Naruto: The Justice League

Chapter 1: Prologue

A loud bang is heard followed by angry yelling. It gets closer as a young blonde 5 year old runs through the halls of a large mansion.

"Mommy!" He yells as he spots a red haired woman with a katana standing in the living room. Blood gushes everywhere as she yanks the sword out of a body.

"Naru-chan! Thank Kami!" She gasped out as she rushes toward her son and brings him into a tight embrace. She looks him in the eye. "Remember that Jutsu I told you I would use in a situation like this."

Naruto gives a small nod as tears start to fall. "I-I… understand, Kaa-san. I have no friends anyway. I-It's better this way."

Kushina kisses his forehead as they become surrounded by angry villagers. Armed with a variety of different weapons.

"This is the end of the line for you, Demon Wench and your offspring." The man said as they all ready their weapons.

"Naru-chan… hold on to me." Kushina whispered. Naruto grabs onto her pants leg as she does quick hand signs at a pace Naruto never thought possible.

"Get them!" The leader of the crowd yelled. As they rush forward, a blinding light stops them. Once the light clears, both Kushina and Naruto are gone. Never to appear in the shinobi world again.

As the crowd searches around for the child and his mother, a very old and angry voice makes their presence known and causes their blood to run cold.

"What is the meaning of this?" The old man has white hair and a long beard. He glances around the mansion before looking back at the leader of the crowd. "Well?"

Behind the old man. Several men and women in white animal mask look around in concern then look at the crowd in anger. They are: Dog, Snake, Cat, Weasel and Bear.

The leader of the crowd steps forward in a brave or a stupid manner, depending on who you are.

"We are just finishing what the 4th Hokage started." He said with an air of confidence.

"By killing his Wife and Son!" The old Hokage replied while leaking Killing Intent.

The leader of the crowd sweats a little, but doesn't back down. "The monsters just used a disguise to trick us!"

"Oh. Really." The old man said, stopping his killing intent. The leader of the crowd smirks, until he hears the next word. "ANBU… take them to the ANBU headquarters. If they resist… kill them."

The ANBU members smirk under their mask. Even the very young Weasel has a cold, but blood-thirst smirk.

"With Pleasure." Dog said as they all jump forward.

Dog kicks the supposed leader of the crowd in the leg. A loud crack is heard followed by a cry of anquish.

"Snake! Bear!" The Hokage commanded as he saw Snake impale a Kunai into a man's Jugular, while Bear slams someone's head onto the nearest table. Clearly breaking his nose, or his neck. The old Hokage couldn't tell, not that he really cared.

"Sir?" Both Snake and Bear replied as they both appeared in front of him.

The old man gently rubs his beard as he replies. "I want both of you to interrogate these monsters when you return to ANBU headquarters." He suddenly turns around and thrust a Kunai into the heart of a man sneaking up on him with a rusty old Katana. "I want both of you to retire from ANBU duties."

"But-but sir…" Snake started.

"No buts… I want you both to be in charge of a new department." The old man sighed as he watched Dog, Cat and Weasel kill a few more people, before seeing the others surrender.

"New Department?" Bear said as he and Snake look at each other.

"Yes… The I&T Department." Both Snake and Bear develop a question mark above their heads. "The Interrogation and Torture department."

The old man could practically feel the sadistic smirk appearing on both Bear and Snake's face as they both join their teammates in restraining the rest of the crowd.

The old man looks to where Kushina's and Naruto's chakra was at before vanishing.

Looks like you finally used it, Kushina. He looks around at the mansion. Wherever you two are… I know you'll both be happy. He walks over to a panel in the wall and types a few digits on it I guess the Uzumaki and Namikaze lines are gone from this world. But as long as Naru-chan lives a long and happy life… then it's worth it.

As he walks away from the mansion, it explodes in a huge fireball.

Gotham City

A limo drives threw a dark country road. Suddenly a bright light appears in a field on the right causing the limo to swerve and come to a stop, leaving black skid marks on the road.

The door opens and a young man steps out.

"Young Master… are you sure it's safe." And old voice comes from the driver seat.

The young man shakes his head. "You worry too much, Alfred." The man then begins running toward the field. "Besides… someone could be hurt."

As he runs through the field, he comes across a large crater. He glances around until he comes across something red. Without thinking he dives into the crater and slides down, causing a small dust storm to appear.

Once he reaches the object he notices it's a beautiful young woman with red hair. As he looks in her arms, he notices a small child around 4 or 5 being snuggled by the woman.

