Okay. OKAY. I hate Claude, btw, guys. I absolutely HATE Claude. I don't generally HATE characters. I don't think I ever actually have o_O

But this, this is my tribute to Alois. Because he deserves it. Just as much as Claude deserves to be slaughtered.

Read on...


"The heart is the only broken instrument that works."

What is the value of things that no longer can work as they used to? A clock that no longer ticks? A puzzle with missing pieces? A cracked teacup? A phone with the cords cut? Curtains that were badly torn?

He knew the answers.

There was no use for a clock that could not tell time. A puzzle with missing pieces could never form the entire picture, and was useless as well. A phone with which you were unable to make calls had no point. Curtains that could not keep the sunlight out should no longer be hanging in that window.

Useless things had no place in life. He had known this better than any other, even from a young age.

He was tired of being useless.

He wanted change.

Change came in the most unlikely of forms.

A spider, all legs and shiny eyes, a voice as silky as the web it spun. It questioned him. What did he want?

What did he want?

He didn't know, he said. He didn't.

Even so, he wanted. He simply...wanted.

Whatever he wanted, it would be his.

But what else did he truly want? He had what he wanted, whatever that was.

And that very thing was torn from him, quickly, painfully, and cruelly; not unlike being stabbed and having the blade forcefully removed.

He knew the pain of a blade all too well, now.

He saw the look in Claude's eyes.

It honestly disgusted him.

What he had, or what he thought he had...was no longer entirely his.

The feeling of loss was more devastating that the stab wound.

Nearly more devastating than the loss of that boy, seemingly so many years ago.

But Claude, oh Claude - hadn't he sworn he wouldn't leave his side? Hadn't he?

Now, as his fingers dug into black fabric, he still wanted.

He had thought he could stop wanting, but this longing was too terrible to quell.

At the last moment, he realized there was no more that he could be given.

He had to stop wanting.

Even so...even so...

He was desperate.

A flicker of hope. Oh it was faint, but it was there. Claude, he understood, didn't he...he would be there, surely, surely -

But no.

It was not to be.

It was as if he were seeing things through an odd haze now.

Claude wasn't...he lied, didn't he.

This vague realization came to him slowly, in trickles, in droplets of thought.


His heart.

He realized it now.

It was broken as well, broken beyond repair, and had been for some time.

His heart was one of those useless, broken things.

Even so, even so...

He still felt.

He still hoped.

He still didn't want to be alone.

He didn't want Claude so focused on that Earl Phantomhive, Claude should have been his. Should have.

He felt as if his love had been trampled on.

His already broken heart felt as if it were no more.

As the moon shone silver through the clouds, Alois Trancy was no more.

I had to write something short and sad after that, I HAD TO.

Claude, you douche.

Alois D:

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