All right, time for my second fanfiction! This is my second fanfiction and my first fanfiction that is not a one-shot. Gin is one of my favorite Bleach characters, and I still can't believe he is dead. I am not sure how many chapters this story will have yet. Bleach chaper 416 was so touching, and Gin's relationship with Rangiku is one of my most favorite Bleach pairings. Anyway, here is the first chapter, enjoy! Oh, and I do not own Bleach.

I'm Glad I Said I'm Sorry

By Ultimania

Chapter 1: Dried Persimmons

Nobody's POV

Rangiku, I hope you are safe. That's why I cast that Hakafuku* on ya, to keep ya away from danger. You have no idea how precious you are to me, and there is so much I want to tell you. I want to tell ya how beautiful you are, how much I love you, why I became a Shinigami, why I ''betrayed'' the Gotei 13, and why I followed that bastard Aizen. I became a Shinigami so you no longer had to cry, because I can't stand ya crying. Any bastard who makes ya cry is mine to kill, including Aizen. I promise you Rangiku, I will kill Aiz-.

Aizen ripped Gin's arm off with his bare hand, causing Gin to lose his blood and strength fast. Gin stared at Aizen with his blue eyes opened with hate and said, ''I promise, I will-.''

''You promised what?'' the recently transformed Aizen sneered. ''You promised that bitch Rangiku that you would actually kill me? How foolish of you.''

''Do...not...ever call...*cough*...Rangiku...a bitch,'' Gin weakly replied while coughing up blood. Before Gin could attack Aizen again, Aizen stabbed Gin with his zanpakuto, mortally wounding Gin. He began to feel his life slowly fading away.

Then Aizen said, ''Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be annihilated at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow.''

Looks like I failed, so this is how dying feels like? Strange, it's a funny feeling. Guess I failed ya Rangiku, and I am beginning to hate myself. It would be best if you just lay down or run, Rangiku. That's right Rangiku, run far away from here. I wouldn't be able to bear it if anything bad happened to ya.

Tears began to fall down the slowly dying Gin's cheek.

''So you are finally showing your true emotions?'' Aizen asked. ''I thought you were lying when you called yourself 'a snake'. I congratulate you on how you were able to decieve me by hiding your true emotions during all those years when you were my subordinate.''

''I was never...your subordinate to begin bastard,'' Gin weakly replied while spitting on Aizen's face in disgust and anger. Enraged, Aizen unimpaled Gin and threw him into a nearby building, causing the building to collapse and a half-dead Gin to fall down on top of a piece of rubble.

Ahh, at least I still have those wonderful memories about ya, Rangiku. It has been a long time ago since we were kids, but it only feels like yesterday...

Beginning of Flashback

110 Years Ago

Gin's POV

I was gathering persimmons, oh how I love persimmons when ya cook them! Once ya cook them, dried persimmons can be so delicious! It was a beautiful day in this forest, although for me my lifestyle was not as favorable. In Rukongai, sometimes just finding food is a miracle, much less a home. I couldn't believe I found an abandonded house in the North Alley of Wandering Spirits district without much hassle, so I took residence in it and called it ''home''. Although, I still had to find a source for food daily, it was not an easy lifestyle. But, the biggest issue was my lonliness. For my entire life, I have been alone, just trying to survive in Rukongai. I couldn't remember anything about my previous life, nor did I cared. I only cared about my new life, and how lonely I felt. I felt like I could trust no one, and the last thing I wanted was to make a friend only to be used and betrayed in the end.

My thoughts were interrupted when I noticed three shinigami nearby. I couldn't quite make out what the three shinigami were saying, but I could tell by the tone of their voices that they were quite pleased with themselves. As the shinigami were departing from the forest, I noticed someone else. A young girl with golden blonde hair was lying on the floor of the forest unconcious. ''She's beautiful...,'' I whispered to myself. After the shinigami have left the forest, I decided to help this girl in regaining her conciousness. I did not know why I wanted to help her, but something about the girl intrigued me. I walked over to the girl and took out some dried persimmons that I kept within my clothes (which I have already cooked this morning and I was going to eat them this evening) and put them in my hand. Then, I kneeled down and held out some dried persimmons in my hand to the girl. I saw that the girl was regaining conciousness, even though she did not opened her eyes yet.

Rangiku's POV

I must have collapsed due to the fact I was so hungry. I shouldn't even be hungry, since I am a soul.

I felt like I was regaining conciousness, when I suddenly heard a voice. ''Eat, if you have collapsed, you must have spiritual energy.''

So this person has spiritual energy too? I whispered,''You too?''

''Yeah, now eat.''

I obeyed the mysterious voice. I took the food out of the stranger's hand. While eating, I realized it tasted wonderful.

''This tastes wonderful...what kind of food is this?''

''Dried persimmons that I cooked earlier this morning. I'm glad ya like them.'' Wow, I never knew dried persimmons could be so good, I love them!

My eyes began to open, and I saw that I was in a forest. Then I saw a silver-haired boy kneeling in front of me with a basket of persimmons on the ground beside him. I had to say this boy is not only kind, but cute!

''What's your name?'' the young silver haired boy asked me.

''My name is Matsumoto Rangiku,'' I answered him.

''What is your name?'' I asked him.

''My name is Ichimaru Gin, nice to meet ya. Rangiku, ya have such a pretty name.''

I began to blush. After all, I never had a boy flirt with me before in my entire life!

''Well, your name is kind of weird, Gin.''

''It's not weird!'' Gin protested. I inwardly chuckled to myself, because it was a weird but cute name.

I sat up and decided to change the subject. ''So, what are you doing here Gin?''

''I found ya in this forest unconcious. Do ya remember how ya got here?''

''No, I can only remember my name for some strange reason.'' Do I have amnesia?

Gin's smile suddenly faded, which was replaced with a frown. ''There were some shinigami nearby ya earlier, did they hurt ya?''

I tried to recall anything about my past, but it was like my mind was a gigantic void that lacked any memories whatsoever. The longer I tried to remember, the more my head began to hurt.

''Are ya all right?'' Gin asked me with a frown and a look of concern on his face when he saw that my face briefly contorted in pain.

I finally gave up on trying to remember my past due to the agonizing pain that was within my head. What striked me as odd was the fact that as soon as I gave up on trying to reclaim my memories, the agonizing pain within my head vanished instantaneously. Why did my head hurt so damn much when I tried to remember anything related to my past?

Finally after a moment of silence while Gin continued to stare at me with concern written all over his face, I answered his questions. ''I am all right...but I still cannot remember anything except for my name.''

There was a moment of silence while I wiped the sweat that appeared on my forehead after failing at remembering my memories. Finally, Gin broke the silence while still frowning and giving me a look of concern. ''I see...well perhaps ya should live with me for awhile until you can remember more about yourself.''

I was so surprised and happy to hear his offer. This boy whom I just met was basically offering me a home!

''You don't mind?'' I asked him with a surprised and joyful tone in my voice.

''Of course I don't,'' Gin answered with a smile on his face.

Without saying another word, he held out his right hand toward me. I grabbed his hand with my own right hand while he helped me to stand up on my feet. At the time, I did not know how much this one boy would change my life forever as we began to walk out of the forest. That was the day I met Ichimaru Gin; whom became my best friend, my lover, my greatest joy, and my greatest sorrow.

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*Hakafuku-a Kido spell.