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I don't know how long Bella had been sleeping but her relaxed pose told me that the worst was over. It was only a matter of time.

Trina and Moz had come back from the woods, laughing as they picked leaves out of their hair. The sky was a hue of light blue from the sunrise as they came into the room I was in and kissed Bella's cheeks.

"Got some fresh mountain lion for you buddy, not Tuna of course," he told me with a smile.

"Thanks," I told him as I took the thermos from him. Trina looked at me and I had trouble looking into her eyes.

That day, everything had gone so fast we didn't even register that Trina and Moz were hurt. We had to turn them quickly because of their severe injuries. Moz had already begun the transformation after James had bit him but Trina was almost fading into death until Rosalie made the split decision to bite her.

"How much longer?" Trina asked as she moved Bella's hair out of the way.

"Almost but she should be awake since she has finished healing but she hasn't woken yet," I told her. She nodded and traced Bella's face with her finger.

Moz and Trina were knockouts. They had been pretty good looking before but now they were gorgeous.

I looked over Bella once again. She had become so beautiful but I still felt guilty. That day, we also had to change Bella as well.

As soon as Bella collapsed, her heart started getting weaker and we saw the toll that the vampire venom had taken on her. We discovered that she had so much blood drained from her that her body was having trouble functioning.

We had a few scares as we transported Bella. Her heart would stop at random times and we waited those heartbreaking seconds until we heard a faint beat.

Carlisle had told me at one point that her heart wouldn't last anymore so I had to make decision. After Bella's heart had stopped for nearly a minute, I broke and bit her. Her blood was delicious, like ambrosia nectar specially designed for me.

It took me a bit to stop but I pulled away and she started to go through the change.

Moz and Trina had woken up two weeks ago and had transitioned to vampire life nicely. They never complained about the taste of animals and they checked in on Bella every day. Tuna and Fish also took a part in Bella's rescue, acting as guardians until they were sure she was safe. They stayed on the table next to her and took turns going to the bathroom.

How they got the toilet to flush, I'll never know.

The family also checked in on Bella and Alice had been excited that Bella wasn't awake to veto her decisions to dress Bella up. What we didn't know was that Bella's powers reacted even in her unconscious state.

As soon as Alice came at Bella with an ice blue cocktail dress, a bubble encircled Bella and knocked Alice back a few feet.

We had initially freaked out until we realized that it was only Alice that it was blocking. As soon as Alice sarcastically asked if Bella was comfortable with jeans and a t-shirt, the bubble was let down.

Carlisle was in awe. He had never seen a reaction like that and he studied Bella's defenses. He soon discovered that if someone came at Bella with bad intentions, the bubble formed and the people bounced off the bubble. The fascinating thing was that if there were people without bad intentions, they could make their way inside the bubble.

We didn't know if Bella had any other powers but her physical shield was an astounding development.

Alice waltzed in with a pair of jeans, a brown studded tank top and some accessories.

"Jeans and a nice tank, Bella. Oh, and some cute heels," she said as she walked tentatively toward Bella. She threw a pebble and walked in once she saw there was no shield.

"You don't have to pelt her with pebbles Alice," I told her as I picked the rock up and threw it outside.

"It's better than smashing into it headfirst. I don't see why I'm the only one it works on repeatedly. It even hurts," she grumbled as she set everything on a chair and got her supplies ready.

"You're the only one who complains Alice," I told her as I helped her set up.

"Oh whatever," she griped. "Go away while I get your girlfriend all pretty."

"You know I could help you out Alice," I told her as she pushed me out the door.

"I'm sure your perverted self would want to take advantage of your incapable girlfriend but I have morals Edward," she told me. I whipped my head around to her.

"That's not what I meant!" I told her hurriedly.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Alice rolled her eyes as she slammed the door in my face.

"Trying to put the moves on Bella when she's not awake? That's a bit creepy Ed, I'm not sure I approve," Moz told me as he walked by. I glared at him as he turned the corner and waited until the door opened.

Alice had taken it upon herself to get Bella clean while she was incapable sine Bella saved her life. She didn't even mind that Bella only wanted to wear jeans and a t-shirt.

30 minutes later, Alice opened the door and I rushed in to see Bella. She was in a studded brown tank top and jeans. She had on a delicate necklace and some killer heels that did a wonder to her legs.

"You're welcome," Alice smirked as she saw me appreciating the heels. Bella looked stunning but I couldn't wait for her to wake up.

