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Chapter 4

Ten Things I Hate About Yahiro

Your motorcycle.

Yahiro smirked. If she hated it so much, she didn't have to ride on it. It wasn't like he forced the idiot girl to get on it. Okay, maybe he did… but only once or twice.

Your hair.

Again with the hair! What exactly was so wrong with their hair that all the girls would hate it? He could understand the others, but his… well; it would be an interesting game to find out.

Your smirks.

So he should just stop using expressions overall, right? The smirk, along with his teasing smile, was one of his main expressions. The idiot girl had to know that… she did know that… and a lot more than he wanted to admit to himself.

You call me an idiot.

You are an idiot, idiot! Yahiro thought angrily. If she wasn't an idiot, she wouldn't be writing something so astoundingly stupid. Or even talk to someone like him for that matter.

You always play the bad guy.

He was the bad guy. Period. End of story. Given the chance, Yahiro would only hurt them all, in some way or another, even if he was trying to protect them.

You only like my voice.

Yahiro had no comment on that. If she was going to be an idiot and think that way about him, then she would. It was her choice.

Your games.

Games were fun. Yahiro liked to win any game, and drag others, especially Megumi, into them. That was nothing to hate about him.

You never think about yourself.

What was she thinking? He thought of himself plenty… him at work, him beating Kei, him and Megumi on their date, him watching Megumi sing, him nearly kissing Megumi in London… well, he thought of himself a lot.

You always tease me.

She opened herself up to it. Yahiro thought it was fun, the way she reacted to whatever he did. She'd get so angry that she'd speak and he could tease her more by telling her to be quiet, or she'd start pouting, which he'd admit to himself, was incredibly adorable.

You made me fall in love with you.

Shock. One, Yahiro couldn't believe Megumi was in love with him. That really was hard to believe on its own, and two, what girl honestly hated falling in love? And how was it possible for her to fall in love with him of all people. Idiot!

() () () () () () ()

No one was laughing when they read the letter or list, whatever it was called. Yahiro couldn't be sure if that was a good or bad thing at this point.

"Well…" Kei started.

"Megumi's certainly said what she wanted to say!" Tadashi said, backing away from Yahiro's glare to look through cabinets everyone else had ignored.

Yahiro directed his death glare at the both of them. He had to have a talk with the idiot Megumi when they finally got released.

"You know, if you hurt Megumi, you'll have more than just Ryuu and Jun to worry about," Kei warned. "You'll have the entire S.A, Finn, and most likely Sakura after you as well."

"Mostly Akira! Yucky, stale!" Tadashi spit out a cookie he'd found in the cabinet, and genius as he is, decided to eat. "I want some decent snacks!"

Yahiro ignored Tadashi, quite easily. "I know that Kei-kun," he mocked. "Don't worry about me though; don't you two have other things to worry about?"

All the boys were silent, pondering what to say to the girls, until someone cracked the door open and dropped an envelope into the room before they could react. In it was another note, some spare paper, and three pencils.

One more thing boys. Write a reply saying ten things you love about the girl who wrote to you, or the consequences get worse!

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