A/n: Sorry for any grammar errors in my Spanish. I suck at it and I'm using wonderful google for a few random words. I failed Spanish two. Did good Spanish 1 though… I speak very poor Spanish, and Miss, possibly Mrs Carmen, is Spanish, so I will attempt to type her sentences that our character Danica understands. So please forgive me for my horrible horrible Spanish. There will be a rough translation at the end, of the phrases that I have made an attempt to use. Thank you for your patient over my horrible Spanish skills! Enjoy!

July 12th… 2012

I sat there gasping, having just knocked a Jockey off of Carmen's back and over the edge of the bridge. We'd been crossing the bridge over a small river bed that had dried out a bit, when the jockey jumped onto Carmen. We'd stopped to rest in a small room with one door at the end of the bridge. Carmen was a pretty woman with long wavy brown hair, darkened skin like a dark tan, and brown eyes. She wore a tight black strapped shirt and a loose layered black skirt, on her hips were dual pistols and in her hand was a sniper rifle. She was pretty handy with it too. On her back was a med kit. Somewhere in the midst of her clothing I knew was a pipe bomb, and a bottle of pills.

"grasis, Senorita… grasis… y grasis dios… aye…" She gasped.

"De nada." I responded. I have long curly brown hair, pulled back into a pony tail, and blue eyes, that I am told could stare into your soul. I don't know, but it's what they tell me. I am wearing jeans, and a black tanktop. A med kit tied around my leg, dual pistols on my hips, pills locked on my belt, and a pipe bomb on the other side. And a dagger between my breasts. In my hands was an auto shotgun. The med kit is on the outside of my left leg, and strapped to my right leg, is ammo.

"Senorita?" She asked, looking at me. I looked at her.

"Si?" I asked.

"¿Cómo no te casaste ?" Carmen asked. I shook my head, showing I didn't understand her question. She tapped her left ring finger and pointed to me. I shrugged. She was asking how I wasn't married.

"Me salvaste la vida." From the little bit of Latin I had taken, I understood what she had said. From Latin I'd understood that 'Salvaste' meant save. I had already known that 'vida' meant life.

"De nada, mi amiga." I looked at her and pointed up the street, something we did to ask if we were ready to move on or if we wanted to go that way. The language barrier between us was annoying and often times a hold up, but we learned to work around it.

"Sí , estoy listo ." She stood, offering me her hand to help me up. As we walked down the street, picking off the few zombies we found as we went, we tried having a conversation.

"¿Cuántos años tiene?" She asked, asking how old I was.

"Beinte-uno." I responded. I'd turned twenty-one a few months before. "¿Y tu?"

"treinta y nuevo .Estas muy bonita. Mi hijo se los he amado." Tears sprang to her eyes as she spoke about her son. Carmen was 39 years old. And appearently she thought her son would have loved me.

"tu hijo, anos?" I asked, in broken Spanish, attempting to ask how old he was.

"20. Americain citizen. Born en new meico" She answered in broken English, smiling slightly at how broken it was. I giggled.

"You have been here in the united states for 20 years and still don't know English?" I asked with a slight laugh. She looked at me, slightly confused.

"Beinte anos en united States, y tu no English?" Carmen looked like she might have been blushing as she shook her head.

"no money… mi hijo… bueno hijo… He go good school." Carmen exclaimed. I nodded my head as I blew off a zombie's head.

"TU hijo, Llamo?" I asked, asking in broken Spanish what her sons name was. She smiled. It was fun talking to each other with the language barrier, listening to the bad grammar of the two of us attempting to speak to each other in their native tongue. I seemed to be more successful than she, or at least successful more often.

"Edwardo. El gaupo hijo." Carmen suddenly stopped, stretching her arm toward me with a breathy "Stop…" She stood there a moment listening. " Zombie…" She gestured around. I suddenly realsied she meant the number of zombies on the street were oddly low. Then I heard it. A mournful cry.

"Witch…" we breathed together, neither of us thrilled at the prospect of having to get close to her. Even worse, she was getting louder.

"¿Es cada vez más fuerte ?" She asked. I looked at her funny. " Witch… muy loud?"

"yes… she is getting louder…" I was utterly confused. WE hadn't moved at all and she kept getting louder.

"Como esta …." I struggled for how to say louder in Spanish. "louder?" Carmen shook her head in confusion.

"No entiendo .¿cómo?" Carmen shook her head as she spooke confused as I was. I looked down the Alley way next to us and pulled Carmen down it, hoping to avoid the witch, whose cries were coming from up the street. I stopped half way down the alley at another sound. A growl… or a snort…

"Tank…" I whisphered… it was coming from further down the Alley, around the corner. Carmen pulled me back the other way, I willing to follow. The options were simple. Witch or Tank. Take on the tank and we get both. The witch could still possibly be avoidable. We came out on the street, looked up it and then quickly edged up the street, and crossing, ducking into another alley, after seeing the witch… walking down the street toward them.

"¿ella se mueve?" I ignored Carmen and continued moving down the alley way. We ran right into… a dead end. "¡maldito sea! "

"Shit…." I breathed. I turned to one of the doors of the building next to us and attempted to open it. Locked. Along with the other 3. Carmen and I headed back toward the street, and stopped in horror. The witch was in the Alley way. I heard Carmen whisper something in Spanish, but I didn't heard it enough to understand. I pulled Carmen next to be, behind a dumpster and waited for the witch to get close enough to us, in hopes that I just might be able to blow her head off. As she approached the far end of the dumpster, she looked at Carmen and I and started growling. I aimed… and fired.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed the witch launching herself at me, digging her nails into my shoulder as I fired off another shot, gun shots ringing in my ears from Carmen's gun. The witch knocked me down as Carmen got a good shoot at her, finishing off the witch. She helped me up, murmuring in Spanish, as I tried my hardest not to move, the occasional whimper coming from me. The pain was excruciating.

"shhhh ... que está bien ... " She cooed. I grabbed my pain pills and swallowed a few, gagging on the horrid flavor. A few moments later I couldn't feel much pain. I stood on my own. Carmen and I headed back out to the street.

"ROAR!" We'd hardly taken three steps up the street, and there was the tank, emerging from the alley ways we'd tried earlier.

"SHIT!" I swore, bolting up the street, Carmen a few steps behind me. The street was a hill, and it was getting steep. I turned toward the tank about half way up, my gun in my hands.

A bullet pierced the Tanks stomach.