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Harry stood in front of the floor length mirror in the prefect common room, fidgeting with his hair. It had outgrown its untamable mess over the summer, and now had a somewhat sexy tangle that most of the girls at Hogwarts had dubbed the 'just shagged' look. He smirked.

Looking down at the rest of his outfit, his smirk widened. All of the seventh years had been invited to the Slytherin club party, and on their invitations it had been stated that the theme for the evening was the 'bondage' look. The Gryffindors had all pretended to be offended, but in secret they were planning their outfits. It seemed that BDSM was the hot new secret at Hogwarts.

Harry's pants were skin tight leather, complete with ragged claw marks that began below his left butt cheek and curled around the outside of his thigh, making it appear as if someone had clawed at him during unmentionable activities. A silver-studded belt was slung low over his hips.

The shirt was made completely out of netting, with every muscular curve visible even in dim lighting. Over the summer, Harry had pierced his left nipple, and the silver ring shone in the glow of the common room lights.

Harry smirked.

Studded bracelets coated his arms, and the tattoo of a snake was visible beneath the shirt, with the head resting above his right nipple and curling over his shoulder, twisting down the center of his back, with the tail curving around his left butt cheek. The snake had molten silver eyes that swirled with the magic ink, and scales the color of Harry's emerald eyes, that shimmered in the light.

"Let's hope that by bondage they meant bondage." Harry whispered to himself.

"Harry!" a voice gasped from the prefect stairway. It was Hermione. Harry turned around, surprised by the sight before him.

Hermione was dressed in a skin tight black leather catsuit, that left nothing to the imagination. If Harry had swung that way, he would have had trouble focusing. As it was, it still was hard to focus on her face.

"You look…" Hermione's eyes glazed over slightly, taking in Harry's 'shirt' and pants. She licked her lips. Harry noted this and smirked. Seemed that Hermione the book worm had a dark side. "Amazing." The last word bordered on a whisper.

"Thanks. You look ravishing."

Terry Boot came up behind Hermione, dressed in black jeans and a leather jacket. Trust a Ravenclaw to ignore the dress code, Harry thought.

Boot's eyes bugged out of his head as he took in the sight that was Harry. Boot was bi, so Harry let him ogle him for a second before heading for the door, Hermione in tow.

Terry and Hermione were the Heads this year, but their quarters were attached to the prefects. The other three prefects were Pansy, Luna, and a boy named Jared. Harry assumed they were already at the party.

"Let's go." Harry murmured. The three of them headed off for the Slytherin dorms, preparing for the night ahead.

The Slytherin common room was already a pulsing, wriggling mass of bodies, all of them in fetish wear and oblivious to anything but the music. A bar was set up to the right of the entranceway, and several of the Hufflepuffs had staked out seats, intending on getting smashed before letting it loose.

Harry scanned the room, before his eyes stopped on a certain blonde on the dance floor. Draco Malfoy commanded attention.

Everyone in Hogwarts knew that it had been Draco's idea to hold the bondage party, and it was no surprise why. He commanded the room with his sheer dominance and raw power.

Harry unconsciously licked his suddenly dry lips.

As if sensing his gaze, Draco looked up from his current dance partner, Blaise Zabini, and caught Harry's eye. With his eyes still on Harry, he began to grind into Zabini's ass, placing possessive kisses on his neck. Harry shivered.

Draco's outfit for the evening was even skimpier than Harry's, because Draco had decided to forgo with a shirt altogether. His alabaster chest gleamed, a teen Adonis in the pulsing club lights. He had on skin tight leathered pants that mirrored Harry's, except his were covered in light chains criss-crossing his legs, and complimented with heavy black boots. His eyes smoldered at Harry. As the song ended, he pushed Blaise away and stepped towards Harry.

Harry vaguely noticed Hermione being lead onto the dance floor with Terry Boot, but his eyes remained glued on Draco's.

As the next song started, Draco's eyes flashed. He reached Harry, standing almost close enough to kiss. Harry could smell Draco's sweat. He fought not to shudder.