It was around three in the afternoon when Alice flashed into the room.

"What is it?" I asked her as I flipped my page.

"Two minutes!" she yelled and the whole room filled up to see Bella wake up.

We counted the seconds down silently until I saw her stir. I squeezed her finger and moved closer.

"Bella?" I whispered as I poked her shoulder.

"Did…" she whispered as her head turned the slightest.

"Did what, Bella?" Alice asked quietly. Bella's head moved around a bit more until her eyes opened the slightest bit. She turned her head toward me with closed eyes and asked a question I wasn't expecting.

"Did you just poke me?" she asked hoarsely. I looked at her confusedly until I chuckled.

"Yeah, sorry Love. How do you feel?" I asked her as I moved her wet hair away from her face.

"Like I took the best nap of my life," she said as she stretched. I couldn't help but let my eyes wander to her belly when her tank top rose as she stretched her arms up.

"Ahem, we're still here," Jasper muttered. I looked down embarrassed until I felt warm fingers bring my face up. I gasped in astonishment at her eyes. Instead of them being the standard red color, they were the most vibrant shade of green with a rim of orange around the pupil and various streaks of turquoise in the green.

"Bella, your eyes," I whispered as I looked at them. She looked up and everyone gasped as well. They were so striking that it was impossible not to stare.

"Quit it," Bella told us as she wrinkled her nose at us. Rosalie moved closer and said something that everyone was thinking.

"You're so cute!" she cooed at Bella. Bella rolled her eyes at what she said and huffed. Rosalie flew to the other side of the room and had trouble moving.

"Why can't I get down?" Rosalie asked as she struggled against the invisible force. Emmett walked over and tried to get her down to no avail.

"You're stuck up there pretty good sweetheart," he said as he dangled from her feet. He let go, dropped to the floor and looked up at her quizzically.

"Let me guess, that would be you doing that Bella," Moz said as he crossed his arms over his chest. Bella looked at him sheepishly and nodded as she bit her lip. She focused her gaze on Rosalie until she rapidly regained gravity. Right before Rosalie slammed onto the floor; she froze an inch off the ground and floated down gently.

Rosalie looked livid and walked angrily up to Bella.

"Never do that again," she hissed as she waggled a finger at Bella. Bella raised her eyebrow and Rosalie's posture went slack. After a bit, Bella smirked and looked at everyone behind Rosalie.

"Stop that!" Rosalie yelled as she got back control of her body.

"Bella, do you have an inkling of what your powers might be?" Carlisle asked from the wall. Bella scrunched up her face and shook her head a little.

"I suppose it's some form of telekinesis and the mental mind block, right?"

"Yes, but you also have a physical barrier as well. You nearly knocked poor little Alice out on more than one occasion," Carlisle added. Bella mumbled an apology to Alice but Alice waved it off.

"So, why did you guys turn me into a vampire? I mean, I'm grateful but I'm confused," Bella told us as she examined her new skin bouncing lights around the room.

"You mean you don't remember what happened to you?" Esme asked in a shocked voice.

"Something happened?"

"Yeah Bells, you got kidnapped," Emmett told her.

"By whom?" She asked us with wide eyes. We all glanced at each other worriedly. How could she not remember?

"By Jimmy and his buddies hon," Moz told her as he got closer.

"What happened to your eyes Moz?" Bella gasped as she ran a hand down his face. He caught her hand and looked deep into her eyes.

"Try to remember Bella," he pleaded. She sat back and shook her head slowly.

"I don't… Oh!" she gasped suddenly. Her face went into the blank stare we had found her in and after 5 minutes of her staring into space, her body went slack.

I rushed over to her side and the family crowded around her. She focused her eyes on me and whispered "I remember."

"What exactly do you remember Bella?" Rosalie asked her.

"Everything. The threats, the beatings, the excruciating pain that I felt when they bit me and let the venom run through my veins a bit," Bella told us. As she was telling us about this, we started to experience the things she was telling us about and we all cast a glare at Jasper.

"Sorry!" he yelped, "it was coming on so strong that I felt the pain as if it was mine. There was too much and I got lost in her story."

"It was almost hypnotizing," Carlisle mused.

"I do not have hypnotic powers!" Bella scoffed as she bolted upright.

"Wait, maybe you do," Alice said.

"Ooh, quick! Say, 'These are not the droids you're looking for', in a creepy voice!" Emmett said to Bella. Bella looked at him and huffed.

