The room was darkened by the night time, small, and dirty. Like always. Kenny's back arched up from his mattress, pressing his front close to the brunette on top of him, shadowed by the darkness.

A soft, wet tongue insistent on gently caressing every part of Kenny's own tongue and mouth lapped along its sensual way. A hand more so demanding on the small of his back causing him to move even closer.

Kenny couldn't concentrate. He thought he should at least think up something daring or alluring to do. He could barely move his tongue across the other in a lazy rhythm. He told himself he wasn't being fair to the one who was obviously trying harder than he was. That still didn't help the fact that his mind went blank and he just laid there. It felt good, relaxing. His eyes wouldn't open and he was hazy, in some sort of mind-numbing, nerve exciting fog.

The faint taste of tobacco left Kenny when the lips, tongue, and teeth moved elsewhere. They latched to his neck, Ken moving his head to the side and his mouth twitching in a silent moan for more. The hand on the skin of his back was heated, feeling like it would burn through him as it slipped under his shirt and didn't stop holding him close.

Kenny's fingers twitched and he noticed that they were laced into other digits. He had forgotten he did that. He squeezed the hand, and it squeezed back.

"Holding hands..we get into this a little too much sometimes.." The blonde thought to himself, mostly to try and will away his emotions.

Soon, the happily entangled hand left for other territory, too, and Kenny found his pants past his knees, the other propping themselves up above him, fingers once embracing his own diligently and teasingly caressing his erect penis.

His throat had a wet trail slinking its way up, a lick that sent him into shivers. Just when the little tremors started, the hand firmly wrapped its way around his shaft and started pumping. Slow, yearning, and achingly tantalizing. Kenny let out a real moan this time, followed by the name of the person whose hair had Kenny's fingers twisted in it now.

"..Ahn, Kevin.." He sounded delightfully tortured. His hips bucked up into his brother's hand, urging him on.

"Shhhh…" A husky voice, breath puffing out next to Kenny's ear. "mom's up, and she could hear us.." Kevin licked Kenny's ear, and nibbled it, the hand on his back moving to press his hips down, pushing him into their shared, tiny bed. He loved his little brother's eagerness, but loved his own control over the situation even better. He wanted this slow and unbearable.

Kenny nodded, his eyes still closed, unable to keep his hips from moving. He did as Kevin wanted, though, and did it in rhythm with his hand. He kept quiet, small, strained breaths the most he let slip.

Kevin grinned when Kenny started complaining. He loved this part, relished in it.

"Kev, faster.." He whispered impatiently.

"No." Kevin chuckled, very softly, in between kissing Kenny's collarbone, and licking his nipples further down, his shirt pulled up. "Just be good.."

His hand kept at its agonizing pace, and both of Kenny's hands started to tug on Kevin's hair and the younger made small, protesting noises. Kevin wanted to burst out laughing. Kenny pulling his hair and bitching was just too cute. He wondered to himself if anyone else could make the younger McCormick boy like this. Secretly, he hoped not.

"I said "no".." Kevin grumbled, his voice sounding stern but he truly amused.

"I…" was Kenny's reply, in small huffs of pleasured breath. His hands stayed in his hair, but quit their pulling.

"I know." Kevin whispered back, moving to suck and bite on his little brother's neck again, Kenny squirming a little under him. Soon, Kenny's breath hitched. His eyes flew open, blue peering up into brown in the cramped room. Pure water into murky.

Kevin pulled up from him a little bit, to watch. He concentrated on Kenny's form, so he could make him out better in the soft dark. Kenny bucked his hips a bit faster, and Kevin moved his hand faster, too, but not enough to be considered quick. He drew out the hot rush slowly, liquid fire bursting from its prison in a sudden outburst of lusty euphoria.

Kenny jerked and moaned again, head tipping back. Kevin clamped his hand over Kenny's mouth as he hit his peak, and Kenny bit down on his tongue, nodding in apology to Kevin. Soon, Kenny started licking and kissing Kevin's palm, wanting to be appreciative in some form.

Kevin smiled, looming over the other McCormick, watching his body jerk in delight, his eyes hazed over clouds of abandon. He took in all of his handiwork. The cries he unfortunately had to muffle, the hot burst that suddenly coated his hand. He would've taken Kenny into his mouth before his release, but he wanted to observe him. He wanted to watch him, Kevin desired to try and capture with his mind something he created that was beautiful.

Beautiful, and sordid in every way. Beautiful, and, well, gay. Really, really gay. Kevin always had a slight pang of guilt and resentment after he messed around with Kenny. He felt bad, like he was taking advantage of him, but he couldn't keep his eyes or hands away. Even though it was a bit of a disappointment, Kevin loved him.

He grinned as he watched Kenny slowly come down, glad with his accomplishment. The nipping, kissing, and sucking on his palm was odd, but damn, it really turned him on. He wanted to jump the blonde right then and there, but pulled away.


"Hmm?" Kenny answered, eyes closed, head to the side, looking like he was about to fall asleep.

"Clean." Kevin watched as Kenny turned his head, Kevin's sticky fingers in view. Kenny looked like he didn't want to at first, but took his older brother's fingers into his mouth and licked, getting rid of what he left there. It was strange, tasting himself. He watched as Kevin licked some off of his palm at the same time, and sighed when their tongues met against the skin, and Kevin's hand dropped to the mattress as they kissed again.

Kenny sat up, slowly. He was tired, but he didn't want to leave Kevin hanging. When he leaned forward, though, hands searching for Kevin's pants, he was halted.

"No, its fine. I've gotta go to work, kiddo." Kevin stood up, smiling down at Kenny.

"Really? I feel bad, though, you did it for me." Kenny admitted, somewhat sheepishly.

"I'd love it, honestly.." Kevin kissed his brother on the cheek, gathering up his wallet and car keys. "..but if I don't hurry, I'll be late tonight. I really don't want to get fired. Take care, k?"

It was true. Kevin wanted it, craved it terribly. The ache in his pants was more than proof of that. If he didn't leave right now, and do 80 mph the whole way, he was going to be late, and he needed this job. It was his second job right now, yes. He needed it, though. How the hell was he going to get out of this dump if he didn't save up money?
"Okay.." Kenny watched as Kevin left. He laid back down and curled up in their bed, smiling to himself. Sure, things with his brother had ups and downs, they were brothers. There was still no one who could make him as pissed off, crazy, hot, thoughtful, hesitant, fearless, or ravenous as Kev.