Jazz, her parents, Johnson and Andy waited nervously for Sam and Tucker to return. Most citizens had figured the best was through, and so returned to their homes for a few more hours of rest if not to start a new day. Only a handful of people remained, walking about while speaking of the attack and the return of their hero. Police officers came together, discussing matters about the attack and the museum's mysterious break-in.

Jazz hugged her waist tightly, almost as though she was getting cold and wanted to keep warm; it had already been fifteen minutes; what if they had not been able to find Danny's body?

"Come on, where are you kids?" Jack whispered insistently, as Maddie placed her hands together.

The portal remained as it was—silent and unchanging—until finally, out stepped Sam and Tucker, smiling brightly. Between them, one arm around their shoulders for support, was Danny, black-haired, blue-eyed and all.

Exactly how he had left them five years earlier.

"DANNY!" Maddie, Jack and Jazz cried out happily, running to him.

Sam and Tucker let Danny go to allow him to take a few weak steps forward. Danny struggled with the first few steps, having not used his legs for the past five years, but stood up straight and smiled happily as his parents and his sister threw their arms around him and embraced him.

"He's finally back, every human piece of him!" Jack exclaimed, rubbing his son's head.

"And I am never letting you go, ever again!" Maddie added, showering Danny with kisses. "My little baby's come home!"

Danny groaned as he struggled to breathe but laughed upon seeing his family so happy. "I told you I'd come back, Mom," he said. "You didn't doubt me, did you?"

"You're five years past your curfew, young man!" Jack said, pretending to sound stern.

"I'm thirty years old, Dad! I don't have a curfew!"

Jazz placed her arms around Danny's neck, and he placed his around her waist. "I'm so glad you're finally back, Little Brother," she said, kissing his cheek. "You don't know how off life's been without you in it."

"Considering you guys will no doubt tell me, you should probably let me breathe in order to live to hear the tale!" Danny chuckled, finally breaking free of his family. He looked down at his feet and jogged in place for a moment. "Five years of sleeping in a box is catching up to me. If you guys hope on telling me anything, you'll have to do it while I eat, jog and swim."

"How about while you work?"

Danny stopped jogging and turned to face the one who spoke to him. Johnson walked up to him, grinning proudly and held out his hand. "Far too long since we last spoke, wouldn't you agree?" the scientist asked.

"Definitely," Danny replied, shaking the man's hand. "I'm guessing you told everyone how we met?"

"In a word, yes."

"It may sound very odd, Sir, but I'm extremely glad to see you again," Danny added with a smile. "After all these years, not sharing with you information and stories, it's a real treat to have you in the smack-dab middle of an adventure."

Johnson chuckled. "I did not expect it, but you know me; always interested in the unknown."

"I'm surprised you even came out here to lend everyone a hand."

"Initially, I was not going to, but when I heard that it could bring you back, I wanted to be the first at NASA to welcome you home…" Johnson winked. "By the way, it's very good to see you smile again, Boy."

Danny grinned in reply.

Johnson let his hand go and placed it behind his back again. "Before I forget, Danny; Lieutenant Jones—you remember him, right? Dr. Jones has instructed me to send you a message the moment you returned home."

"A message?" Danny echoed in confusion. "What kind of message would he have for me after all this time?"

"An important one," Johnson replied. "In fact, he hopes that you will return to work within the next month, if not sooner. And knowing the Lieutenant, he'll probably expect you to be there sooner ."

Danny recoiled in surprise, as did the rest of his family. "Return to work?" he echoed.


"But Dr. Johnson, I've been absent for five years! I've missed years of experience and hours of training! He doesn't actually expect me to come back to NASA and restart, does he?"

"Return, yes," Johnson announced. "Restart… out of the question."

When all Danny did was look at him in confusion, the scientist chuckled and adjusted his glasses. "Daniel, the autumn after you disappeared, we were considering your suggestion for a special mission crew in outer space," he explained. "In fact, the idea sounded so interesting and fantastic… that the Lieutenant chose you to be the very first—and youngest, might I add—Captain of NASA's Special Missions."

