When Tara Thornton left the motel, she left Franklin Mott completely baffled. He felt an unexplainable, yet meaningful connection after their brief post coital conversation.

He was certain she felt it too.

For a split second had he thought about going after her, but his pride would not allow it. He lay on the bed in the quiet room, unable to pull himself out of bed, wondering if it was something he said, that upset her enough to leave him.

He had to know what that something was. Tara was a mystery to him, a puzzle which Franklin was anxious to solve. Her beauty enchanted him. the pain he saw in her lovely eyes made him want to protect her from the world.

What was most important to him was knowing he'd convinced her she didn't want to die. He inhaled, not for air but for scent. Her sweet honey fragrance lingered on his skin.

His phone abruptly rang several times interrupting his thoughts. Unable to ignore his employer's calls he answered.

It was time to get back to work.

Finally Tara was home, albeit, her home away from home at Sookie's house. She showered and climbed into the guest room bed.

The young beauty felt uneasy about the way she left the curly haired, blue-eyed vamp. After all, the attractive mysterious man was at the right place at the right time.

She reminisced about the tumultuous event that brought them together. Due to a couple of rednecks who blatantly disrespected her slain lover, the dark haired, man rushed to the woman's aid.

After they beat the disrespectful men who offended her into submission, the British accented vampire glamored the hillbillies into thinking they had assaulted each other.

Tara thought that act was brilliant, methodical and messed up at the same time.

After having mind blowing sex in the heat of passion, Franklin sweetly sparked up a conversation. In any other situation a man asking a woman does she have a husband or boyfriend was expected...

But not for Tara, Franklin asking about her significant other only reminded her of how recent Eggs had died. The dirt on her troubled man's grave hadn't even settled and here she was in bed with another man. Tara realized that like always she had acted on impulse and she had to live with the consequence.

She made a mistake.

A tall, handsome, British- vampire mistake. It must certainly not happen again. She realized despite herself she could not stop thinking about Franklin since the moment she left his room.

But eventually the night caught up with her and finally she fell asleep.

The following night...

Franklin went back to Merlotte's and found a far corner booth to sit in and ordered a True Blood. He was still getting used to the synthetic blood drink and found A-negative to be the most tolerable.

He had completed his investigation task early and wanted to pay Tara a visit and make sure the beautifully broken woman was well.

He watched her unblinkingly, she was so incredibly alluring to him.

She wore a yellow halter top, skin tight blue jeans and her braids swept up in a ponytail. She was a natural beauty in his eyes. He watched Tara make drinks for the steadily growing crowd.

It was busy that night at the bar, so she had not noticed him when he walked in.

Franklin observed smiles being exchanged between her and a dirty-blond haired man in a flannel shirt. He appeared to be the manager or perhaps the owner of the bar. The scruffy faced man would collect money from the register and go to the back which Franklin assumed to be the office area.

Franklin could sense that Tara and the man were close. But how close, he wondered. Could he be her lover; is he the reason she left? He inspected as an older, red haired woman who initially took his order cut her eyes in his direction. Oddly, she began pointing at him while tapping Tara's shoulder. When Tara pulled her eyes away from wiping the counter, her actions halted, her eyes widen.

Tara took a deep breath as she walked over to Franklin with a look of curiosity and slight irritation.

"What are you doing here, Franklin?" She felt she already knew the answer, but didn't quite know what else to say.

"Last time I checked this was a public place. You don't mind, do you?"

Tara looked around to see if anyone heard him. She was relieved when she saw that no one had their eyes on them, not even Arlene, she was busy bringing out an order for a large table across the room.

"Suppose not…" She mumbled, but the irritation was clear on her face. It hurt him that she was not happy to see him, and was determined to find out why.

"Is there any way possible I could get your name now?"

His curiosity about her was getting the best of him; he made up his mind he wouldn't leave until he at least got her first name. He'd prefer her full name and birthday, but he did not want to push his luck.

Tara took a long, deep sigh, crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. Franklin thought her resistance was adorable. Tara was inquisitive as to why he was so interested in her. He could have easily had her for a snack last night if that was what he was after. But he flat out refused her. Even though it was clear to her, he wanted to feed from her...Badly.

Regardless, he missed his shot. What happened last night was a one-time thing.

