Big Time Romance

A Kendall/James Love Story


DISCLAIMER: I do not own BTR or any of the characters…etc. Sorry if it's a little depressing. Rated T for now but may be M later on.

James ran through the rain as fast as he could. He had nothing with him except the jacket he was wearing and his phone. He ran as far as he could, until his legs hurt, until the bleeding stopped. He looked around at his surroundings and realized that he was near Kendall's house. He ran the extra six blocks to Kendall's house and knocked on the door hard. As hard as he could.

"Alright, cool it. I'm coming!" he hears Mrs. Knight say from behind the door. She opened the door and her smile instantly faded.

"Oh…My…God James! What happened?" she asks, taking in his appearance. He was bleeding from an open wound on his temple and his mouth. His wrists were bruised along with his cheek and back.

"KENDALL! Come here, NOW!" Mrs. Knight yells

"What's up?" Kendall asks from another room

"Just hurry!" she says, "Come in, James" she says, opening the door for him. He came inside just as Kendall entered the room. His eyes widened.

"Oh my GOD! James? What happened?" he asks, rushing over to his best friend.

"Um…can we talk about it upstairs?" James asks, "I'm freezing" he says.

"Of course. Come with me" Kendall says, taking his hand and leading James to his room. He sat James down on the bed and got him some jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt.. He handed them to him.

"Thanks" James says, standing.

"I'll turn around so you can change" Kendall says, turning around. James struggled to get his shirt off, shaking the entire time.

"K-kendall…I t-think I need help" he says in a small voice.

"Oh…Okay" Kendall says, turning around. He literally felt his jaw drop open at the sheer beauty before him, even if it was damaged. Kendall didn't care about that. He quickly snapped out of it and helped James get the T-shirt on.

"Uh…this is awkward but…you need to take your pants off" he says, blushing a bit. James nodded and began to undo his pants. Kendall turned around again. James got his pants off and the jeans on all the way, but couldn't get them buttoned or zipped.

"Kendall…help?" he asks in a small voice. Kendall took a deep breath and turned around.

"Need help buttoning?" he asks. James nodded and Kendall came over and buttoned and zipped James' pants.

"good?" he asks, staring at his best friend with concern in his eyes.

"'m still freezing" James says, sitting on the bed and shivering.

"Uh, I'll go get you a blanket" Kendall says, turning to go.

"No!" James says, grabbing his wrist. "please…don't leave me" he begs, holding Kendall's hand to his chest as though it were a stuffed animal. Kendall smiled sadly.

"Alright" he says, sitting down next to James. The minute he sat down, he was enveloped in a hard hug, James burying his face in the nape of Kendall's neck. Kendall wrapped his arms around James.

"Shh…it's alright…everything will be okay" he says, stroking James' hair. James cried into his shoulder softly, hands holding Kendall's shirt almost as if he would disappear if James dared to let go.

"James…" Kendall says after a moment of silence, "You need to tell me what happened" he says, holding him. James slowly let go of Kendall and wiped his eyes.

"My dad was talking to me and butting me about why I didn't have a girlfriend and all that stuff and he asked me if there was anyone I liked. I said yes and he asked me who it was. I told him and he was VERY unhappy. He grabbed me by the wrists and dragged me into the hallway and slammed my head against the wall then proceeded to punch and beat me. When that was done, he told me I was just a slut who would die before I turn 25" James says, crying softly again. Kendall was in shock by now but pulled him into a gentle hug, hand on the back of James' head.

"Don't worry. I will NEVER let anything bad happen to you ever again" he says, breaking the hug and kissing James' forehead.

"You warmer?" he asks, James nodded. "Stay here, I'm going to get a wet rag to clean your wounds" Kendall says, getting up. Seconds after he left, James followed behind him like a lost puppy. Kendall turned around and pressed the rag to James' temple. James winced but endured it. Kendall held it there for a moment then wrung it out in the sink, repeating the process once more.

"We have to disinfect your wound" he says, taking James into the bathroom. James sat on the floor and Kendall got some Neosporin. He put some gloves on and put some Neosporin on his finger.

"It's gonna sting" he says, James nodded. Kendall slowly applied the Neosporin onto the wound. James winced again and endured it. Kendall finished and threw the gloves away. He helped James up.

"You okay?" he asks.

"Yeah, better. Thanks to you" James says, smiling a bit. "Can I ask you a question?" he asks, blushing a bit.

"Ask away" Kendall says, smiling.

"Would…would you mind if I tried something?" James asks, stepping closer to him.

"Go ahead" Kendall says, watching his best friend. He opened his arms and James walked into a hug. James looked up and slowly, cautiously, kissed Kendall. Kendall's eyes widened but he instantly kissed back, not wanting James to feel hurt or rejected anymore. This just felt…right. Kendall gently rested his hand on James' cheek, tilting his head to the side and holding it. James slowly broke away for air, looking up at Kendall and blushing. Kendall smiled and ruffled James' hair, making him frown.

