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I'm a guy, so of course girls are pretty much always on my mind. But after the whole incident with Bianca, I can't say I've been incredibly hopeful about success in the finding love department—It just didn't seem possible.

"Adam?" my eyes sprang open and I sat up upright just in time to see Clare gesturing towards our media immersion teacher, Ms. Oh, who had just entered the room.

"Falling asleep in class again, Adam?" said Eli with an impish grin. I rubbed my eyes and grinned at my best friend.

"Just haven't been sleeping enough, I guess," I muttered. I promptly ignored Clare studying me with a worried look that made me uncomfortable.

"That's the second time this week—Maybe you should see a doctor," she told me, her bright blues eyes still searching my face.

"Nah," I brushed it off casually, "I should just stop staying up all night reading comic books". I forced a laugh for effect. No way I was going to see a doctor. Besides, I didn't need to—I knew the reason I wasn't sleeping was because of the nightmares.

Clare looked as though she was going to say something else but before she could open her mouth, Ms. Oh called the class to order. Clare gave me another swift look and before turned her attention to the front of the class. Thank goodness for Ms. Oh, I thought.

I got an A on my Lunix assignment revision and the class passed without much consequence. As soon as the bell rung, Clare said a quick goodbye to Eli and me before hurried off to her yearbook staff meeting.

"The Dot?" I asked Eli, swinging the strap of my bag over my shoulder.

"Can't," said Eli, looking genuinely disappointed. "Clare and I have plans and Morty's broken down again so I'm stuck waiting around here until her yearbook meeting is over" then he added "…You could come with us, if you want".

"No, thanks," I said, disguising my frown by pretending to cough in my sleeve. This was probably the worst thing about being best friends with a couple. They always had plans that didn't include you. I know Eli was just being nice by trying to invite me but he clearly wanted to be alone with Clare and I didn't want to intrude on their plans. I mean, Clare and Eli aren't exactly "official" yet but they are so obviously into each other that, it's hard not to feel like a third wheel when I hang out with them. "See ya later," I called over my shoulder as I made my way out of the classroom.

Lost in thought, I let my feet carry me to my locker—I should've known better than to walk around the school alone at the end of the day.

"Oh Graaaaaaacie," came a voice, speaking a menacing tone just as soon as I'd opened my locker.

"Hey 'man', we're talking to you" came a second voice. He snorted the word "man" in a sarcastic tone, as if it was the funniest joke he'd ever heard.

I froze, knowing exactly who the speakers were, without even having to look; there was no mistaking those stupid tones anywhere. I took a moment, shutting my eyes, knowing my locker door was blocking my face and they couldn't see a thing.

My brain was racing. You see, ever since my "big transgender secret" was revealed to all of Degrassi, everyone seems to have an opinion about me. Some people are cool and know it's not really their business to care and others are a little more critical—Fitz and Owen were definitely the most vocal (and violent) of my critics. I'm not scared of those jerks or anything but I've sort of made it a point not to walk around alone too often.

"It's rude not to answer, 'dude'," came Fitz' voice again, accompanied by a loud bang on my locker door which flew shut. I jerked my head away just in time, the doors missing my nose by inches and slamming shut, the metal quivering in the frame.

…Okay, maybe I was a little bit scared.