" Chapter 9

Alivia has discovered a precious, royal gem that can be found in the depths of the human earth. Greed then begins to take over her and pride. She starts being selfish and careless and eventually pure evil. She will become very sneaky and hated, she will start digging the earth and destroying it because she wants to find the gem and keep it all to herself and she also starts pushing those who she loves away too. The gem is so important to her because it has the power to make the person rule the world whoever captures it.

This is all where Kagome, Maise, Suka step in. They will begin searching for it too, that special gem. Alivia will turn dark and try to wreck Amu's happyiness when she realises that Amu has finally gone back to her normal self. She will cause Amu to lose her nerve again, which is all part of the plot. Tadase, Kukai, and everyone else will be brought into this massive climax too. Dark Alivia will turn so mean and cruel she will ressurect Kiyomi and bring her back to join the Dark side again. You all should be prepared for shocking surprises and twists in these chapters now. They will all be pushed to be a whole lot more darker than before and more epic. Dragons shall appear, To Ikuto's horror a new dragon egg is born and is revealed to be Dark Alivia's Dragon. Maise too, has her own dragon.

By the time when the last chapter comes Dark Alivia will not be in this story anymore. Yes, I am going to make a sequel to this otherwise it will be left unfinshed. I shall leave this story as a cliffhanger soon, I'm not ending "Watch Me Fall Apart" yet though.

The next story I shall make will be called: "Break Your Destiny".