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Chapter 4

A huge breath of air escaped from lips as I sat down on the leather couch in my living room. "Mom," I said looking up to meet her face, whose face was glowing. "Yes, Megan?" she asked me. "I think I have enough clothes to last me till I'm one hundred!" I announced. "Megan," she said with a chuckle, "you are just so silly." She said kissing the top of my forehead as she head up the steps to go take a shower. I reached over to grab the remote and turned the TV on. Nothing good was on, so I turned it off. I decided to go find a library, and left a note for my mom to read when she got out of the shower.

Dear Mom,

I went to go visit the library to see if they have any good books. I'll be back in 15.

Love, Megan.

I went upstairs, reached for my jacket, and flew out the door. I wanted to be away from my home. I couldn't stand my mom. All she ever does is worry about herself. She never asks how I feel or anything! I mean, if she does ask my something, it's about my so-called "love life". Soon enough, when she finds her "perfect man", then she'll completely forget all about me. That's what happens. I bet she wants me out of the way so that it'll be easier for her. I never liked the guys she dates—'scuse me—marries, but I'm never disrespectful. When I looked up, I saw the library. Yes! I thought. I love to read. Mainly because it's an escape for me to get away from the way I live. I may be a bookworm, but it's so much better than being hooked on video games.

I pulled open on the large double doors that led the way inside the Alameda Library. I felt a cold rush of air that made my long, blonde hair fly behind my face. I looked around the room to notice that this library is huge. All I wanted to read was a simple romance novel. Is that so hard to ask? I walked towards the front desk to notice that the person working the desk looks about sixteen—my age.

"Um, hi, I'm looking for a romance novel. Do you know where I could find one?" I ask the brunette. When she looked up, I noticed how her medium long, chestnut brown hair framed her flawless face. And her eyes are as clear as the sky. "Yes, follow me," she told me, "My name's Skylar, by the way. But you can just call me Sky."

"Oh, ok." I said back to her. I thought people who lived in California would be rich, snotty, overly tan—but not Sky. Sky seemed like a normal girl—like me.

"Here is our romance section. It continues on from isles J-M. If you need anything, just ask," Sky said showing off her brilliant smile.

"Ok, thanks." I said giving her a small smile. "No problem at all. Are you new here?" she asked me cocking her head to the side. "Um, yeah, I just moved in with my mom." I said. I normally don't talk to people a lot, but she seemed nice, so what's the harm?

"Really? That's cool. You'll like it here—I promise. So where are you going to school?" she asked me. "Alameda High," I responded.

"No way!" she exclaimed. "That's where I go to! I'll be happy to show you around. Oh, I don't know if anyone told you this, but the new student orientation is tomorrow, and since I'm the class president, I get to show you around." She said with a genuine smile. "Oh, I never asked you, what's your name?"

"Megan. Megan Stratford." I said. "Cool, I'm Skylar Reethes. So, do you like living here so far?" she asked. "Um, I haven't been here for that long, but I do so far," I lied. Truth is, I didn't really like it here. I just wish I had a dad—that's all I've ever wanted and that's all I'll ever want.

"Good, I'm glad you like it here," said Sky, dragging me out of my thoughts. "So, what grade are you going in?" Sky asked. "I'm going to a junior this year. And you?" I asked Sky. "Same. So do you have any brothers or sisters, or is it just you?" she asked, her head still cocked to the left. "Um," I started out. I didn't know if I should tell her the whole story. "No, it's just me." I said, deciding against it.

"Oh, that's cool. I have a twin, his name is Derrick. And I have one younger sister. Her name is Amanda." She told me. Derrick? "Once you meet Derrick, you'll like him, he's really nice. He can be cocky sometimes, but overall, he's a really sweet guy." She said. "What does he look like?" I asked. I wanted to know if he was the Derrick I ran into. "Why?" she asked me, "you want to date him too don't you?" she said, I could tell she was joking though. "Huh? Um, no, I met a guy named Derrick like two days ago? I don't remember. I was just wondering if you were his sister. He never mentioned having any siblings, although we didn't talk very long." I told her.