Danny gaped in disbelief while Tucker laughed in the background.

"He always did like the way you worked, Danny."

"C-c-c-captain?" Danny repeated in complete mystification. Sam, Jazz and Maddie began to laugh along with Tucker.

"Yes. You have a uniform, a suit and your own office," Johnson continued. His eyes twinkled. "You even have your own space shuttle."

"I have a ship?" Danny exclaimed.

"NASA Space Shuttle Number B-614, to be exact. It's been constructed to your designs."

Danny was dumbfounded. He passed a hand over his face and placed it over his mouth.

"The spot was honoured to be yours, Daniel. Lieutenant Jones did not want to give it to anyone else. We've even postponed the missions until you returned. He had high hopes that you would."

Danny looked up at him, his eyes still wide with shock.

Johnson smiled at him. "So, what will it be, Danny?" he asked. "Will you show up for work in thirty days, or will you remain here in your beloved Amity Park?"

"Take it, Kiddo!" Jack whispered while giving the thumbs up.

Danny looked at his family before uncovering his mouth and clearing his throat. "Um…" he said shakily. He looked up at Johnson and smiled. "I wouldn't miss it for the world, Sir," he finished.

Johnson nodded nobly and straightened his back. "Then, as the Lieutenant would have it," he began. He raised his hand and placed it by his forehead as a salute. "Carry on."

Danny placed his legs together as straight as they could be, raised his head and saluted the man in return, with a serious face. "Sir!" he replied.

Johnson put his arm down and turned. "I must be heading back to NASA now," he announced to everyone. "I have a thesis to complete, and a new job to prepare for Danny. It's been quite a fun-filled day for me, although if I am to be included in another Fenton Ghost Hunt, I do wish that I remain on the sidelines. I am not as young as I used to be."

"Thank you for your help, Dr. Johnson," Maddie replied with a grin after nudging her husband in the gut—Jack had begun to giggle when Johnson made his last statement.

The scientist nodded in return. "I am happy to be of assistance in finding your son, Mrs. Fenton," he replied. He looked at Danny once more and grinned before walking off. "Until next time… Dr . Fenton."

Danny grinned brightly at those last words until Tucker cheered loudly and leaped onto his back. "I can't believe it!" he exclaimed. "You come home after five years and NASA promotes you to Captain! This is like a Star Trek movie or something!"

"You really did have too much time on your hands, Tucker," Danny chuckled before his best friend let him go. He turned around and faced him, spreading his arms out. "And what's this about Mayor? I really can't believe that, dude! And Amity Park, turning into a city? Boy, have you guys got one heckova story to tell me!" He began numbering down his fingers. "We'll start with what happened right after I had to leave; then you'll tell me about when you went back to college; and then what you guys have been doing for my birthdays —which reminds me; I'm starving." He looked at Tucker and rubbed his hands together while licking his lips. "You still gonna buy me that Nasty Burger?"

Tucker placed an arm around Danny's shoulders. "Dude, you've got a whole month or so to chillax!" he said. "By then, you'll have your sleep, have your showers, you'll hear our five-year-long story, and you'll have your nasty burger! For now, why don't you just sit back and enjoy being home? We've got all forever to catch up on things!"

"Just as long as I'm back on the same page as you guys," Danny replied.

"Not to mention you must have some serious stories to tell us . Five years in the Ghost Zone? Dude, everyone here still thinks that you went missing! Even Dash and Paulina!" Tucker removed his arm from around his best friend and grinned. "But like I said, let's just relax for now. I'm just satisfied to have you finally back, Danny." He held out his fist. "Welcome home, Bro."

Danny smiled back and smacked his fist against Tucker's before they clasped hands together. "It's good to be home," he replied.

