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Harry ran down the corridor, hardly able to see the floor in front of him through the tears. How could he have let himself get into this position? He was stupid. So stupid. Of course Draco had not treated him as an exclusive thing. Theo was just another one of his conquests. How many did he have? Dozens? Dark images flowed through Harry's brain of sweaty bodies, tangled sheets, and gasps of "Draco" whispered by other men.

Harry turned a corner and found himself in the seventh floor corridor, near the Room of Requirement. Looking at the wall that housed the room, he let the anguish fill him. There was nothing the room could give him that would ease the jagged pains that were cutting through his insides.

As the tears began to fall, a door materialized in the stone. Harry walked towards it, unable to do anything else. He felt unmoored. His center was gone. Harry could feel himself plunging into a negative subspace, but he couldn't bring himself to care. Everything felt numb.

The door finished its materialization, and opened with a well oiled movement. Helpless to do otherwise, Harry wandered in.

The room was small for Hogwarts, with a somewhat lower ceiling. There was a warm fire crackling in the hearth on the far side of the wall, and a nice comfortable couch with some books piled up next to it. In the left corner of the room was a black mahogany bed, done with sheets of dark emerald green. It reminded him of Draco. Ignoring the chair, he made his way to the bed.

Harry collapsed on the bed, and gave out a painful gasp. The bed smelled like Draco. Turning over, he inhaled the musk of Draco and felt the tears fall. They were soaking the bed, but there was no one there to tell Harry to stop. Pausing in his cries, the realization that there was no one to tell Harry what to do crashed into him.

He was alone.


Draco paced through the corridors, trying to find Harry. He had roughly gotten rid of Theo by hexing him with a nasty boil charm. That would probably get him a detention later, but right now all that mattered was Harry.

Where did he go? Draco burst into the Great Hall. Hermione was there, chewing her lip and for all the world looking like a child who had broken the cookie jar. Striding up to her, he grabbed her shoulders and shook her. Hermione's eyes widened and she let out a gasp of surprised fear.

"Where is Harry?" He demanded. His voice was cool, calculating, and full of an unrelenting black rage. Hermione's mouth opened and closed like a fish, to confused at his actions to reply. He shook her again. "ANSWER ME."

Hermione's face set into a solid position and she tensed under his hands. "Let me go, Malfoy. Now." Her voice spoke of steel.

Draco reluctantly let go of her shoulders, his hands reflexively clenching into fists to relieve his tension. He needed to find Harry before he descended completely into a negative subspace and fell too far for Draco to retrieve him. It was rare for subs to retreat that far into the black, but when they did they suffered severe consequences. Draco's stomach clenched at the idea of Harry, his Harry, descending that deep.

"Where." He repeated.

Hermione made an exasperated spread of her arms. "I don't know, okay? I thought he was going to find you!"

At her declaration Draco froze. Hermione knew? "How long have you known?"

Hermione looked at his stone face and opted for caution. This was not the Draco to mess with. "Not long, I promise. I swear he just took off. I don't know hardly anything about the two of you, and even less of an idea about where he went when he left here."

Draco felt like screaming. Huffing through his nose like a dragon, he tried to regain a measure of calm. This wasn't like him- he was always the level headed Dom. But Harry was different. He was more fragile, and easier to break. He needed to reach him before he broke. Because if Harry broke…

"Where would he go?" Draco ground out. "When Harry's upset, where does he go?"

Hermione bit her lip and tried to think fast. "Um…"

Draco snarled. "Answer me!"

"God, Draco, I don't know! He loves the lake, but that place is always busy this time of day. He wouldn't go to the dorm, because this is Seamus and Dean's 'special time.' The only place that he'd turn too after that would be the Room of Requirement, but that room is so finicky you'll never find it if Harry doesn't want to be found." Hermione looked over to where Draco was standing and found herself staring at the empty air. Damn, that boy could move fast.

Hermione bit her lip and worried. She hoped Draco found Harry soon. Given the distraught state of Draco, something had gone terribly wrong.


