Hi there! This here's my first Fanfiction. Take it easy on me and help me out. I usually read them but I got blindsided by an idea.

It's going to be a long story and I've already started a few pages. By few, I mean 39.

Anyway, Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight otherwise I would be reading all the time instead of wishing upon a star.

I awoke to the sound of the plane landing. I arrived at the Port Angeles airport at night but I wasn't sure what time it was.

I bumped into a few people and went to the bathroom. I locked myself into one of the stalls and looked at my findings. Two wallets and a money clip full of hundreds, it wasn't much but it was enough to get me by. I knew picking the first class passengers was a good idea.

I took off my jacket, placed my hat on, and smothered my face in makeup while trying to slide on my skirt. I looked in the mirror and found I was unrecognizable from the girl who got off the plane.

Good, that was my aim.

I gave myself an approving nod in the mirror, rolled my eyes at my stupidity and went to the lost and found to return the wallets.

As I was leaving, I realized I had no ride and needed to find a place to live in. I found a nearby biker bar and smiled inwardly.

Perfect. Nothing better than besting macho men in their own turf. I struggled to look helpless, threw my belongings into a dumpster to retrieve later and headed inside.

When I stumbled in (part of my helpless look) I looked around and headed to the bar.

"Can I please use your phone? I need to call someone so I can head home." I pleaded with the barkeep.

He looked me up and down, rolled his eyes, and tossed a phone at me.

"Make it quick", he grunted and continued polishing his glasses. I never got why bartenders did that. Didn't they use their rags to wipe down the dirty surface as well?

I dialed a weather station and pretended to argue with it.

"The weather for today is high 70s and lows in the 60s while…" the automated voice droned on.

"But Dad!" I whined, "How long would that take?"

"Next week, we will have high chances of rain with possibility of…"

"All right but you totally owe me dinner." I paused and then added "I promise, bye Dad" and hung up the phone.

I tossed it back to the man and asked him if I could stay there for a bit.

"Uh, I don't think that's a good idea little girl" he said uneasily while looking around the room. "Why don't you stay in the airport?"

"Bad experience" I lied and he finally relented when I made my face go into pleading mode. I inwardly pumped my fist while giving him the sweetest smile I could muster.

I turned on my stool and surveyed the bar. My eyes zeroed in on a game of cards that was going on. I stood and sauntered over to the table.

"What's the bet?" I asked.

The whole table looked up at me, looked at each other and then broke out in laughter.

"We don't want to steal all your money sweetheart." One man with a red bandana piped up before the table started in hysterics again.

"Who said you would" I smirked while the men started sobering up.

"Buy in's $1,000 darling" said Red Bandana as if I'd back out over that piece of information.

I dug in my pocket, threw the money on the table and asked "This enough?"

The men looked at each other begrudgingly and someone kicked out a chair for me.

"Thank you" I smiled and collected my cards.

Two hours later, I was joking around with my new buddies Jesse, Lin, Matty, Roe and Tack. The only one who still wasn't enjoying my company was Petey who thought I was cheating. I was but I kept my game at a constant by winning some games at random times and purposely losing at other times.

"I don't believe you're this good" Petey announced while glowering at me from behind his cards.

"Oh shut up" Lin drawled while leaning back on his chair. "You're jealous that she's wittier than you and one hell of a looker" he winked at me.

I winked back at Lin and leaned over the table to address Petey. "How about a wager Petey?"

"What kind of wager" he asked suspiciously.

"Three games Petey, and I will give you every penny I have to my name if you win but if I win, I get…" I trailed off while tapping my finger on my chin pretending to think.

"Yes?" he prompted impatiently.

"Ooh. Temper, temper" I chastised while the other men laughed. Petey rolled his eyes and waited for me to continue.

"If I win, I get your motorcycle." I finished.

The men "oohed" at Petey while I sat back and raised my eyebrow. "You game Petey?"

"I'm game" he huffed and I smiled in victory.

20 minutes later, I walked out of the bar with my new keys while shouting goodbye to the guys who were jeering at Petey for losing one of his prized bikes. I would have felt bad but he had more and I really needed a ride.

I collected my stuff from the dumpster and walked over to my prize, a beautiful BMW K 1300 S motorcycle that was black, white and orange.

I giggled giddily and ran my hand over the smooth surface before revving it and waving goodbye to my new friends that had piled outside to see me off. Even Petey stopped his glowering long enough to give a small smile to my gleeful face.

No one even realized that my "father" didn't pick me up.

I was driving down the highway with the spare helmet Petey had and slowed down when I saw a large sign that announced "Welcome to Forks".

I drove around as quietly as I could until I found motel and asked for a room.

I locked the door, placed a chair under the knob, closed all curtains and laid out my belongings on my bed. A few passports in different names, petty money from various places, a few collections of knickknacks I could never part with, my sketchbook, my pencil and eraser, my knife, a few clothes, my laptop and my lock picking kit.

Hey, you never know. Don't judge me. I had basically raised myself and I had to get by any way I could.

I was untraceable and a damn good thief. I was a con artist that others considered a myth until they saw the telltale sign in the place of whatever I stole. I usually left an origami fox but if I wanted to really mess with someone's head, I created a sculpture out of metal. A keepsake of sorts, I figured.

I was talented in many things but I liked to keep people guessing over what my specialty was by stealing random things. A painting here, an animal there, maybe a historical artifact, expensive cars, documents.

But now, I was giving up my life as a con artist and settling down for my final years of life. I had several bounties on my head, not that I was worried because no one knew my true identity. I just grew tired of running every day and longed to settle down but it wouldn't be possible for me because a thief never settles in one place for too long.

So I researched a small nobody town that never gets any action but was still close enough to big cities so that I can begin my new life.

Here, I wasn't The Fox; I was plain old, normal, Bella Swan.

And it is going to stay that way.

Well, how was it? Should I continue? Oh I hope so. I might just continue even if people don't want me to.

Anyway, I'll be writing furiously for the next three weeks and try to update regularly.