Tucker let his hand go and then stepped aside. Danny watched him do so, looked at the person who was standing nearest to him, and then walked towards her.

Sam smiled through tears and tried to wipe some away before Danny placed his arms around her. She hugged him back and pressed her cheek against his. "I'm so happy you're back, Danny," she whispered with a soft laugh. "These past five years just haven't been the same without you. I missed you so much."

"I missed you too, Sam," Danny whispered back, closing his eyes. "There wasn't one day that I didn't go without thinking of you. You were the last person I wanted to leave like that." He kissed her cheek and held her tighter. "Did you feel that?" he asked, whispering in her ear.

Sam smiled and stroked the back of his head after feeling Danny's breath warm her ear. "More than you know," she replied. After a moment, she added, "I hope you don't mind, but I went ahead and bought a house. And a car. And insurance."

Danny leaned closer to her ear. "As long as I don't need to live with my parents anymore, I'm good," he whispered, making her laugh.

"The basement is free for your stuff," Sam added after giggling. "You can organize it into a storage room for your NASA gear, and if you'd like, you can add a Ghost Portal. Tucker's already building you one."

Danny sighed softly and only pressed his cheek against hers again. "Let's forget about the Ghost Portal until I'm back from NASA," he said. "I don't intend to visit that place before then."

"Good enough for me."

Danny continued to hold her against him for a few more seconds before finally deciding to open his eyes; he heard someone approaching them from behind Sam. He looked down.

Andy walked up to them, hands behind his back, and a wide grin on his face. He swung his hips around gently while staring up at Danny with big blue eyes.

Danny stared at the child a little longer before finally opening his mouth. "Um, Sam," he said softly.

"Mm-hm?" Sam replied.

Danny did not take his eyes off of Andy. "That kid," he whispered. "… That little boy…" He waited a minute before continuing. "… That's my son, isn't it?"

Sam opened her eyes and looked at Tucker with a grin. Tucker winked back.

"Yeah," she replied, finally pulling herself away from Danny.

Danny looked at her in confusion. "How?" he asked.

Sam looked at the ground for a moment. "A month before you had to go into the Ghost Zone," she explained. "Remember that one night we spent together?" She looked at Danny. "I never got the chance to tell you that… that I became pregnant."

Danny raised his eyebrows a little before looking over Sam's shoulder at the boy standing behind her. He covered his mouth, blushed for a few seconds—which made his family and even Andy giggle—and then passed a hand through his hair while taking a deep breath.

"His name is Andrew," Sam added. "Andy Fenton."

"Fenton?" Danny echoed, looking at her again.

Sam shrugged with a grin. "He likes it," she said. "And… I guess just in the hopes…"

Danny stared at her in silence until Tucker spoke up. "Fenton has a better ring to it than Manson," he clarified.

Sam glared at him, reached over and punched Tucker's shoulder. Tucker yelped in pain while leaping in place and rubbed it gingerly, making everyone, including Danny, laugh. "Oh, come on , Sam, you know I'm just kidding !" Tucker exclaimed.

"Just making sure," Sam replied with a sly grin.

Danny looked away from them and looked at Andy again. The boy was still smiling at him.

The man waited a moment before walking around Sam and stepping towards the child.

Andy wiggled with excitement and giggled as Danny knelt down and came face-to-face-with him. He waited eagerly for the man to speak.

Danny stared at him in silence, studying his physical appearance, before finally grinning timidly. "Hello, Andy," he said.

Andy giggled. "You're my Daddy," he replied.

"Looks like it."

"I knew you would come back home. Mommy and Uncle Tucker always said so."

Danny looked over his shoulder at Sam and Tucker for a moment. When they both grinned in reply, he looked at Andy again. "Well," he said, "Here I am."

Andy continued to grin excitedly and nodded his head.

Danny waited a moment before speaking again. "You've got… you've got ghost powers, don't you?" he said softly while cracking another grin.