He reaches them and check their pulse. Both Alive… Thank God. He reaches into his pocked and pulls out a walkie-talkie. "Alfred… I need a little help. And bring a medical kit."

3 days later - Wayne Manor

A groan can be heard, as a red haired woman opens her eyes. Glancing down at her clothing she notices a completely different wardrobe. Her eyes widen as she glances around for her son.

"I see your finally awake." Kushina quickly turns toward the voice, noticing a young man wearing a business suit and holding a glass of water. She reaches for her Kunai, only to remember she's wearing different clothing. "Whoa… I mean you no harm." He hands her the glass and she sniffs it a few times before downing it. "As for your clothes… a female friend of mine cleaned you up… you were kind of bloody."

"W-where am I?" She asked in a raspy voice. "A-and where is my-my son."

Bruce takes a seat on the edge of the bed. "Your at my place. I am Bruce Wayne." He notices she doesn't react to his name. "And as for your child… he's resting in the room down the hall."

"Is he… okay?" She asked while putting the glass on the nightstand.

"He's just fine… now I want to why you both were in that crater and covered in blood." Bruce asked in a demanding tone.

"I…" Kushina takes a deep breath and wonder if she should tell the truth. She decides to tell him everything and hopes he wont send her to some asylum.

Blue eyes snap open as the owner sits up with a yawn.

"Ah… I see your awake." An old voice said in front of him. The man wears a tuxedo and carries a tray of food. His eyes open wide as he glances around for his mom. "I do not mean you any harm." He sets the tray a food in front of Naruto. "As for your mother… she's in the room down the hall talking to Master Bruce."

Naruto calms down and looks at the food. He picks up the fork and looks at it in curiosity.

"That's a fork, Young one." He then takes the fork and shows him how to use it. "Hmm… what types of utensils do you use where you come from."

Naruto takes the napkin and wipes his mouth. "We use Chopsticks."

"Chopsticks? I believe we have some in the kitchen." He takes the tray of food and gently grabs the boys hand. "Come… let us head to the kitchen."

Naruto follows Alfred down the hall and pauses as he hears his mother voice.

Kushina lets out a sigh as she finishes her tale.

"They despised your son… because he has a demon sealed in his stomach." Bruce runs his hands through his hair. "That's really stupid if you ask me… I mean if he was some bloodthirsty demon, then what's to stop him from slaughtering everybody."

"Yeah… I was the original container of the Kyuubi, but because of my chakra and a famous healer… I managed to survive when it was released." She wipes some tears from her eyes. "I hate to think what might have happened had I died."

"I believe you." Bruce said causing Kushina to widen her eyes. He chuckles slightly. "Trust me… in this world stranger thing have happened." He stands up and stretches. "You two can stay here as long as you want."

Kushina stands up as well and gives a bow. "Thank you."

Bruce waves her off. "It's nothing… besides… I've always wanted a little brother."

"Don't expect me to mother you." Kushina said with a small glare.

Bruce chuckles and walks to the door. "Come… lets see if your son is awake yet."

Kushina and Bruce both enter the kitchen only to see Naruto chucking a bowl of Ramen into his mouth and Alfred standing next to him looking amazed.

Kushina lets out a small laugh that causes Naruto to stop eating and looks toward her. Before anyone can blink, he appears before her and hugs her like his life depending on it.

"Mom…" He said through his tears as he grips her shirt. "The Jutsu… it worked."

"It sure did… it sure did…" She kisses the top of his head. "And Bruce here… offered to be you older brother." This caused Naruto's eyes to widen and Alfred to raise his eyebrows. "And if he calls me mom or grandma… then I'm kicking his butt."

Both Alfred and Bruce burst out laughing and Naruto releases a happy smile for the first time in his life.

"I'm still in my 20's… that makes me the second oldest one here." She lets out an evil laugh before she sees a bowl of Ramen on the kitchen counter. Before anyone can say anything, she appears before the steaming noodles and starts digging in. "But first… the food of the gods." She finished with a burp.

This is the first chapter. I kinda wanted to hurry up and do this chapter. I always thought that prologue's are a pain to write. But they are useful.

If you guys want me to continue, then I will. As for the pairing... not really sure. Was thinking either Cheetah or Wonder Woman. And I don't do Harems. I can write one, but i prefer my stories stay a single pairing. I was planning to pair Kushina up with Bruce, but decided that she'll be like a mother/sister to him.

I have a lot of stories written, but haven't had the guts to release them. Most of them are AU stories.