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Epilogue- Summer of Wealth

Laughter. It rang through the majestic, echoing halls once again. Portraits on the walls smiled and listened, reveling as did the living in the sounds of joy and peace. What had begun the with the death of Albus Dumbledore in the spring of 1997 had continued on for the past 15 years. In the main parlor the fireplace flared bright green and spat out a tall wizard with pale blonde hair and elegant blue-grey eyes. As he stood there brushing off the bits of soot on his robes another laugh rang out from the patio, making him smile.

Draco Malfoy had not heard laughter in the halls of the Manor in most of his lifetime, the last laughs to fill these empty halls had been his own. He strolled down the long hallways, recognizing a pair of feminine laughs as well as a few younger masculine ones as well. As he approached the large patio where his family and friends were gathered he heard the lower murmurs of adult conversation punctuating the silence.

Stepping out of the Manor he watched a girl with bright amber eyes and long golden-blonde hair dive gracefully into a pool of water, coming up near a group of younger boys and playfully splashing them. Before they could retaliate she dived back under and popped up near a small red-head. The pool had been a fairly recent purchase on Lucius' part, but Draco had known it was only a matter of time. Lucius couldn't resist his teenage daughter's big amber eyes, so like those of her Papa Remus.

Making his way over he greeted his father and Remus, kissed Rial lightly on the cheek and retrieved a glass of lemonade. For early August it was unseasonably warm. Turning to his left he greeted Sirius before asking Severus, "Still going strong in Italy?"

"Absolutely," Severus replied with a smirk. "It's nice teaching students who actually care about the subject of Potions. I certainly don't miss the daily wreckage of my classroom at Hogwarts and a Floo commute is a small price to pay."

Severus was watching a lithe young boy as he leapt into the pool, sending up a huge amount of water and causing laughter from his companions. For a moment Draco watched him as well and he smiled. "Ari seems to be enjoying himself doesn't he?"

"He greatly enjoys spending time with his family and friends," Severus replied, smiling at his son. "He is eager to be attending Hogwarts this fall as well. Your half-sister and his cousin has been teasing them enough about it for the past 2 years."

Lucius had overheard the last comment and said, "Hollis is most certainly a snake." There was no mistaking the pride in his voice as he said the name of his only daughter. Hollis Isolde Lupin-Malfoy had been born May 23rd 1997, a few months after the death of Dumbledore. She was both beautiful and clever and knew how to use her bright amber eyes to her advantage.

Gazing at the red-headed girl she was talking to at the moment, Draco could never have guessed that they would be entertaining a child of Lily Evans here. Lily Black now, as she had married Regulus a few months after Hollis' birth. Their daughter Seren Ariel was born September 1st of 1998 and had been sorted into Ravenclaw. She had instantly become friends with Hollis and after a few tense meetings with her older cousin Rial she was a constant visitor. Rial still refused to call Lily his 'Aunt' and spoke to her as little as possible.

A house-elf appeared and announced that snacks were laid out on the table behind them. "Come on out and take a break please!" Remus called, the children eventually complying. The slowest to get out were the foursome of rowdy boys, one of which was Draco's younger half-brother.

To say that Lucius and Remus had been shocked by the blessing of another child after Hollis would be an understatement. However, when Hollis had been barely 1 year old they had discovered Remus' second pregnancy. Felix Conall had been born May 6th of 1999, less than two weeks before his sister turned 2. Unlike his sister, Felix possessed Remus' wavy golden-brown hair and Lucius' bright silver eyes.

Ari flopped happily into a chair between his fathers, quite exhausted. Draco's lip twitched as he watched the 11-year-old, he would never have imagined Severus' born and raised son to be so open with his emotions. He was betting on a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw son for Severus. Ari had been born on Halloween of 2001, which Draco remembered as being an all-together interesting holiday.

Ari shared his father's love of Potions and was also immensely interested in Transfiguration, which had been Sirius' field of study in school. Ari was short for Aristides Rhys Snape, the moment Severus had mentioned the moniker to his pregnant husband Sirius had agreed only if the boy could have it shortened to 'Ari' for daily use. Aristides was only used if he was in severe trouble from one of his parents, which seemed to be quite often. Severus blamed Sirius and his 'Marauder genetics.'

Gazing at his own twin sons Draco smiled in pride and joy. His boys were not identical but their similarities were strong nonetheless. He was guessing Slytherin or Ravenclaw for his precious gifts, for where one went the other could soon be found. Draco called them that often and it was fitting as they had been born Christmas Day of 2001.

His oldest and heir by 7 minutes and 22 seconds was Emrys Varian Alexander. He looked exactly like his father in miniature except for a pair of bright green eyes and a streak of mischief inherited from his Papa and Grandsir (Emrys' fond name for Sirius). Both clever and stubborn his streak of sheer cunning often reminded the adults of Lucius as a child.

His younger son, fond of reminding his older brother of the exact age (see above), looked exactly like Rial with his father's steel-coloured eyes. The combination of black and silver was striking and fit his younger son like a glove. Neirin Alexis Draconis was the quieter of the two but he had a sharp wit and a sharper tongue. His younger son was the only person Draco knew that could outwit his godfather/father-in-law Severus at a game of words. Severus was extremely fond of the boy as well, who often joined his slightly older Uncle Ari and grandfather in brewing Potions.

Looking around at his large family Draco smiled softly. His fourteen-year-old self couldn't have known what would result from extending a hand of friendship to a lonely, bitter boy named Harry Potter. Looking sideways at his proud, elegant and beloved Rial he thanked both magic and the gods for taking that chance. He didn't want to even think of what could have happened to his life otherwise.

Names (Age):
Hollis Isolde Lupin-Malfoy (15): Hollis is Middle English for 'Holly tree', Isolde from Tristan & Isolde for Remus the book lover.
Felix Conall Lupin-Malfoy (13):Felix is German for 'lucky', Conall is 'strong wolf' in Gaelic.
Seren Ariel Black (14): Seren is Welsh for 'star', Ariel is English for 'Lion of god' for her Gryffindor mother.
Aristides 'Ari' Rhys Snape (11): Aristides is Ancient Greek for 'the best kind' (kin to ancient Roman for Severus), Rhys is Welsh for 'enthusiasm', suits his hyper papa Sirius perfectly. Also the short name Ari is English for 'Eagle'.
Emrys Varian Alexander Malfoy (11): Emrys comes up in numerous books as the name for Merlin before he took the title of 'Merlin', Varian for his brave great-grandfather and Alexander for the brave ruler and conqueror.
Neirin Alexis Draconis Malfoy (11): Neirin is Welsh for 'noble', Alexis is German for 'defender' and Draconis is for his dad Draco which is of course a constellation and means 'dragon'.

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