"Dr. Johnson says I gots them from you," Andy replied. "But I can only turn invisible and intangi… tangi…" Andy paused and frowned. "Intagi… in-tan-gi—!"

"Intangible," Danny finished for him, chuckling softly.

"Yeah. I can walk through things."

"Those can be really handy in tight situations."

"You're not… you're not mad at me for having ghost powers, are you?" Andy asked worriedly. "Because I never told Mommy until today, because I didn't want her to get scared."

Danny gave him a funny look. "Now, why would I be mad at you?" he asked. "I can't get mad at you yet; I just met you."

Andy giggled and looked at his feet for a minute before looking at Danny again. "But I'm not half ghost," he concluded. "Like you."

Danny sighed and shook his head. "No," he replied. "You're all human, or at least enough not to be detected by other ghosts." He smiled and gently poked the boy's nose. "Consider yourself a quarter ghost, if not slightly less. No thanks to the small gene you got from me."

Andy giggled and rubbed his nose before looking at his hero again. "What's a gene?"

"It's DNA. It's a little piece that a person gets from his parents. It's what makes him or her their kid." Danny grinned again. "And though I didn't get the picture the first time I saw you, having ghost powers automatically makes you my kid."

Andy smiled proudly before pulling his hands out from behind his back. He stared at their contents and then held them up so that Danny could see them.

It was the small figurines of Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton that Andy carried with him. The man stared at them in silence.

"Uncle Tucker gave 'em to me," Andy explained. "He says that they used to make 'em. A kid at school told me that they don't make 'em anymore, so they're worth a bunch of money."

Danny held up the little figurine of his human half and grinned amusingly. "Yep," he said. "They stopped making them the year I graduated." He looked at Andy again. "They're pretty rare, now. Especially this one. No one but us knows why they made one of Danny Fenton." He handed it back to the boy. "They must be your favourites."

Andy looked at the toys for a moment before shaking his head. "Not anymore," he replied.

Danny looked at him in confusion. "Why not?"

"Because I don't need rare toys to be my favourite anymore." Andy tucked them away into his pockets and grinned. "I gots the real thing, now."

Danny raised his eyebrows for a moment in surprise and then finally smiled warmly.

Andy walked up to him and placed his arms around Danny's neck, just as Danny placed his around the boy's waist. "I love you, Daddy," he whispered.

"I… I love you too, Andy… I really do."

Andy looked up at his mother when Danny whispered those words. When Sam smiled back and Tucker gave him the thumbs up, the five-year-old grinned in reply and held up his thumb as well.

The others looked on with smiles until hurrying footsteps caused them to look away. A police officer was running towards them, out of breath. "Mayor Foley! Mayor Foley, Sir!" he called out.

Danny let go of Andy and stood up again as the officer came to a stop before Tucker. "Sir, there was a break-in at the museum," he said urgently. "Last night, just before the ghost attack. The jewel you had on display, the blue one; it's gone! The robbers must have taken it!"

Tucker raised his eyebrows and looked from Jazz to Sam. All three shared startled looks, though Danny could tell that they were only faking it.

"What should we do?"

Tucker waited a moment and then waved an arm in the air. "Bah; let him get away," he said.

The officer frowned in confusion. "Sir?"

"It was a worthless rock, Officer; just something pretty that I decided to put on display!" Tucker continued, as Jazz choked on a laugh and covered her mouth. "Whoever got away with it was probably in desperate need of some funny money. Just take the display down and keep the rest of them up."

"But Mayor—!"

Tucker leaned towards the man and patted his head, making Sam laugh this time. "My good man, take a day off and just chill ," he said. "It was just a stupid rock."

The police officer blinked several times quickly before straightening his hat and clearing his throat. "Um, yessir," he said, still slightly confused. He turned and walked off. "Uh, good day, Sir."

Tucker straightened out while Danny looked at him with an amused grin. "You're letting the guy get away ?" Danny said, although he knew that it had been Tucker and the others who had broken into the museum.

