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Chapter Thirty-Seven

After assuring himself that I would be all right on my own for a few moments Eric excused himself to the washroom where I heard him begin running the water into the antique bathtub. To watch him move was a brand new experience for me, for so many reasons.

He moved away from me at superhuman speed, yet now I didn't see the blur of movement I had always seen before. Now I could watch him easily, staying focused on him the whole time, because now my eyes or my brain, could process the images enough that it seemed normal, yet I knew it wasn't. I looked back at the fireplace, and actually stared at the flames. They were different too. I mean I'd always seen the different sparks of color when I'd looked at fires before, but now, wow. I could see the blue flames light where they kissed the hardwood, and the morphing yellows and oranges as they pulled away from it, and the crowning white at the tip of the flames where they climbed up the flue. Even the transparent heat eddies took on a different life when I concentrated on them, and I could watch them swirl about, extending the height of the flames.

The smell of real wood fires had always been pleasant to me, but now there was so much more involved with the scent, it was complex, like those perfume ads try to tell you their products are, hints of this, and overtones of that. But now I understood it all. I was mesmerized.

I heard Eric returning, but I was fixated on the fire and everything else around me. There were the sounds of someone walking upstairs, a vibration of their energy, the scent of the clean water and the soap, which were all around Eric as I finally did turn back to him.

Apparently in the few moments he'd been gone he'd managed to have a shower himself, his hair was damp, and just starting to wave up around his shoulders. There were still beads of the water on his chest, running down the cuts of his muscles, and he was wearing absolutely nothing, I gasped. He laughed.

"Those human behaviors will gradually fade from your unconscious mind Sookie. But I hope the wonder of what you can see and feel now, never will."

Whoo Boy. I wanted to burn the sight of him into my mind for good. I tried to stand and just managed to wobble forward a bit. He caught me, and I fell against his skin, still warm from the water.

"Careful my lover." And he swept me up in his arms, the blanket falling away. I felt so secure there.

The bath water was wonderfully warm, and Eric was so attentive as he poured it over my hair and my body, helping me to wash the earth from my skin. His fingers danced over me, raising goose bumps and making me shudder even though I wasn't cold. I closed my eyes and sent my mind out, just to feel the emotions from each of us. What I felt from Eric would have made me blush, if I could even do that any longer. I raised my arms out of the water, and wrapped them around his neck, pulling myself towards him.

"I want you Eric." I felt the fangs snap back into place with the flush of my arousal.

"Then you will have me."

Feeling the strength in my muscles finally coming under my control, I stood, and still being in the tub, I was much closer to eye level with Eric than normal. That suited me just fine as I brought my mouth down over his neck, I felt him shudder and then I pushed the points of my teeth into his flesh.

The moan that escaped his lips was delicious to me, and he wrapped his hands around me more tightly with every draw I took of his blood, finally lifting me from the tub, holding me pressed against his body. I could feel the full length of his rock hard arousal and I wrapped my legs around his waist while I continued to suckle his neck. I felt the blood as much as I tasted it, coursing through my body, making me feel strong and alive, and as odd as that seems for a description, I had never felt more aware of everything around and within me.

He knew what I wanted from him, and I knew he wanted exactly the same thing, and in the few steps from the bathroom to the bed I kissed his neck, feeling the wound sealing beneath my lips, and then I took his mouth, sharing the blood on my tongue with him. Feeling his mind explode in the fireworks of his feral desire for me fueled my senses even further. I had hardly felt the pillowed duvet beneath my body when he forced himself inside me in a single stroke.

Making love with Eric had always been bliss, feeling his size and his strength, and his passions had brought me over the edge of ecstasy every time. But now, not only did I feel my own arousal building, but I could feel his, I could feel the sense behind every shudder, every indrawn, innate human left-over breath. Not only could I feel how he fit within my body, and the electricity of his shaft pushing against me, I could feel how the warmth and caresses of my own body over him began to pull out his own climax. I felt powerful knowing how much I actually pleased him, and knowing the truth behind every moan and cry.

It was his turn to seek out my body then, brushing his lips over my face, tracing down my neck, his fingers kneading at my flesh, bringing coincidental cries to us both. His thrusts building in intensity and frequency to beyond anything we could have accomplished with one of us still mortal. I arched my back to him, taking in every inch of him, presenting my breast to his hungry mouth as I did so. The sting of his teeth onto them brought me to my first of many climaxes for that night.

He pulled blood from me in a ravenous way, the sound of his feeding driving my senses mad. And even as he took my blood he came for me, flooding deep inside me in a wave of convulsions that drove me to rake my nails into his back to ensure that he was as close to me as he possibly could be in that moment. His roar, blood covered lips and widened blue black eyes pulled a feral cry from me that I would have never thought myself capable of, and our kiss, of blood and fangs and tangled bodies drove every thought from my mind but my absolute fulfillment.

