July 4th… 2012.

It was the Day they appeared. The Zombies… they were everywhere. People were turning into them, into these disgusting things… Smokers… Witchs… Tanks… Boomers… Hunters… and then more came… Spitters… Jockeys…Chargers…

My Name is Danica, which is Slavic for Morning Star. Not like that Matters anymore. I had a family. A mother that turned into a spitter, a father who turned into a smokers, a brother that became a boomer, a sister who became a witch, and the youngest of the family… was killed… by these… monsters… And then there was Dan… my fiancé. Oh how I loved him. Dan, turned into a tank and nearly killed me. In the end, I ended up taking his life. You think I would have remained there, next to his body after I killed him. No, I didn't. Why?

I did it for my child. Yep, that's right. I was three weeks pregnant. I'd just told him before he turned into that monster.

Some things…. Will never Change… but one thing is for sure, I will survive this for my Little Sister Lily, For Celia (heaven) my older sister, for my Brother Jason, For my mother Thema (Queen), and For my Father, Carl.

I came across Carmen ( song), a Spanish woman, who spoke next to no English, who I swore had OCD, on the 6th. The two of us struggled to survive together, until we came across Zoey, and her companions on the 12th, two days after we found the new zombies… meaning the Spitters, Jockeys and Chargers….

Our story begins just before we met Zoey, Francis, Louis, and Bill. But… I'm afraid this tale… isn't a tale of happiness… but a tale or horror, fear, sorrow, and only a little happiness and love. Many people died, even the ones I grew to love.