"Oh," she began, "well he has brown hair, strong—you know what? I'll just show you a picture of him on my phone." She said taking out her LG Voyager®. "Here," she told me, extending her arm so that I could see the photo. Yep, that's the Derrick I ran into at the beach and at the mall. Funny how every time I see Derrick, I fall, I thought.

"Yeah, I can see that you two do look alike now that I see a picture." I said tearing my eyes from the screen to look back at Sky. "Yeah, hey do you have a phone? We can keep in touch?" she asked me. This is the first person who wants to talk to me—ever! "Yeah, it's 645-778-8427." I told her. "645?" she asked with a puzzled look on her face. "Yeah, old area code." I told her. "Oh, gotcha" she said. "What's your number?" I asked Sky, reaching for my phone in my back pocket. "510-423-7724" she said. "Thanks," I told her. "Well, I got to get back to work. Sorry. I hope you find the book you want," She said showing her smile, "oh, and the new student orientation starts at 12:30 and last until 2:00." She said. "Thanks." I responded. "Welcome," and with that, she turned on her heel to get back to work.

I scanned the sections, until I found a book that I thought was worth reading. I went to the front desk, and checked out One Day, by David Nicholls. I pushed open the doors, and headed back home. Tomorrow, I would go to orientation, and soon be going to Alameda High, with Sky and Derrick.

When I arrived home, I checked to see if my mom was up. I kind of wanted my mom to be mad or worried about where I was. It would make me feel like she cared about me. But, to my dismay, she wasn't even home. Probably out there trying to tan or hit on some guy. Poor guy, I thought, whatever. I crumbled up the note, and threw it into the trash can. I trudged upstairs to my room, and took my IPod out, and plugged it into my stereo player. I was listening to Katy Perry's Hot n' Cold. I had already had a long day, so I decided to call it quits. I went to my closet, got my pj's and took a quick shower. Once I was done with that, I hung up all the clothes my mother and I bought this afternoon. I wasn't hungry for dinner, so I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and started reading One Day. I got to chapter ten, and was too tired to read any more, so I closed it, and laid it on my night stand. I was about to reach for the light switch when my phone vibrated. I looked at the screen to see it say, New Text Msg Sky, and clicked the 'read now' button.

Sky: Hey, Megan! After we're done with orientation want to go out to eat and maybe go see a movie?

Sky wants to go see a movie with me? Wow! I have a friend! Maybe this move was a good one after all!

Megan: Yeah, I'd love to! Thanks.

Sky: Np! What movie u want to go see & where do u want to eat?

Megan: Ummmm I don't really know any places around here & I have no idea about the movies either. Haha. Why don't u choose?

Sky: hahaha. Ok I'll choose the place to eat and u choose the movie. Sound good?

Megan: ok but idk what type of movie you like & I have no idea what theater we're going to so idk what movies they'll have!

Sky: haha. The once closest to us is the Alameda Theater & Cineplex. Just google it and it'll show u the showtimes.

Megan: ok got it. So does Eat Pray Love sound good to you?

Sky: yeah! What time?

Megan: the closest time since we get done 2 & then we have to eat is 5. Is that good w/ u? We can choose another movie if u want

Sky: nope! Sounds good(:

Megan: good im glad((: hey i—*buzz buzz* *buzz buzz* *buzz buzz*

Sky: hey I asked Derrick and he said that he did run into u & every time he's seen u, u fall(: haha

Megan: hahahahahha! Yeah… I ran into him the beach & I fell when I was the mall. (: hahahaha.

Sky: haha. Nicee! (: jkjk. Hey listen I g2g my dad's leaving on a business trip for a 2 weeks & I need to go tell him bye & that I love him, all that stuff(: haha! Byee! See you tom.

Megan: k bye see ya tom!(:

I looked at the clock. 11:52—11:52, and my mom still isn't home? Whatever. I turned out my light, and fell asleep dreaming about how lucky Sky is to have a nice, loving, caring family—something I'll never have.

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