That Butler, So Human.

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There were times he seemed almost human. Ironic, really, since Sebastian was and always would be a demon to his very core. He never seemed to tire of reminding his lord of that fact.

Yet, Ciel couldn't help but see him as the butler everyone else didn't. Of course he was rather flashy and showy with his feats of inhuman strength, cunning and agility, but the Earl of Phantomhive was with him all the time. He hated to admit it, but he was rarely too far away from his manservant, unless he directly ordered the demon to go otherwise. Even then, Sebastian never went further than absolutely necessary.

Sebastian seemed human in how he'd straighten Ciel's clothes, tying up bows and laces like a fussing caretaker; he looked human when he poured tea, detailing the richness of its aroma and tastes; he looked human when he was teaching Ciel something, whether it be geography or dancing or music. He smiled like a human, got angry like a human, and once Sebastian even looked almost honestly sad. Ciel had even seen him be silly, in his own formal way. He'd seen his face soften with something that almost looked like caring when he thought his sire wasn't looking at him.

The young boy watched his manservant befriend another human, and felt like laughing at the absurdity of it all. However, time passed and it didn't seem that ridiculous. While his infatuation with felines was borderline insanity, it always made Ciel smile internally, showing him that Sebastian had a soft spot like everyone else. His butler seemed to change, almost imperceptibly, when he thought no one was paying close attention.

Sebastian pulled at the chains of restraint like a human would; instead of an obedient servant he mused a demon might have been with a contract. They fought without fighting, worked together without words, and walked the same path without seeing another. To Ciel, it was almost like having a friend—no, not a friend. It was like having a comrade, a person he could trust wholly and completely.

Sebastian just pulled off the facade of humanity so well; it was sometimes forgettable to Ciel. Hell, the manservant bled trails of crimson like any moral was apt to, so you couldn't blame the boy for sometimes forgetting. Occasionally, the boy felt like cursing to the Gods he didn't want to acknowledge that it would be so much easier to forget, to overlook the signs of inhumanity and embrace the shell of warmth Sebastian could sometimes display.

But then he'd do something that would remind Ciel. The butler would fight battles too big for humans; survive wounds too deep, too deadly; heal quickly without giving injuries a second thought. Sebastian would somehow perfect the irregularities of life to fit uniform order; he would take off his gloves and bear the contract insignia, nails a natural pitch black; sometimes, sometimes, Sebastian would look at Ciel in that way, that way that spoke of death and longing and hunger.

So yes, there were times he seemed almost human, as demonic as he was. But that didn't erase the fact that he wasn't a human, and contract or no, was not to be trusted.

Even as much as Ciel wished he could.

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