Draco raced to the seventh floor in record time, and stopped at the top of the stairs to catch his breath. There was the wall, plain and empty. He knew the room was there. Now the only hard part was getting it to give him the right door. What did he need to think of?

Harry. He needed Harry.

Straightening himself up from his slumped over position at the staircase, he strode towards the wall, thinking only of Harry.

Holding Harry. Comforting Harry. Things that he hadn't been doing. Draco felt himself grimace as the waves of emotion overtook him. Since his realization about their relationship, and seeing Harry's face break at the bottom of that staircase, Draco felt his nurturing protector vibes surge. He needed to care for his Harry.

A door began to materialize in front of him, and Draco felt his heart race. Harry. As soon as the door solidified, Draco wrenched it open on its hinges, feeling the heavy door groan slightly at his insistence.


Draco entered the dark room and targeted his ears towards the sobbing sounds on the left corner. The room was it only by the fire on the far side, but Draco didn't pay it any mind. The decorations of the room meant nothing to him. Every cell in his body was angled towards the shaking boy on the bed, wailing.

Draco felt his heart break, his feet moving of their own volition to the bed.

"Harry?" He said hesitantly.

Harry convulsed on the bed, and Draco felt his stomach drop. Harry had retreated into the negative subspace. Not good.

Draco crawled up on to the bed and came up behind Harry, curving his body around the smaller boy. Harry was making small sobs, wracking his body with each intake of breath. Draco felt his chest go tight. Forcing his feelings down, he focused on the breaking boy in his arms.

He reached up one hand and began stroking the raven black hair. Harry's sobs changed their timbre, becoming softer as the petting continued. Using his other hand, Draco curled his arm around Harry's side, resting it protectively on Harry's lower belly. With his left hand, Draco started rubbing soft soothing circles. Harry's shivers started to die down.

In a negative subspace, Harry wouldn't be able to register anything Draco said. He was too far into it. The only thing that would register immediately was touch. Draco kept up the soothing strokes and pets until he felt Harry's sobs die down to a lower level. After a few minutes, Draco started to speak.

"You're so special, Harry. All I want to do is take care of you and make you feel good. You know that, don't you? You're so special. You're perfect. You're mine, Harry." Draco kept his voice low and soothing. Continuing to whisper, starting interspersing it with quick kisses on the back of Harry's neck.

"Come back to me, Harry. I'm here for you. I will always be here to take care of you. You're so special, Harry."


Coming up from the depths of subspace, Harry felt warmth at his back. Someone was stroking his hair, and a protective arm was around his waist. It felt nice.

What was that noise? It was soothing, and it felt lovely. Someone was calling him special. Harry liked that. It was different tone than he normally heard from people. This voice didn't want anything special from him.

Harry felt his mind come back to his body, and he whimpered. The voice stopped for a second, and then resumed.


Harry opened his eyes in shock, and tried to twist around to gaze into those silver eyes. Those eyes at the top of those stairs. He felt the depths rise up for him but the arms holding him refused to let him turn. They refused to let the depths take him.

"Harry." Draco said, relief in his voice.

"W-what do you want? You don't want me anymore." Harry's voice broke at the sound.

"No, Hero, that's not true at all." Draco's voice was soft- softer than Harry had ever heard it. The demanding tone was still in there, but the cadence was different. It was nice. Like velvet roped steel. "I have always wanted you."

"T-T-Theo." Harry accused weakly.

"I was on my way to tell you how much you meant to me when Theo grabbed me in the hall. I used to have a thing with him, but that was years ago, Harry. I promise you. He tried to dominate me and I couldn't let him get away with that. I had to prove him wrong. I'm so sorry, baby."

Draco's voice was full of sorrow, and Harry felt bad for making his Dom feel bad. And now that he explained it, it made sense. Harry felt the panic start to recede.

Draco made more soothing circles on Harry's stomach, and Harry wriggled in appreciation. "You won't do it again?" Harry asked meekly.

"Never. You're mine, Hero. And I am yours." Draco's voice left no room for doubt.

Reassured, Harry smiled. Feeling the rise and fall of his Dom behind him, and soothing strokes on his stomach, Harry drifted off into sleep.


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