"Would you forget about that?" she asked him.

"Forget about what?" he asked her. We looked at him confused.

"Stop playing Emmett, you didn't really forget," Rosalie said as she gave him a little shove.

"No seriously, forget what?" he said again.

"We were just talking about Bella and her hypnotic powers!" Alice burst out.

"Ooh, Bella's hypnotic? Quick Bella, say 'these are not the droids you're looking for' like they did on Star Wars!" He said excitedly.

"I just read his mind and he doesn't remember the conversation at all," I told everyone.

We all just looked at him as he prodded Bella to say it. Bella looked a bit aghast at this discovery but more annoyed at Emmett poking her.

"Emmett, we don't want a repeat of what happened," Carlisle told him as he took Emmett's hand away from her shoulder.

"Did Bella really wipe my mind?" he asked after seeing our faces.

"Yeah," Jasper said as he tapped his shoulder.

"That… is so awesome!" He yelled. We all rolled our eyes but continued to focus on Bella.

"What else can you remember from that time Bella?" I asked her gently.

"Besides pain and wishing it would never end, I remember you. I was so happy when I saw your faces that last time. Your faces were the only thing that kept me going all that time. I also remembered thinking that you should trust me before you acted with rage. Was I so bad that you had to change me immediately?" Bella asked as she petted her girls.

"So you did send me a mental message to trust you," I exclaimed giddily. Everyone looked at me and Carlisle decided that we would discover this later before answering Bella's previous question.

"I was surprised your body had endured that long," Carlisle told her grimly.

"Well, she's a fighter Carlisle. Bella could survive a lot of things," Moz said as he gave her an affectionate look. She smiled up at him and sighed heavily.

"So where does that leave us?" Bella asked as she reclined in her seat.

"Well, we'll have to help you out with your newborn stage and then I'd like to do something special," I told her as I stroked her hair.

"And what would that be?" Bella asked me skeptically. Alice smiled widely and made a shooing motion with her hands.

"Bella," I started as I got down on the floor, "would you do me the honor of staying with me forever?"

Bella was speechless. She looked at Moz and then back down at me in rapid motions. I was losing hope the longer she stared at me with the ring in my hand outstretched toward her.

"Bella, say something," Moz muttered as he jerked his head toward me. Bella bit her lip and looked at me with worried eyes. I slowly retracted my hand back.

"I get it, you don't have to answer right away. I was just so close to losing you and I love you. I couldn't bear the thought of not making you mine forever and I asked Moz who said it was okay but I should have read the signs to see if you wanted to marry me but like a fool, I rushed into it. I didn't mean to make you any more uncomfortable than you've already been and I…" I was rambling but I couldn't seem to stop until Bella threw herself at me. She gave me a searing kiss and pulled back to see my confused face.

"Edward, I love your rambling and there is nothing that would stop me from living forever with you," she told me. I smiled widely and pulled her in for another kiss. We pulled back with giant grins after we heard hooting and catcalls.

"Seems like I've got the family I've always wanted," Bella smirked up at me as everyone else left the room.

"I know I've found my perfect half," I told her as I looked into her striking eyes.

"That's all I've ever wanted. How about you?" she asked me as she settled on my shoulder. I nodded and got myself comfortable.

"I didn't know it until you came into my life. I'm looking forward to the coming days," I told her, stroking her hair as she sighed happily. I was sitting conent when all of a sudden, I heard Bella told me she loved me with all her heart.

"I love you too sweetie and you are my heart," I told her as I kissed the top of her head. she froze and twisted her head up.

"Edward, I didn't say anything," she told me confused. We both looked at each other when I smiled widely.

"I knew it! You can send mental messages!"

Bella looked confused and then scrunched her face up in concentration. I heard something and I gasped. She smirked and looked at me with a smug face.

"I can't wait for the wedding," she said with a mischievous smirk.

"Me either! Wedding plans are already being made," Alice yelled from the living room. Bella gave a frustrated sigh and looked up at me.

"Well, I guess forever is ending sooner for one annoying pixie," Bella told me with a malicious grin.

"I heard that Bella! I'm making you wear stilettos and an extra long wedding gown for that comment!"

"I'll make you wear fuchsia then!" Bella hollered back. I laid back and chuckled as I heard my fiancée and sister bicker from different levels.

Forever was going to be loud but I was still looking forward to it.

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