"I choose love, baby." Another Austin said as he ran out from the swirly-whirly time portal. He stood next to the other Austin and posed, confusing Dr. Evil.

"Wait a tic, who are you?" The other Austin asked.

"I'm you ten minutes from now." Austin from the past...or...future of the past...whatever, explained.

The other Austin smiled as he adjusted his glasses. "Dammit, we are handsome."

Iron Man flew in through the doors and blasted both Austins away. "I am Iron Man, and now you're both dead, bitches."

"Who the hell is this?" Dr. Evil shouted, taking notice of the new arrival. "Although, I thank you for eliminating Austin Powers, he's been the thorn in my side for years. Then again, I didn't get to kill him, so I'll kill you. SHOOT HIM!"

The miscellaneous guards standing around all shot at Iron Man, but the bullets did no good. "My turn." He locked on to all the guards and fired one bullet...that flew in and out of the bodies of guards as it hit them, finally sinking in the chest of the final guard. "Booyah."

Dr. Evil spun around in his chair, then spun back to Tony. "Riiiiggghhhttt...I'm going to run now." He stood up and quickly tried to escape to his time machine, but was blasted in the ass and taken down by Iron Man. "My ass!"

"Yeah, it's white and pasty, shut up!" Iron Man started to walk to the laser controls, but suddenly another Iron Man walked through the time portal and approached him. "Didn't we do this joke already?"

The other Iron Man admired the past Iron Man for a moment, then snapped out of it. "We did? Oh...well wanna make out?"

"Hell yeah!"

And then a star-shaped space-craft flew in through the window, yet not creating a space suction thing for whatever reason. Patrick Star hopped out with a new pickle in hand. "Hey buddy, wanna make it a threesome?"

Dr. Evil cocked his head in confusion. "I don't even know anymore...I just want out..." He tried to crawl into the portal but was blasted again. "Stop blasting my ass!" He was subsequently blasted in the back, mortally wounding him. "Okay...fair enough. Bleh." And then he died.