"Want to dance, Hero?"

"Sure." Harry said. He couldn't come up with a good comeback. For the moment, Harry couldn't even remember why he was supposed to hate Draco. Tonight, Harry would have been hard pressed to remember his name.

Draco led Harry out to the dance floor, giving Harry ample time to admire his features, and the prowling black panther that rested at the small of Draco's back. The tail couldn't be seen, and Harry idly wondered how far down it snaked.

As he took in his surroundings, Harry noticed to song that was playing. He groaned.

"We haven't even begun to dance, Hero." Draco taunted, pulling Harry flush against his chest. Harry pressed his back further into Draco's hard abs, and fought the urge to moan.

"I love this song." He said, already breathless.

"As it happens, so do I." And with that, they began to dance.

So hot out the box

Can you pick up the pace

Turn it up, heat it up

I need to be entertained

Push the limit are you with it baby

Don't be afraid

I'm a hurt you real good baby

Harry was lost in the music, Draco completely dominating the dance. Harry moved his hips with Draco's, noting with satisfaction that Draco groaned loudly. Draco roughly pulled Harry's head to the side to get at his neck. Harry whimpered at the pain. Draco began to bite at his neck, marking Harry.

Let's go, it's my show

Baby do what I say

Don't trip off the bits

That I'm gonna display

I told ya I'm a hold ya down

'till you're amazed

Give it to ya till you're screaming my name

Noting Harry's whimpers at the blissful pain Draco was creating, he whispered.

"Do you want to be my slut tonight, Harry."

Harry moaned. The feel of Draco, dominating him, caused his pants to grow viciously tight. He panted.

"I want to hear you say it." Draco growled. Harry could feel Draco grinding harder into his ass, and could tell he was just as aroused as he was.

"Make me your slut, Malfoy."

No escaping when I start

Once I'm in I own your heart

There's no way to ring the alarm

So hold on until it's over


Do ya know what you got into

Can you handle what I'm about to do

Cause it's about to get rough for you

I'm here for your entertainment


I bet you thought I was soft and sweet

You thought an angel'd swept you off your feet

Well I'm about to turn up the heat

I'm here for your entertainment

"Oh, fuck." Draco said, pulling Harry viciously closer.

The dance floor had parted, and most of the party had stopped to take in the scene of two enemies taking out their combined lust on each other in a blissfully violent way. The room was so hot you could barely breath.

Both Harry and Draco had their eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the delicious friction between them. They didn't notice the growing crowd.

Harry ground his ass into Draco's growing erection, smirking softly when he received a rough groan in response. But Draco yanked on Harry's hair, whispering "I'm in control. You're mine tonight." Harry shivered and moaned back "Yes."

It's all right you'll be fine baby

I'm in control

Take the pain, take the pleasure

I'm the master of both

Close your eyes, touch your mind

Let me into your soul

I'm a work you till your totally blown

No escaping when I start

Once I'm in I own your heart

There's no way to ring the alarm

So hold on until it's over

Harry couldn't believe it. He was a switch, but because he was Harry-fucking-Potter he had always been required to be a Dom. What he had really been craving was someone to dominate him. Draco was blissfully dominant, taking Harry's control and reaching new heights in pleasure, robbing Harry of his precious control. Harry reached behind him and grabbed Draco's hair, pleased when Draco grabbed it and snarled no. Draco kept his hands pinned over his head with one hand, the other still commanding Harry's hips.


Do ya know what you got into

Can you handle what I'm about to do

Cause it's about to get rough for you

I'm here for your entertainment


I bet you thought I was soft and sweet

You thought an angel'd swept you off your feet

Well I'm about to turn up the heat

I'm here for your entertainment

The song ended, and Draco and Harry came to. The entire party had halted to watch them dance, but when Draco glared at them they hurriedly resumed, scuttling back to the dance floor as the next song came on.

Draco twisted Harry around roughly, piercing him with his eyes.

"Still want to be my slut, Hero?"

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