Tucker shrugged. "I figured that if the guy who stole it was that good, he was probably a stylish, stealthy, debonair kind of guy," he said, pretending to push his hair back. "Someone who had to get credit for getting away with the job."

"Oh, really ?" Danny said with a chuckle. "And just who was this robber in question?"

Tucker looked at him proudly, but to Danny's complete surprise, he pointed at Andy, making everyone laugh. "The little dude that looks like you," he said.

Danny frowned in confusion, making Sam laugh even more.

"Hey, like you said; invisibility and intangibility really come in handy in tight situations. Try stealing a rock inches from my face , for example."

Andy giggled hysterically and raised his arm, catching Danny's attention. "Going Ghost!" he exclaimed, making everyone laugh once more.

Tucker walked over to the Ghost Portal while sighing and pulled out the three Spirit Gems. "Well, considering they've led us to wherever we needed to go," he said, holding them up, "I don't think they're of any value to us anymore." He tossed them into the portal and slammed the close button on its side, resulting in the green spiral inside the ring to magically disappear. "If the ghosts want, they can have 'em," he said, dusting his hands off. "I've got what I want, so I'm good."

Danny took the opportunity to turn back to face Sam. While Andy cheered and ran over to his uncle, Danny placed his arms around his girlfriend and placed his forehead against hers. "So," he said with a grin as Sam stared up at him, "Considering we've already unofficially tied the knot with Junior—" Sam giggled softly at this "—What would you say if I asked you to marry me?"

Sam leaned her head back for a moment and placed a finger at her mouth as if thinking deeply about something. "Hm; I don't know," she said sarcastically. She placed her arms around Danny's neck and leaned closer to him. "Let me think about it while I kiss you."

Although no one knew just how close Amity Park came to losing their hero for good, the Fentons did, and they were not willing to ever come that close again. While Tucker, Jazz and Andy chased each other in circles while shouting for joy, cheering on having a complete family again, and while Madeleine and Jack Fenton saddled up the RV, the infamous ghost hero himself was satisfied with his own happy ending: after half a decade in a zone with no end, standing still with the love of his life while the world continued to move forward was the perfect way to end another adventure.

None of the citizens in Amity Park ever found out why Danny Phantom had refused to show himself in public for the past five years, and no one found out why he had suddenly decided to return. Which made Dr. Daniel Fenton, NASA astronaut and newly named Captain, an instant hit in Amity Park. With his return came a series of theories, all from being kidnapped and taken hostage somewhere underground to falling in a river and being washed out to sea.

Reporters were curious. Being the closest known companion to the ghost hero, other than Jack and Maddie Fenton's son, Mayor Foley was asked several questions on this matter. Luckily, though, Tucker had learned several years ago to not open his mouth unless needed to; Danny's secret was and always would remain a secret, even though people were curious about their sudden return. The city continued to remain oblivious to the fact that Fenton and Phantom were one and the same, much to the Phantom Crew's relief.

And after five years without a father, Andy finally got his wish. Danny married Sam within two weeks, left on a ghost hunting honeymoon, and moved in with them before starting his job at NASA a week after that. Andy's perfect family was finally complete, and before the month was up, at that.

On that note, this story comes to an end; but rest assured that this is just the beginning.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: So there we are! the second half of the Introduction story to my DP fanfic series! Hope you all liked it! I like writing things for children or young teenagers, so if it sounded a little childish, you've got the reason now.^^

Andy will continue to be one of the main characters, though the spotlight is still reserved for Danny, considering he's the protagonist. You will also meet several new characters, such as Danny's boss, his co-pilot, and Tucker's future girlfriend. There will also be recurring characters from the TV show, including Dani (yes, yes, I know most of you were hoping to see her). If you want a list of some of the characters you will see most often, go to this webpage ( /d2uuo47 ) or go to my deviantart page and check my gallery. It'll be in the Danny Phantom folder, under the title DP Character Chart.

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