I would give my life for you, Richard.

That is my duty as a Confessor

Whenever a Seeker arises.

A Seeker's duty is to defeat evil,

But he cannot do it alone.

That's what Confessors are for.

Like the Seeker, Confessors fight for peace.

For the Seeker to bring peace,

He needs his Confessor to help him,

To protect him.

I will do whatever it takes, Richard,

To make sure that you succeed

In any quest against evil that you have.

As long as I have breath in my body,

I will help you to fight against evil,

And I will protect you against evil.

I would rather have harm come to me, Richard,

Than to have harm come to you.

You are my everything, Richard.

You are my world,

And I will do whatever it takes

To keep you alive.

I will kill for you, Richard,

If that will protect your life.

I will also die for you,

If that's the only way to save you

From harm or from death.

The world needs the Seeker to save it,

And I will do everything within my power,

Even if it means my own death,

To ensure that the world

Never loses its hero, its savior.

For you, my dear Richard -

The man who dared to love a Confessor,

A woman incapable of experiencing love -

Anything that I do for you

Is not only a Confessor's duty to her Seeker.

For you, my dear Richard,

Anything that I do for you

Is a Confessor's love for her Seeker.