A note from the author: This is an early story of mine, and no proofreaders were traumatized with this mess before its release upon the world of Twific. As such, any horrors within are entirely my own clumsy travels through the English Language.

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-* Prologue *-


My best friend since elementary, Brett, had been suspicious when I first told him I was going back to my roots to spend the remainder of the summer. During the years I'd told him what he needed to know about my fucked up past, but even though most might think that there was a pea-sized brain behind all those steroid muscles he was pretty sharp, so I wasn't surprised when he told me he'd known all along. I should have known, too, that one day I'd be returning to this shitty place at the world's end.

It had been a few months, and winter was here, the worst time of the year for me, especially in Port Angeles. Why did people even come here to live? I was surprised there was still a fair amount of hustle and bustle, even if the weather was a royal pain in the ass. As long as I was still in this area I'd have to put surfing out of my mind for a bit, same went for mine and Brett's business plans to open up a shop in Florida. Even our website was dulled down, to the major disappointment of our fans. Shit, I hadn't felt that rush of adrenaline for a long time. When was the last time I whipped out my cam and filmed some crazy shit? I couldn't even remember. Only a few months, but still. Where was I going to find danger-induced action in these parts? Maybe I could grab my snowboard and head up into the mountains, but fuck I hated the cold.

Project "know thy enemy" was coming along just fine, and by enemy I mean my dear brother, Jacob Black. He earned the generous endearment when I realized that he really doesn't want much to do with me. Not my problem if our dad couldn't keep his trooper in his pants. The only times when Jakie could stand my company was when I let him hound me about my mother, which I wasn't too stoked talking about, but I let him. It meant I got to see Bella, and damn, what a fine little thing she was. I was a bit bummed when I figured out how serious her and Jakie are; bummed, but not discouraged. No harm in looking, right? And talking–I absolutely loved talking to her, especially now. So feisty! But beneath the tigress was something that fascinated me, and it put her outside the crowd of girls that I usually went for. I'm yet to put my finger on it, and it's not for lack of trying. If only she'd let her guard down a bit and relax, because damn, that woman is uptight. My dear brother insists it's just me and that Bella is the most amazing woman in the world, yeah—take it from someone who worships the ground she walks on. He's biased, of course he is.

Time was ticking away in the shop where I'd easily gotten a job for all my superb and divine knowledge of electronic equipment, Radio Shack. The boss was a lazy middle aged prick who let his employees do whatever the hell they pleased. One employee in particular could easily score first place in Laziest-Employee-Of-All-Time. Her name is Cara, and she gives the most amazing—I looked up from my current project; a DVD-player handed in by a clueless daddy's girl who had somehow managed to get a disc jammed by placing it upside down. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"What do you want, Cara?" Her eyes darted around the backroom where I sat in peace, tinkering away, then her hand reached between my legs. I grabbed her hand.

"He doesn't wanna come out to play?" Her disappointment was obvious, and she pouted her glossy lips.

I wagged a finger at her. "I'm finished for the day, and I'm going to see my daddy-o, so, not right now sweetie." I got up and starting leaving.

"What about later, you can come over to my place—I've got a teeny-weeny surprise for you, Jon," she taunted in a sickeningly sweet voice, batting her clumpy lashes at me. Just, yuck.

"I don't do teeny-weeny, sorry darlin'." Damn she was a pain in the ass, I preferred it when she was quiet and used her body; or lips. Whichever, really.

"You're such an a-hole, Jon," she whined.

I laughed. "Asshole, Cara," I corrected her, "You'd do good at practicing foul language; prancing around here in your slutty clothes and grabbing my crotch isn't forgiven by Jesus by refusing to say 'ass'." She gasped, her eyes widening in horror at my blasphemy. "Nor does he forgive you sucking me off, no amount of confessions will see you in heaven. God helps those who help themselves, remember that." I pecked her cheek, then gave her firm little ass a squeeze and walked out, leaving her gaping after me. "You're welcome," I threw over my shoulder.

My mood was crap all the way to La Push, but the moment I spotted the Mercedes Guardian in Billy's driveway as I drove up I cracked a smile, jumping out of my blue Dodge Ram. She was a mystery, and I had yet to figure out how the hell she'd gotten her hands on that sweet car of hers. What I had found out about her so far didn't fit at all with the fine piece of machinery sitting amidst the dirt, shining like a pearl. Then I was surprised as the door opened and my long-lost brother jumped out, shooting me a scowl full of disapproval.

"Well, hello brother," I greeted him cheerfully. He hated it, and I loved getting on his nerves, it was one of my great pastimes. He just rolled his eyes, stalking up the ramp. "Yeah, I've been good, crazy shit happening at work, girls and booze—" I was cut off by getting the door slammed in my face. I shrugged and opened it, hearing my dad scolding Jacob. It made me smirk.

"Honey, I'm home!"

"Hello Jon, how was your week?" Billy looked up at me from his party-chair—for being stuck in a wheelchair he was surprisingly happy, so I took the liberty of switching the depressing word for one more suitable—his smile was easy, and it always made him look years younger than he was. In spite of my best efforts the old champ had gotten to me and I'd taken a liking to him, even if he'd fucked my mother, in more ways than one. Guess he passed it down to me, because Jacob would rather lose his nuts than to cheat on his girl. Ouch.

"Great. My skills have brought more business around, so I'm very busy, which I like."