We collapsed to the bed, a mess of sheets, passions and limbs, laughing, and seeking out each other's fingers and mouths till we had no energy left to spare.

There were a few hours left in the night, after we'd cleaned ourselves up for a second time, and we dressed and went down to Fangtasia. I just wore my normal 'going to Fangtasia' clothes, not my work stuff, but a nice dress, cut a bit low to show off the assets, kitten heels, and a lace wrap. Before we could leave though, Eric insisted on one other addition. He held out a jeweler's box to me. I took it, all the while looking at him a little sideways. I opened the lid and looked into the deep blue velvet lining. I was greeted with the sight of a necklace, a frosted, icy looking necklace with a charm on it, of a great tree, about the size of a silver dollar, though oblong.

Eric picked it out with his fingers, not silver obviously.

"Platinum." He told me as he looped it over my head, to fasten the clasp behind my neck as I held my hair out of the way for him. "It is Yggdrasil." The word rolled off his tongue with the full beauty of his Scandinavian accent. "It is the World Tree. It links the worlds of Asgard, Midgard and Nifheim, the realm of the Gods, the realm of the humans and the realm of the dead. It is the guardian of the worlds and represents life, death and resurrection. Do you like it?"

"Eric." I felt the stinging begin behind my eyes, "it's beautiful. I don't know what to say."

"Say you will not cry for me, and tell me that you love me Sookie." He dabbed at the tears, licking the blood from his fingertips.

"I do love you Eric. Thank you. Thank you for everything you've given me."

"It was all selfish you know." He said with a grin.

"Good. It's time for us both to be selfish for awhile."

"I do love you Sookie."

"I never doubted it Eric."

There was a line around the front of the club, but of course we drove straight around to the back and Eric unlocked the staff entrance so we could go inside. For a moment the crush of all the human minds assaulted me, but just as quickly I turned them off, instinctually, and that was a relief. So it seemed that I could still eavesdrop on humans despite the change. I mentioned it to Eric as we threaded our way along the back hallways. He was quite pleased that my talents had remained intact, and not because it made me a useful asset either, if that's what you were thinking. No, being able to see into his mind as well I knew that his happiness came from the fact that I was still myself. There had been a nagging guilt I had sensed, that he might have taken the gift from me, but that fear was calmed as I shared the news.

"Are you ready my lover?" He asked me as we approached the doorway beside his raised 'stage' at the far recesses of the club.

"I am darling." He pushed the door opened.

It was designed not to make a great show or anything, it led to the mystique of him magically appearing on the dais, seated on his throne, overseeing the proceedings of the evenings. Pam noticed us right away, and so did the new bartender, Joshua, who been hired about a month back. He stayed at his post, Pam crossed the room with her normal determined stride, her manolo's tapping against the hardwood floor. She had a twisted grin on her face because she could tell immediately what had happened, I imagined I didn't smell like a human any longer.

"Eric, Sookie, welcome."

"Pam." We both answered, almost simultaneously.

"Please tell me you both are not going to be wearing those smug, 'I'm in love' smiles for too long around here."

Eric laughed, I was horrified, I didn't think I looked that simple.

'She's joking.' I heard in my head.

"Things went well then I assume?"

"Perfectly." Eric brushed his hand along my hip and dropped his teeth, smiling.

I grinned at Pam, feeling a little proud of myself for some reason, maybe having survived the whole thing, and I let my fangs drop as well.

"Well thank goodness for that, maybe now I won't have to wake up to the smell of frying bacon any longer."

"Very funny Pam."

She looped arms with me and starting dragging me towards the bar.

"Come on little sister, let me get you a drink. Eric has some decent stuff behind the bar, none of that Tru Blood swill." I looked back at Eric.

'You have real blood here?'

'It's all legal; it's a specialty product, properly imported from Italy. You'll like it. I promise. None of the aftertaste of drunken humans.' He laughed out loud to Pam's curious stares at our silent conversation and retreated up to the 'throne' to take his place for the evening, for the humans to stare in wonder at, and offer themselves to, and generally give the place the dangerous feel that its patrons craved. I felt his eys follow me, as much as I felt every nasty little image he threw at me, of all the things we were going to do together now. Yes, things were going back to normal at Fangtasia. I sat at the bar; Joshua smiled at me and gave me a little nod of approval as he poured us both a drink from a dark, very old looking bottle with a parchment label.

I brought it to my lips, and sniffed it first. It was rich, with a hint of sweet spices and it felt warm as I drank it. Again the feeling of satisfaction coursed through me, not the same as the power I had felt from Eric's blood, he was over a thousand years old after all, but it was more than palatable, it was wonderful. I could get used to that kind of treat.

"You feel well little sister?"

"I do, big sister."

"It only gets better from here." She grinned, teeth glimmering against the mirrored lights and candles on the bar.

She was one hundred percent right.