Hi! This idea was just stuck in my head… It could be because I was thinking of Shakespeare, which got me thinking of "Taming of the Shrew, which got me thinking about "Ten Things I Hate About You" which kinda inspired this story. So anyways, random ramblings over… I hope you enjoy!

Just a little bit of info: This is mainly based off the anime. This is also after the London incident… so that Akira and Tadashi are together, Hikari and Kei are… whatever they were, semi-together…, and Yahiro and Megumi are just in their 'in-between' area no one can ever really understand.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with S.A., except for this fanfic idea… and the other S.A. fanfic I write. But other than that… S.A. belongs to Maki Minami… and I am really jealous of that.

Chapter One

"If you don't do this, you will be kicked out of the S.A."

And that one sentence was what caused the racket that was now coming from the small group behind the greenhouse, when they should have been in class.

"Aaah! How dare she threaten to separate me from my darling angels?" Akira screamed at the top of her lungs.

'It's just a list.' Megumi scribbled on her board with a small smile. 'How hard could it be?'

"Yeah! I'll write a list so long Takishima will never beat it!" Hikari cheered.

'We're limited to ten things,' Megumi pointed out, ever the voice of reason, causing Hikari to slump.


"Ten things I hate about whoever…" Akira muttered. "I'll take Tadashi I guess, because my poor, sweet angel will want to challenge the devil…"

"My ten things will make him cry!" Neither Akira or Megumi felt like they had anything that would be suitable as a response, so they kept quiet.

"Who will you write about Megumi? Ryuu?" Megumi shook her head at Hikari's question. "Jun?"

Megumi shook her head again and scribbled her reply. 'Yahiro.'

Akira wailed at the writing. "Why are my angels choosing these devils for this?"

"It's not a l-l-love list," Hikari reminded her, brightening Akira's mood. She was still awkward talking about love.

"Yes! Those evil monsters will get what they deserve!" Akira was back in a great mood. "Come; let's get some snacks and tea!" She started to drag the two girls for food before they started their assignment.

A few days later, in a side room

"I'm bored! Akira should have left us some snacks!" Tadashi complained, half-hoping for the punch Akira would have given him.

"Just calm down," Kei muttered, typing at this laptop. He hadn't been able to see Hikari over the next few days, because of some unknown reason, and was in a very foul mood.

"Hey, where's Ryuu and Jun? Why aren't they here?" Tadashi noticed. "Why do they get to be free?"

"And why am I here?" Yahiro growled from the other side of the tree. "I don't even go to this school."

"Probably something for school, I guess," Kei replied, still not looking up.

"Ah, but Kei-kun, I don't go to this school!" Yahiro teased, earning himself a death glare.

The door opened, and Ryuu and Jun walked in grimly.

"You've joined the torture as well?" Tadashi cried.

In reply, the two boys dropped four envelopes on the table and fled before anyone could catch on. Now, the situation had even Kei's full attention.

As Yahiro and Tadashi tried to break down the door that Ryuu and Jun had run through, Kei opened the letter addressed to all of them.

You are all to read these letters. If you choose not to, you Kei, will be kicked out of the S.A. Yahiro, you will remain trapped in this room for the next year. Tadashi, you know what will happen to you.

Kei growled. "Tadashi!" His evil aura rose, and Tadashi dove for cover behind Yahiro.


"Explain this!" He threw the letter in front of the other two with accuracy no normal human would have.

Mom? Oh no… what does she have planned this time? The only thing Tadashi knew was that she was mad about how separated they'd gotten since London… "D-don't know what it is!" Tadashi cried.

"The quickest way out is to read," Yahiro pointed out.

"So let's read the letters! I don't want to bungee!" Tadashi replied, running to the letters left on the table.

"It's addressed to you, but…" Kei sat next to Tadashi easily. "We're all required to read the letters. Plural."

"So hurry up and open it idiot!" Yahiro was on Tadashi's other side. "I don't want to be stuck in here any longer."

Ten Things I Hate About Tadashi…

Yahiro smirked, Tadashi was struck silent, and Kei was still expressionless, but they all continued to read.

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