WARNING: ZDAR/YAOI Don't read if you don't like this stuff.

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Two years and he finally shows his face back at skool. Two years of waiting for that big head, pig-smelly to show up just so he could get his revenge. Every since that last fight, ever since he lost everything! Even watching the Dib-stink limp over to his desk did little to appease him. Zim stepped his hands together as he narrowed his blue eyed contacts at his opponent, wonder which plot he should use against the worthless Diiib. He still wore that stuupid coat, and to make it even worse he had gotten taller. Well so did Zim, but never as tall as the stupid, dirt-smelling, disgusting Dib-monkey.

But the worthless worm-boy did nothing, NOTHING, just stuck his head on his desk, his face away from him. Even when the worthless teacher tried to teach the huumuns, and called on Dib he would say nothing.

The bell rang and Dib gathered his backpack and made his way out the door. Perfect opportunity for Zim to at least start an attack. A slight placement of his foot, just at the right time and Dib went down hard. The laughter followed just like it always had from the other students. Zim didn't know what he liked best, the beginning of this humiliation of laughter from his fellow students or that fact of watching him struggle to stand back up. Zim pressed down a foot on Dibs hand that was still on the floor.

"Well Stuupid Diiib, groveling on the ground before me, just as you should have been doing since I got here." He dug his foot in harder into Dibs hand, getting the smallest bit of pleasure at the grimace on Dibs face.

Dib yanked his hand free and got up. He swung his back pack over his shoulder and without even a look towards Zim or a word left the room. Zims eyes widened with surprise and than narrowed, he jumped up and ran after the stupid worm. As he pushed his way into the hall he could see that stupid scythe hair piece just up ahead.

Zim caught up to Dib and getting a hold of the back of his coat, Zim threw Dib to the ground, giving a satisfied smile when he heard the grunt of pain from the other.

"Yuuuu", Zim hissed at him "Yuu think you can waltz back in here as if nothing happened? After you destroyed EVERYTHING?" Zim couldn't help but take a wad of that hair in his fist and give it a good slam into the floor. A few of the students glanced in their directions but not many paid them any attention. As soon as they saw who it was, they gave the two a wide berth, not wanting to get caught up in whatever fight they were having now.

"Zim?" it was soft, quiet.

"Yesss, who else would it be." Zim growled as he pulled Dib up and slammed him into the lockers. Crouched over the slouched human, Zim glared down at him. He was pleased to see blood running down the Dib-stinks eye from the cut above it.

Dib blinked slowly, and tilted his head slightly at Zim, his glasses were slightly askew on his face. He reached up and straightened them out, but the look he gave Zim was one of no recognition. Then Dib grabbed a hold of Zims wrist. Zim tried to pull back but Dibs grip just tightened. "Zim." A small smile played on his face. Zim fisted his free hand and hit Dib in the face, knocking him to his side. Dib did release his hand and Zim pulled back slightly.

"Don't you dare touch me." Zim hissed.

A small chuckled came from Dib and his hand reached into his trench coat pocket, pulling out a small tube. Dib sat back up and looked at Zim that infuriating grin on his face. Dib wiped a hand across his mouth, and then popped the top of his container tipping back the container he swallowed one lf the pills within, then slipped the container back into his pocket.

"I've been waiting for you smelly Dib, waiting to take my revenge on you and then destroy you ALL. "

Dib pushed his way up the wall, until he was standing again. He nodded in agreement.

"Yes Zim, revenge. Revenge will be ours." Dib turned and began limping down the hallway, leaving his backpack lying on the ground. "But your not real Zim, not real" Zim could hear Dib mutter while shaking his head and then chuckle that seemed to turn into laughter as he turned the corner.

Zim stood back watching Dib move away from him becoming even angrier. What total nonsense was Dib jabbering? Not real? Not real? Was he Dib talking about Zim not being real! After what that stupid, bastard did to him? He'll show him who was not real.

Giving chase Zim went and turned the corner where Dib was gone. The hall was almost cleared of students as they had gone to their next mind numbing class. But there was no Dib in site. In fact he couldn't find him anywhere. Zim screamed his frustration making the last few students to run to their class.

The rest of the day still showed no signs of Dib and Zim walked home in the most foulest of moods. He kicked his front door open.

"GIR!" nothing but silence "GIIIIRRR! Where are you, you stupid robot." But the place was quiet. Zim stormed through and headed towards the kitchen. He stepped into the garbage can that was also an elevator and let it take him down to his control room. It was one of the few areas he allowed power too. Now that he was only running on one-fourth of what he originally had. His computer had been wiped clean, and his communication channels had been lost. EVERYTHING of importance had been lost.

It had taken him years to get back to this point, all because of that no good, stupid pink, long leg dirt-smelling Dib-tard! No longer did he have his computer speak to him, but was forced only to have what the stuupid huumans called "the internet". Which was infuriating slow, full of junk, ads, and disgusting human mating rituals. Zim shuddered at the thought. Where was that stupid Gir.

Zim tried again, as he always did to contact the Tallest, but still the connections he had, and the power left was still not enough. Not ever enough. Having to rebuild, and salvage it all after that last failed event. To bad Dib hadn't died then, at least that would have been worth it.

"grrrrrrrrr", Zim slammed his fist on the console and turned to go fid the wayward Gir. As he walked to the elevator it popped opened and Gir came tumbling through.
"weeeeeee, hellooo master", Gir wrapped his arms around Zim's leg and looked up. Zim had grown tall enough that the small bot now seemed….well, small.

He sighed "where have you been Gir? We have plans to make, the stupid Dib-stink is back and we must make him pay." Zim clinched his fist in front of him, his eyes narrowing as a grin spread across his face.

"I liiike waffles." Gir giggled.

"Not now Gir, now we plan."

"Oooooohhh, shhhhhh I have a see-cret." Gir whispered and smiled up at Zim.

Zim looked down at Gir. "what secret Gir, what could possible be more important at this moment then our plan to destroy Dib-worm."

"Milkman said it was a surpiiise."

Zim shook the robot off of his leg and got back in the elevator, Gir twirled in after him humming some nonsense song about muffins and the milkman. They ended back in the kitchen, where there were muffins sitting on the table.

"Giiirrr? What is this?"

"My muphhhh-innns" Gir started to gobble down the muffins. Zim walked over and eyeballed them, gave one a sniff and then ate it. Zims eyes grew large the pink eyes staring at the muffins. He grabbed another one and ate that one, then another, then another. Zim rubbed his full belly filling quit satisfied, and very sleepy. Gir had already curled up on the table with the remaining muffins and crumbs, snoring.

"We will rest, and then plan Gir", Zim walked over to the couch and laid back down on it. He yawned and rolled over on his side. "Yes, plan and show Dib, make him suffer" Zim gave a low chuckle as some of thoughts ran through his muddled mind. "Maybe cut all his hair off, or all his fingers and toes, or cut that ugly disgusting nose off", Zim chuckled picturing a nose less Dib. Chuckles soon turned to snores.