A/N: This is just a little story I thought up when I was talking to my Tumblr friends. I've always liked the idea of seeing Jo and Adam interact, but they never got the chance. Like, really... No chance whatsoever. So, I took it upon myself to write a little diddy, since the only other stories that were Jo/Adam were in Spanish... And I like Spanish, but I'm not that good... Enjoy! By the way, this is just a little teaser. If people want me to actually write this story, I'd like some feedback hahaa.

DISCLAIMER: If I owned Supernatural, would I really be sitting here writing stories about it? Bitch, please.

I remember darkness... And warmth. It covered my entire body as if I was in a bath... Except, I knew that I wasn't.

I was dead.

Yeah, it all came flooding back to me as I laid in the warmth. A hellhound had ripped me apart and then I was blown up in a convenience store. Fun times. Yeah right... What I didn't understand was why I wasn't in Heaven or Hell... I was just in warmth. Was this purgatory or something? I tried to open my eyes... As they fluttered open, I was looking up at a white ceiling. The warmth was gone, though... Now, I just felt panic strike me as I wondered where the hell I was. I was on this... Couch thing... A lounge or whatever. Sitting up, resting on my elbows, I noticed a man in a suit... Furrowing my eyebrows, I tried to sit up. Preparing for pain to appear where that stupid dog ripped me apart, I was surprised to see that there was no blood... I was clean... No wounds... It was as if I never died. I even felt like I had taken a shower recently. What the hell? As I sat up, the pretty, expensive fabric of the couch-thing moving under me, the man turned around and faced me.

"Joanna Beth Harvelle?" he asked, and I raised an eyebrow. I waited another moment for him to say something... But he didn't speak. Was he seriously asking if that was who I am?

"Uh... Yeah?" I asked, too shocked by what was going on to form a simple sentence. One syllable words would have to do for now. The man, who I was beginning to realize was pretty damn handsome, nodded in thought and was quiet for another moment as I went to stand up. I thought I'd end up like Ariel from The Little Mermaid and fall over and die (Shut up, of course I watched The Little Mermaid.) but I managed to make my way to a really fancy table. And hot damn, it had all of my favorite foods and drinks... Okay, I must be in Heaven.

"Do you know where you are, Joanna?" he asked me in a low voice... It was very familiar... Shrugging one of my shoulders, I grabbed one of the beers that was in a big bucket full of ice. I didn't even check to see if it was poisoned or anything... I was just so out of it. Letting the fluid travel down my throat, I smiled in content. He was silent again and I sighed, realizing that he was waiting for me to say something.

"I don't know, heaven? Isn't that where people go where they die? Well, most people..." I took another sip of the liquid and shifted my weight from one foot to the other awkwardly. He looked me up and down and it made me really freaking uncomfortable... It was as if he was staring into my soul. What the hell? "Are you an angel?" I blurted out, letting myself get a little embarrassed after I asked. A ghost of a smile fell on his face, one that didn't belong to him, and he nodded.

"Yes... My name is Elemiah... And no, this is not heaven. This room is more like... A waiting room. Not many people have the priviledge of coming here," he explained to me and I just stood there stupidly, quirking an eyebrow as he spoke.

"Well what am I doing in a waiting room? Shouldn't I be enjoying paradise or something? I mean, I did die, right?" I asked, just a little bit irritated. I spent how many minutes in agony just to die and be sent here? What crap. I wanted my seventy two virgins or whatever. As I shook my head, I looked at the fancy things on the walls. Who lived here, the Queen of England?

"Well, Joanna... We have a proposition for you. You might want to take a seat," he told me and I instantly sat in one of the big, comfy chairs. I wasn't sure why I sat down so quickly... Maybe it was the fact that he just sounded so business-like. I won't lie, I was a little scared.

"Well? What is it?" I asked impatiently, tapping my foot on the ground nervously. I was still in such a daze... I didn't even have time to react to the fact that I was technically dead and that Sam and Dean were probably on their merry way, trying to save the world.

"Joanna, you died prematurely... You were not supposed to give up your life to save Dean Winchester. As a matter of fact, you were not supposed to be helping at all... It all started back with Sam was possessed... Back in Duluth. You remember that, right? Well, because of that... You strayed from destiny." My eyebrows shot up to the hairline at that. Destiny? What the hell? I rolled my eyes and stood up, running a hand through my hair.

"Screw destiny. There's no such thing," I said bitterly, crossing my arms over my chest. Elemiah merely tutted and looked at me like I was a child, which I didn't appreciate one bit. But, he moved on, ignoring my snide comment.

"Your job is to protect a Winchester... To keep him on the right path. But, the demon... Meg, that was her name... But you knew that already, didn't you. Well, because of her, you were put on an entirely different path..." I cut him off right then and there, walking towards him.

"Wait, what? I thought I did protect a Winchester. Two of them, actually. Ya know, when I died? Remember that?" I asked bitterly, wanting nothing more than to facepalm myself or something. This was ridiculous. And, once again, I was ignored.

"Joanna, you were supposed to remain in Duluth and continue hunting on your own... Now, we're giving you the chance to redo everything. To go back in time and live like you were supposed to... You must find the Winchester and keep him safe," Elemiah explained and I slowly let his words sink in. I could live again? And I could help Sam and Dean? That sounded pretty sweet to me.

"Uhm... I'm down with that. But, what's the catch?" I then asked, narrowing my gaze as I looked him over. I didn't trust him all that much... Could you really blame me?

"No catch. You'll get a long, healthy life of hunting... I promise." The sad, pathetic part was that I actually sort of believed him. Or at least, I wanted to believe him... Of course, he didn't tell me one thing...

"Which Winchester would I be protecting, exactly? I mean, I'm kinda bad at protecting myself, if you haven't noticed... How am I supposed to take care of one of them?" He was taken aback by this for some reason... What, did he think I was an idiot? My mama didn't raise no fool. That made me think of something else... Mom... Winching, I tried to push the thought away. Was she dead? What happened to her?

"That... I cannot say." His voice took me away from my thoughts and I sat there for a moment, trying to figure out what he said. Once I remember, I rolled my eyes and audibly groaned at his cryptic answer. All the man did was tilt his head at me, as if confused by my behavior or something. Well what did he think I was going to do? Be like "Oh, yes sir! Now let me bend to your every will although you're making my head hurt out of confusion!"?... Uhm, no.

"So what? Am I supposed to just float back down to Earth and find Sam and Dean and everything will be hunky dorey?" I wanted some answers... And I wanted ones that didn't sound like they came out of a Magic Eight Ball or something. Nobody gives a straight answer nowadays, do they...

"No... Finding Sam and Dean will not make things, how you say, "hunky dorey". As a matter of fact, finding them will make things worse," Elemiah told me seriously and I raised my eyebrows, shaking my head.

"Wait... So I'm supposed to protect a Winchester, but I'm not supposed to go near them?" I was so confused... I actually felt like my head was going to explode because of all of this. Rubbing my face with one hand, I walked away from him and thought for a moment. I didn't really like the sound of this idea, but what other choice did I have? I don't really think that I could say no... As I turned around to face him, I was surprised to see that he was right in front of me.

"You will be successful, Joanna. The angels will help you," the angel said in a soft tone. Yep, no way out. I didn't even have time to react because suddenly, two fingers were on my forehead and I was asleep.