"Hey!" James says, "it took me forever to do my hair today!" he says

"James…you're hair was already a bit messed up from the rain" Kendall says, messing it up. James pouted cutely. Kendall took James outside and over to a tree.

"Where are we, Kenny?" James asks

"Look up" Kendall says, doing the same. James looked up and his eyes widened.

"Oh my God! Is that our tree house? The one we built when we were like…7?" he asks, looking at Kendall. Kendall smiled and nodded. James pulled on a rope hanging from the tree and a ladder came down. Both boys climbed up and sat down in the rather large tree house.

"God this brings back memories" James says, looking around.

"Indeed it does" Kendall says, looking over at James, "We had many a night spent in here" he says, looking out the small window. James did the same.

"Full moon" James says, inching back to lean on Kendall. Kendall smiled and wrapped his arms around James. They stayed like that for 10 minutes, then Kendall spoke up.

"Maybe we should go tell my mom that you're okay" he says. James nodded.

"Yeah…she seemed really worried" he says. The boys got up and went inside, then they heard yelling.

"He is MY son and he is coming home with me!" they hear James' dad yell.

"That's my dad" James says, a hint of fear in his voice.

"Hey, look at me James" Kendall says, tilting James' head up. James did as he was told and looked at him.

"He's not going to hurt you. I promise" he says, kissing James' forehead.

"I know what you did to him! I'm NOT letting that happen again! He's too good of a kid and he's like a second son to me!" Mrs. Knight yells, and then a hard slap is heard.

"That's not your decision, stupid bitch" Mr. Diamond yells. Both boys' eyes widened.

"Call the cops. I'm going to help my mom" Kendall says, letting go of James and going into the living room. James called the cops, explained what happened, told them the address, then hung up and listened to what was going on.

"God…if you're out there…please don't let him get hurt" James whispers softly.

"This doesn't concern YOU, Kendall" Mr. Diamond says.

"Actually, it does. You hurt my best friend and I will NOT let you hurt him again!" Kendall says, going over to his mother.

"And how do you plan to stop me?" Mr. Diamond asks, approaching Kendall threateningly. Then, the cops came in and cuffed Mr. Diamond and James came out.

"Officer…he slapped Mrs. Knight and domestically abused me" James says. The officer frowned and took Mr. Diamond away. James backed up until he was against the wall and slid down the wall slowly, tears welling in his eyes.

"Aww…don't cry James" Kendall says, coming over and wrapping his arms around him. James cried for about fifteen minutes then there was a knock on the door. James jumped and Kendall got up to answer it.

"Don't go…" James says, "I'll be right back" Kendall says, opening the door to see Carlos and Logan. He let them in.

"Uh…hey guys" he says.

"Dude…what's going on? Of all the houses we've talked about seeing cops at, yours was not one of them" Carlos says.

"It's not my place to say" Kendall says. James came up behind him and cautiously took his hand.

"Did someone get arrested?" Logan asks

"My dad…" James says, holding Kendall's hand tightly.

"Oh dude…I'm sorry" Carlos says, looking down. Logan kissed Carlos on the cheek.

"We just wanted to make sure everything was alright" Logan says.

"It is" Kendall says, squeezing James' hand. Logan and Carlos nodded and agreed to leave to let James have some time. Kendall turned to James.

"You okay?" he asks. James nodded and lay his head on Kendall's chest. Kendall stroked his hair softly. The door opened slightly to reveal Mrs. Knight.

"James…are you okay?" she asks, James looked up.

"Oh…yeah. Fine now" he says, gently squeezing Kendall's hand.

"I'll let you two have some peace" she says, taking them to Kendall's room then closing the door. Kendall sat down on the bed.

"Now you never have to worry about him again" he says. James smiled and sat next to him.

"Thank you, Kendall. Thank you so much for being there for me, helping me through all the hard times, making me smile, and being the center of my world. I love you Kendall…so…so much" he says, blushing very deeply and looking down. Kendall just smiled a big smile and took James' hand.

"You're welcome. I love you too with all my heart. Always have, always will" Kendall says, kissing him lovingly. James smiled and kissed back, holding it. Kendall closed his eyes and gently slipped his tongue into James' mouth, French kissing him deeply, putting all his love and care into it. They would have continued had they not heard the door open.

"Kendall mom s- oh…sorry…just…dinner" Katie says, staring at them, shuddering, and closing the door. Kendall looked at James, smiling.

"She took that well" he says, kissing James' forehead and escorting him to dinner.

Author's Note: This is the first BTR fic I've written. I know it's really angst in this chapter but it'll get better.

ALSO! Does anyone know how to like…use a line break that will actually WORK? I've tried the 0o0o one and that's not working anymore. Just lines usually don't work either. Please don't flame. Feedback appreciated.

This chapter takes place when they are still in Minnesota. Next chapter will take place in LA.