Big Time Love

Chapter 8

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James woke up to the smell of Bacon wafting into his bedroom. He sat up and looked around. Kendall was nowhere in sight. He got up and went to the kitchen, where he found Kendall cooking quietly and singing. James leaned in the door frame and watched his beautiful boyfriend cook quietly. Kendall was wearing a white apron that said 'Kiss The Cook' on it, but James was having too much fun just watching him. Kendall served breakfast and looked up.

"How long have you been standing there, babe?" he asks, smiling a wide smile at him

"Long enough to know that you are ADORABLE when you sing and cook" James says, coming over and giving him a quick, chaste kiss.

"What was that for?" Kendall asks, looking up at him.

"Two things. 1) good morning kiss…2...I was following the apron's directions" James says, rubbing the back of his neck. Kendall blinked and looked down. He hadn't even realized the apron said anything. He read the apron and blushed a bit.

"Aww you're adorable" James says, pulling Kendall into a tight embrace. Kendall hugged back and stroked James's hair. That was when James felt the baby kick. He gasped softly and Kendall looked up at him.

"What? Are you okay?" he asks, concern lining the tone in his voice softly.

"She kicked!" James says excitedly, taking Kendall's hand and placing it on his stomach. Both boys waited for a moment and then she kicked again, causing Kendall's eyes to widen.

"Oh my God…that's ours…" he says softly. James smiled and kissed his forehead before going to pick up a plate of food.

"Come eat with me" he says, sitting down at the table. Kendall nodded and grabbed the other plate, sitting down next to James and eating quietly. Mrs. Knight walked out around 10 minutes later and saw Kendall and James cuddling on the sofa. She mentally 'awed' and came over to them, kissing the top of both of their heads. They both looked up.

"Hey mama Knight" James says happily, smiling up at her.

"Morning James, Kendall" she says, ruffling both their hair. James silently gasped and Kendall sat up.

"Mom! We felt the baby kick today!" he says happily. Mrs. Knight, who had been heading the opposite direction, made a complete 180 and came back over to them.

"Really? My grandchild kicked?" she asks, tears welling up. She'd always wanted to be a grandma, sure this was a little sooner than expected, but she was still happy. Kendall nodded and held James close.

"Mom…I'm…so happy. I have the love of my life…he loves me and I love him…we're happy together…and I have a child on the way. Could life get any better?" he asks, in some sort of enchanting daze. He was on cloud 9 right now. James gave a small smile.

"That's so great, congratulations, James. How far along are you now?" she asks, looking down at James.

"Uh…about 9 weeks* James says, blushing deeply. Mrs. Knight smiled.

"Why do you have to be so adorable, James Diamond?" Kendall asks, kissing all over his face. James giggled, not helping his case, and took both of Kendall's hands in his.

"our anniversary is coming up, what do you want to do to celebrate?" James asks, entwining his fingers with Kendall's.

"I have a little something in mind" he says, kissing James's forehead, "But it's a secret." James frowned.

"Come on, Kenny. Tell me!" James says, kissing Kendall's hand. "Tell me, please" he says. Kendall shook his head, "No…I'll see you later. I have to go set up" Kendall says, kissing him before walking out. James watched him go and then turned to Mrs. Knight.

"Mrs. Knight…I love him…how did you raise someone as fantastic as him?" he asks, lovestruck.

"I don't know. His dad had a large part in it, but you had a large part to do with it too. He wouldn't be the same person without you, James" she says, smiling brightly at him. He smiled back and went to his room, thinking about what Kendall was setting up.


Kendall had just finished setting up and smiled. "It's perfect" he says, going back to the palm woods and up to his room. When he went back inside, Logan and Carlos were deep into video-gaming and James was nowhere to be seen. Kendall walked into his room and found James curled up on his bed, sleeping soundly. The sight truly warmed Kendall's heart. He almost didn't want to wake him up. He went to James's side and stroked his cheek softly

"wake up, James" he says softly, causing James to whine and turn on his side. Kendall chuckled and kissed his forehead, causing him to wake up this time.

"Hey babe" he says sleepily, stretching and sitting up.

"Our surprise is ready" Kendall says, taking James's hand and helping him up. James smiled, excited, and followed Kendall. Kendall lead him outside to a nearby beach. There, he had set up a small table with candles, entrees, and tea on it. The table was surrounded by rose petals. James gasped in sheer awe, looking at Kendall with nothing but absolute love in his eyes. He went over to Kendall and kissed him passionately. Kendall smiled and kissed back, wrapping his arms around James's neck. James purred and broke it.

"God all the food looks so great! Let's eat!" James says happily, going to the table. Kendall went over and pulled James's chair out for him. James smiled, blushed, and sat down. Kendall went to his side of the table and sat down as well, waiting for James to start to begin eating. Both boys ate quietly, holding hands quietly. When they finished, they took a long walk on the beach, hand in hand, just enjoying the beauty of the night and enjoying each others company. After admiring the stars and the moon for a long while, Kendall lead James back to the Palm Woods. Before they knew it, they were surrounded by flashing cameras and paparazzi. They held up their hands to cover their faces and tried to get away. They ignored all the questions of "Since when are you gay?" and "Why are you with your band mate? Won't that get awkward?" and Kendall's personal favorite "Why James? I mean I could picture you with someone like Logan."

They made it back into the Palm Woods lobby, panting hard. Kendall stood upright, "you alright love?" he asks James, looking over at him. James nodded.

"Yeah…yeah…I'm good" he says, regaining his breath.

Kendall held James's hand again as they got in the elevator to go up to their room. Both were silent in the elevator, but both were thinking the same thing.

'What now? Who told them where we were? What's going to happen now?'


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