"Hey, Jon," came Bella's soft yet somewhat resentful voice. I turned my head to see her appear from down the hallway, her hair damp and her tee showing signs of water-stains. Nice, just out of the shower.

"Hey, glad to see you've changed your mind. Showered and ready to go out for a beer?"

She rolled her eyes. "No. Not now, not ever."

I smiled. "Aw, you're missing out. Your loss." I turned to Jacob. "Jakie! Come with me tonight, we haven't spent any time together for—oh, two weeks. If I didn't know better I'd say you were avoiding me."

His expression had darkened and he did his growling thing, making me sigh.

"Maybe your assumptions are correct, and you should back the hell off for once," he threatened. I feigned horror, putting my hands up.

"Well, aren't we all just chirpy today? Did you just win the lottery or why do I feel this excitement hanging in the air?" I sauntered over to the fridge—it was neutral territory—and grabbed a beer, popping it open and taking a deep swig. "Ah, tastes good. Sure you don't want?" I looked at Jacob and Bella, both looking equally 'thrilled', shaking their heads simultaneously.

Fridays were usually good, which is why I had picked those days to show up here. But today their mood swings had started even before I got into the house, which wasn't what I'd gotten used to. I'd give them this; at least they had made an effort to be polite. Jacob and Bella, that is. Billy was happy as a pig in mud that I wanted to come around, even if I'd catch him looking at me sometimes, a strange expression on his face.

Strange was only the beginning to explain all three of them. Sometimes it felt like they had secret lives and sometimes they could be talking about things, but by the time I'd come to the room they'd look all innocent like. Well, Bella would. Jacob had a good poker face, and while he could hide things from me, she couldn't.

"Would it be possible for you to be serious, for once?" Jacob asked me now and I gave him a sober smile.

"Of course, isn't that hard when you're all acting like someone just died."

Bella sighed and I winked at her.

"No way, Jake, I'm not doing it," she exclaimed and walked past me to start pulling things out of the fridge. Her statement puzzled me and I gave Jakie a questioning look.

"Okay, look," he began, his shoulders slumping in defeat. "I've got something I need to take care of, and if you can behave I would appreciate it if you could take Bella back to Port Angeles."

Oh, I smell drama. It happened a lot around here, not that they ever let me in on what it was exactly.

"What happened to the Guardian?" I asked, wondering if she had gone all typical female on us and finally broken the thing. Not that it should be possible, it was built like a brick shit-house.

"Nothing," she said icily.

"My car carked it," Jacob explained. Ah, I see, they needed taxi service. I guess I could do that; I'd be her personal driver any day. "Yeah right, you're a miracle worker when it comes to mechanical stuff, you just want an excuse to get her car all to yourself. Bet you're dying to get your hands on it for a tune-up," I teased, wagging my eyebrows at him meaningfully.

I felt a punch to my shoulder. "Ow, damn mosquitoes should be dead this time of the year."

Bella groaned. "Ha ha, you're so funny."

"I know, and you love it." I turned and glanced at her where she was chopping up vegetables. "What's cooking?"

She turned to me, wielding her knife. "Lil' Johnny, if you don't get your head out of the gutter," she quipped, eying me pointedly.

I flinched, but recovered quickly, releasing a bright smile on her. "I love it when you're feisty," I looked over my shoulder at Jacob who sent me a scalding death-stare. "Don't you love it, brother?"

He flashed me a cold grin. "Oh, you have no idea how much I love that idea."

Billy and Bella laughed in unison, but Jacob remained unperturbed.

I pouted. "At least Cara loves me," I complained, shuddering inwardly at my poor joke. I bet she would love it if I gave her even half a chance, but relationships weren't my thing at all. Been there, done that, and I wasn't going to try it again. Least of all with a promiscuous tart like Cara.

"Well?" Jacob pressed.

I sighed and rolled my eyes dramatically. "Fine, fine—since you're asking so nicely." He didn't need to know that he wouldn't have had to ask me twice, but if I seemed to excited about it his girlfriend would chop my willy to pieces, after Jacob had dismembered all other parts of me. I didn't doubt for one second that he could. Sometimes he appeared almost feral, like an animal. Which made me think if it was some part of being a Quileute, because his buddies were the same, and huge like Jacob too. Damn, he was a few years younger than me, but still he towered over me like the incredible hulk, minus the disgusting green color.

So much to ponder, so little time, well, not anymore. One of the many reasons why I had decided to move to Port Angeles—there was just no way in hell I would live in the little village. Port Angeles was small enough, but it sufficed. Good thing about my understanding best buddy, who understood that I wanted to spend extra time here. We'd put our plans on ice for now, besides, we needed to let some more money accumulate before we could open up our own shop.

For now I'd have to settle for a small nightclub, eager small-town girls and the tease that was my brother's girlfriend. Admittedly I had been drawn to her when I first met her, and it didn't exactly dull down. Lucky for the both of them that I respected Jacob, no matter how much he despised me. Bella was his girl, so it was my job to treat her as such, as difficult as it was. I prided myself with total control, most of the time.

I could behave, and I would. Enjoying Bella's company wasn't a crime as long as I kept my hands to myself, and ultimately, she wouldn't want me to try anything—she had eyes only for my oversized brother. Maybe it was a good thing, I wasn't known for hanging on to girls, and Bella was the kind of girl that deserved that; that much I could see. As much as I liked to play the field I wasn't a complete douche, and something in me didn't want to hurt her. Weird.