...and roll credits to: Haven't Met You Yet, by Michael Buble

The Intervening Years

by BOC42

Woody...Tom Hanks

Bo Peep...Annie Potts

Buzz Lightyear...Tim Allen

Jessie...Joan Cusack

Rex...Wallace Shawn

Slinky...Jim Varney

Hamm...John Ratzenberger

Mr. Potato Head...Don Rickles

Mrs. Potato Head...Estelle Harris

Andy Davis...John Morris

And the rest of the posse: Julie, Wayne, and Molly Davis; Pam, Bonnie, Cameron and Mr. Austen; Ellie Jones, Mrs. Jones, Zack Jones, and David Andrew Davis. The LGMs, Dolly, Barbie, Trixie, Mr. Pricklepants (I can't look at Timothy Dalton anymore without laughing), Peas in a Pod, Buttercup, Sarge, Bucket of Soldiers, and anyone else I may have missed.

Thanks to Hasbro, Mattel, Think Way Toys and various other toy companies

All hail the Almighty Pixar!

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The Swag :

(aka: Stuff I don't own)

Satellite or cable TV, the SciFi channel, Battleship, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Smarties, Robin Hood, Tylenol, Risk, Elementary level social studies books, the Persieds meteor shower, traffic cones (my brother has one), Dixie Chicks (Cowboy, take me away. Seriously. Any time now.), the Beatles, Utah shot glasses, Combat Carls, Barbie, Legos, Chap Stick (except the one in my pocket, which you CAN'T have), the Red River Valley, Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility, John Wayne, Boxcar Children, Paladin, Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, James West or Artemus Gordon (be still, my heart!), the Marx Brothers, Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Kerplunk, The Little Mermaid, iHome, Patsy Cline.

Thank you to Watson (RIP), Sam, and Archie – pets are the best, especially when they're crawling into your lap and licking your face, or chirping at you while you're trying to write. Also, thank you to the two Woody dolls on my bed. ;)

Most of all – thank YOU! Yes, YOU! For reading! :D I hope you have enjoyed.

Author's Notes:

This was originally just me wanting Woody and Bo back together. I didn't even particularly like Bo except for Woody's sake. But as I started writing, she acquired a really fun, feisty personality, which I realized was actually fairly accurate, if you watch the movies carefully. As it moved along, it grew from five chapters to ten to sixteen, and then I just forced myself to stop. This is a story that doesn't truly ever end, there's just a point where I'm going to stop telling it. Life will go on for Woody, Bo, and the rest of the gang, and I'm sure whatever happens next will be just as much fun as what's gone before.

I realized about halfway through this project that a lot of my ideals about relationships have come out in this – ideals about fidelity, loyalty, forever, working hard to keep it together, and staying in love, not just together. And so, the best of luck to all of you in your relationships, and thanks for hanging in there while I attempted to get Woody and Bo back where they belong.