Tara decided not to put up a fuss about him being there, after all, he was a paying customer, besides he wasn't bothering anyone. There was no need to cause a scene trying to get him to leave.

People around town would never stop lecturing her if he found out that she was with a vampire. There was no way she was prepared to be treated like her best friend Sookie.

"Fine, my name is Tara!" She hissed, placing a tired hand on her hip, allowing her eyes to slowly roll into her head.

"What a lovely name…. Tara." He was practically beaming. She shook her head and mumbled obscenities as she turned towards the bar.

He smiled triumphantly as he watched her perfect ass walk away.

"Beautiful" he murmured.

At the bar as she made another drink for a customer. After a few minutes she noticed him saunter towards the bar.

Damn, he has a sexy walk.

She thought inwardly, as she tried to pull her eyes away from him. He slid into a seat at the far end of the bar, the same place he sat the night before. After Tara finished serving all the customers that were seated before him, she made her way to him.

"Wan another True Blood?" She questioned coldly, not waiting for an answer, she grabbed the bottle out of the cooler and shoved it into the microwave.

"I'll take the True Blood Tara; I'd also like to ask you out..?"

"Look Franklin," Tara paused and then turned to face him. And when his expressive blue eyes met her brown ones, she lost her words. "I-I, just don't think." The microwave beeped, giving her an excuse to look away. She yanked the True Blood out of the microwave, sliding it to him. "I'm not ready for that right now."

And then she walked away.

He sat on the barstool leisurely drinking his True Blood. She noticed those stunning blue eyes never faltered from her. He scrutinized Tara, gazing at her as if she was one of the seven wonders. Tara tried to continue on with her work, but caught herself glancing his way from time to time.

Sam handed her a clean towel and politely asked her to wipe down the empty tables and counters. As she cleaned the bar counter, her mind became flooded with thoughts of her past lovers.

Tara thought about how she always felt second place in Sam's heart next to Sookie. She wished Jason desired her the way she's adored him for so many years. She felt deeply confused about Eggs, she wanted to believe it was love, but wondered, how much of it was just the illusion that Maryanne created.

She gathered the strength to look Franklin's way and exhaled.

He was gone.

Tara finished her shift and drove to Sookie's house. She wondered how long Sookie would be gone with Bill… At the same time, she was looking forward to her time alone.

She fiddled with the key ring and just as she was about to place the key into the keyhole she heard his voice.

"Hello, Tara."

Tara screamed and dropped her keys and the bag of tacos Lafayette made for her. She couldn't believe Franklin was sitting on the rail at the far end of the porch with the most nonchalant look on his face.

"What the fuck! How did you know where I lived?"

Most of all Tara wanted to know what he really wanted from her. And with that walk that Tara found unbearably sexy Franklin slowly closed the space between them.

Now he stood mere inches from her, she could smell his fragrant cologne.

"I followed you." He casually replied "Aren't you happy to see me?" Franklin sensed her distress. Her heart was racing, he knew he had frightened her.

That thrilled him.

"Hell no..!" She snapped. She could hear own her voice shaking.

"Come on Tara, don't be that way." He smirked, trying to make her feel at ease. She found his smirked to be alluring and annoying at the same time. Franklin picked up the brown paper bag and keys and gently placed them in her hands. Tara's hands were still shaking as she unlocked, opened the door and dashed into the house. Tara knew from what Sookie told her that he could not enter unless invited.

And he was still standing there waiting for her to invite him in.

There was no way in hell she was going to do that.

"Well, I guess, you will be on your way Franklin." She taunted him, sarcastically waving her hand good bye.

"Don't you want to let me in…Tara?" He said her name slow and deliberately. He wanted to be with her and was not taking NO for an answer.

"Tara…" He purred, he was glamoring her, as he had done countless people over the centuries.

Tara knew exactly what he was doing and it enraged her. "No I don't want to let you in -you sonofabitch! Just FYI, so you can tell all your vampire friends. I can't be glamored!" She yelled at him and slammed the door.

Sookie and Bill told her after being possessed by the ancient and powerful maenad, her mind had become immune to any sort of mind control.

Now Franklin stood there completely befuddled and one again, Tara was the cause. She was a beautiful mystery, so full of surprises. Through the door he listened to her walk up the stairs. She cursed him the whole way up. He heard her walk into a room and slammed the door.

She shouted out… "And that's why I fucking hate vampires!"