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A shadow flittered around Roy Mustang's bedroom, finally settling at the end of his bed. The figured was cloaked in darkness; it wrapped around him like a lover's embrace. The figure's glowing eyes were the only part visible, the only part that showed that he was something other than human.

His eyes were trained on the man in the bed. Roy Mustang was shifting this way and that on his bed, throwing the crimson sheets onto the floor. It appeared he was in the mists of a nightmare. The shadow figure climbed over the bed to lie beside Roy, a pale hand running across the man's face. "Sleep, relax, enjoy" the figure hissed. Mustang relaxed, finding a comfortable sleeping position lying on his right side.

The figure moved to where he was behind the sleeping man, left arm draped across the man's chest, right arm bent on the bed to keep him propped up. The glowing eyes traced up and down the man's neck, focusing in on the visible pulse. "Don't worry," the figure whispered in Roy's ear, "I'll make sure you enjoy this as much as I do." The shadow moved his arm down Roy's chest, slipping his hand under the waistband and taking the man into his hand, stroking up and down slowly.

"Hmmmmm" Roy sighed. "That's right enjoy, if you start enjoying it now, the rest won't hurt, it will only enhance your pleasure" the figured moaned into the Roy's ear, the voice telling that it was male. He shifted and brought his right hand up and caressed the neck. He brought his head down and rested his lips around the pulsing skin, slowly licking the area while increasing the motion along Roy's manhood. Sharp teeth sank into the skin, drawing a few drops of blood that trickled down the human's chest.

"Ohhh,mmmm," The figured started sucking on the man's neck in time with the upward strokes, drawing moans and other such sounds out of Roy. Roy tensed and released in the male shadow's hand, panting with the exertion. The figure withdrew his teeth and licked the wounds. The licking action caused the wounds on the neck to close, leaving no trace of being bitten. Removing his hand from Roy's pants, he whipped his hand on the bed.

He rolled Roy onto his back and brought his right hand up to caress Roy's face. "Thank you, I know it wasn't fair of me to take without asking, but you would hate me if you found out what I am. Pleasure is the only thing I can give you that would be as close to compensation as I can get. I might rant and rave, but I love you." The figure bent down and kissed Roy lightly, lips barely touching. Roy opened his eyes and immediately recognized the figure. He closed his eyes and laid still to keep the figure from knowing that he was awake. The figure withdrew from the bed and moved to the open window, and had climbed halfway out before turning back toward Roy.

Seeing that the man was still asleep, he smiled to his self. "Goodnight Roy, I hope one day I can face you while you're awake and tell you the truth about me, tell you that I love you." With that said, the figure slipped out the window, vanishing in the shadows. Roy tried to stay awake to think about the male shadow, and what he had done to him, but sleep claimed him in its peaceful embrace.

"Hey Bastard what's up?" Edward asked as he walked into Roy's office. "Nothing really Fullmetal, stop by to visit with the crew today? Ed leaned against the wall, nodding in agreement. "Just stopped by to pick up my pay check before heading back out to Resembool for a few weeks, Al and I are leaving in an hour." Roy reached into his desk and drew out the check. Ed walked over and grabbed the check and started heading out the door. "Hey Fullmetal, before you go, can you do me a favor?" Ed turned around and looked at Roy. "Yea, sure, what is it?" Roy got out of his chair and stopped in front of Ed. "Let me see your teeth." Ed gave Roy a funny look, but opened his mouth anyway. A full set of normal looking teeth greeted Roy's eyes. Thanks, you can go now" Roy frowned. Edward shrugged. "Can I ask why you wanted to see my teeth?" Roy sat down in his chair before he answered. "Just an odd dream about you with fangs, don't worry about it." Edward just smirked in response. "Pervert, go get laid or something, I'm out of here." Ed waved to everyone and left the office.

If anyone would have been paying attention to Edward's smile as he left the building, they would have seen Ed truly smiling, and light reflecting off of a pair of newly revealed fangs. "Next time Roy, next time I'm in town I'll tell you the truth."

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